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Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Aug 31 2012, 08:19 AM
You better keep the stuff out of reach. I told my girl that I don't want kids, because they will destroy all of my toys.
it's such the wrong way to act man. i have two kids, and a third one coming, and the stuff is out of reach. it's in boxes in my closet for now until a build a custom cabinet with glass door and a lock. which should happen when my dad-in-law come's back from Paris. and when i'll buy a house, i'll have my video game room, despite my wife saying no to it, that will be locked as well. so yeah not wanting kids for this reason, that's not a good one :P

The Cost of a Complete N64 Collection
comment removed

I need help with PS3 controllers
is that an official gold ps3 controller ? from uk ? they all look legit. keep looking for fine Sony detail & branding, that's the key point.

Modifying the GC/Hori-style, 3rd-party, N64 replacement-joystick
some in Alberta should give 'em a call or a visit to point sanni's thread !

N64 Master Product Code List
Aug 29 2012, 02:31 AM
To further complicate things some AUS n64 boxes have XXX-XXX-EUR at the back, but the TABS might have XXX-XXX-AUS.

as fas as i know, there's no complete product on the BACK of a box. it only shows "NUS P XXXX" or something like that. only the TABS have the full product code, at least with the NTSC part.

i'll add a huge bunch of code when i get time, i added like 75 new entry to my collection this weeks.

I need help choosing a 3D TV
the other day i popped in International Track And Field 2000 and my TV deteted a 3D signal haha ! i do not have glasses so i couldnt test but that would have been funny to see what the heck is a N64 game ported to 3-D lol

I need help choosing a 3D TV
Aug 28 2012, 07:56 PM
I have a Panasonic 55" 3D TV which cost me around $1500. IMO the 3D on it is far superior to anything you get in the cinemas.
same here except 50". for n64 support, i suggest to go the upscaler route with hdmi output. otherwise it will not look to good plugged directly on the TV. and if you'Re worried about missing input, buy an amp with an integrated upscaler and lag adjuster. they're not cheap (almost the price of the TV) but they will last forever.

Ocarina of Time URA
Aug 28 2012, 09:12 PM
I'm not aware of any other lengthy homebrews that are functional on an N64, anybody have knowledge of them?
the only one i think of might be this one.


New Dinosaur Planet Video, 5 songs, Condensed Story and Character Bios
thanks for all this Ion. like i said at 64dd.net, when watching the video, i feel like a 13 years old boy waiting for the next big thing, watching it and can't wait for it to be released.

Very happy to announce.....
well deserved Dan !

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
you had to kill my awesome pick of the week ! on a more serious note, another NFR Atomic controller ? sweet addition ! and that set is gorgeous

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Alice Lawless
Aug 24 2012, 10:34 AM
The Castlevania manual is upside down in the second to last pic. "Gotta set everything back up again!" X_D
Alice, you seriously pay attention too much to little-to-important details, haha !

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
ok. here's the thing, i got manuals & boxes. i think i did good.


Spoiler: click to toggle

more manuals, operation cards, regiostration cards, posters and precaution panflet as well as Player's Guide Offer
Spoiler: click to toggle

i also got boxes
Spoiler: click to toggle

and more boxes
Spoiler: click to toggle

found more manuals when i was folding all the boxes
Spoiler: click to toggle

and i got these 2 babies
Spoiler: click to toggle

didnt do the count yet as it took me nearly 3 hours to fold everything and take pictures lol !

i dont mind them too, but they are really annoying when they want to. i try to be as much as possible straight to the point and let them know i dont give a ***ing **** about their promo or whatever. they never asked me to subs to magasine. i actually never heard of this since i go there (10+ years). the price they give you for used game is ridiculous but if people still trade in their old game for really cheap, too bad for them. they are the looser.

II'll go there from time to time to pre-order new games though

i now understand why Gamestop as because so lucrative in the last decades: Pre-Order. the 5$ or more you give for the said pre-order, where do you think they put it ? they stock it, make some interets on it and when the game come outs, they pay the distribution center. basically, they make money on you. 5$ doesnt seems much, but when you have a huge yearly release like COD, Halo, Battlefield, etc. how many pre-order do you think they have around the globe ? it's probably 1+ million and sometimes, pre-order aretaken 6-7 months before the game comes out. do the math and it's easy to see where they get their cash. if everyone would stop doing this, then yeah they might be out of the market.

Forum idea
pardon my stupidity, but isnt this already available with every theme ??

Wtb rush 2049
brown duckz
Aug 22 2012, 05:56 AM
Possibly from a nostalgia stand point, but the game is much improved and looks really good considering the 64 hardware.

I have a lot of the late titles and you can see a big improvement from 1996 when compared to 2000-2001.
can't deny that. same thing between the Cruis 'N series, you see a very big difference from USA to Exotica.

N64 Master Product Code List
sadly no. it gives you a hint, but rarely a cart code can give you the exact language. other than japanese cart which have exclusive japanese language (not even english, except a few ones)

Wtb rush 2049
even the NTSC version is becoming quite pricy, while this game is very good, it doesnt compare to the original rush

Goodbye Nintendo Power
one more thing to collect. price will fluctuate but not much. i bet the gamecube/wii era will be worth some money in a few years. i dont know if they sold very well. thye probably were thrown out quickly. this will be a collectable for sure, but you'll need a nice shelf to hold them all !

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
nery nice scooter77 ! never seen the box for 64 Hanafuda Tenshi no Yakusoko. cool artwork

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