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"New" 3DS! Announced
people gonna be :cussfit: as hell. "HEY MOM THERE'S A NEW 3DS GAMES I WANT". mom goes to whatever store and buy it. omce back home and the game dont work in the 3ds. she's like WTF ? it's written 3DS on the case, why it doesnt work. goes back to store and ask what's going on and cashier tell her it's for the new 3DS LL. she goes berserk and cant get refund because she opened the game.

this is gonna be funny as hell for the employee !

The Cult of Mario Kart
yes you are right. the wiiu is finally picking up the interest with announced games. cant wait to see what bundles will be available later november/early december and fi they're going to drop the price a bit just to ensure they crush the competition.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Aug 29 2014, 09:19 AM
I got a Sealed IQue for 50 USD .. I wanted to share the Ebay link to you but now they are sold out.. sorry:
share anyway, they might get some back in stock in the future !

The Cult of Mario Kart
told my wife I NEED MK8. She told me she and my son really really love Super Mario 3D World when they play it at local Futureshop and she really want one too lol she told me this could be our big family X-Mas gift.


Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Aug 28 2014, 12:46 PM
Pre-ordered :yeah:
Posted Image
how on earth can you pre-order a DLC ? not like it's giong to run out of copies anyway ! LOL

Questions on the Jusco 30th anniversary N64
Feb 21 2012, 02:34 PM
Feb 19 2012, 01:55 AM
I have a Jusco N64 that came with my N64 DD. It came with the controller too. All it does is sit inside my N64 box.

I wondered why the Jusco came with some N64 DDs. Seems strange to me.
I know it's old but I have to answer this false info.

the 64DD came with a Smoke n64, never with Jusco. you could buy the "mega pack" that included a Retail 64DD (blue box) with all 7 games and also a Smoke n64. not a Jusco !

The Cult of Mario Kart
I think it's a very good thing. when caping at maximum, players feel they've accomplished everything and stop playing. the only thing they would come back for to play this game would have been DLC.

great move by Nintendo !

The Cult of Mario Kart
I know you can buy things on XBLA without having a console, which I did before Activision pulled the plug on ALL Guitar Hero DLC. you can do the same on PSN as well. you just need to create an account, thats it.

The Cult of Mario Kart
is there any way to buy the DLCs even if I dont own a console ? LOL

all these MK8 talks is getting me excited to play it, but :cussfit: I cant afford it. If I could secure the DLCs, at least i'd have a reason to buy it in the future !

Watcha Listenin' To?
check out at 1:31. frikkin amazing.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
anymore of those left ?

Japanese N64 Games
I counted 199. thats pretty amazing. something i'd like to one day get way more than a full NTSC-U set.

Your Top 3 N64 Games in HD?
Zelda OOT (I know it's near perfect, but it could be even better)
Goldeneye 007 (not a freaking reboot, same game with updated graphics)

im torn between MK64 and SM64. i'd do both.

N64 collection discussion

Gaming Computer
I always build my own PC and choose pieces by pieces and check price daily for weeks/months before buying. Bundles are great because they are generally cheaper, but the parts in it are cheaper/older as well.

Im no tech but look everywhere you can, forums, reviews, tom's hardware, pcpartspicker.com to look for info or simply go to a computer shop, ask your questions and buy it online for 1/4-1/3 less.

Ebay or Amazon for used games?
Amazon is perfect for newly released stuff. otherwise Ebay because, like it's already been said, you can see the actual item and not some stock photo. sure you can have deal of the year on amazon, but it's always a guess.

Nintendo 3DS discussion
Aug 21 2014, 03:47 PM
White + pink and Red + black where only released in USA unfortunate!

we have a pink+ white one and the white + red lol

Any one can buy me those colors (sealed) ?
2ds or 3ds ? I could probably help you out.

Gaming Computer
depends on whats your budget and how long you wanna keep it. taht bundle is nice but the cpu, i'd switch that for an i5.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Aug 21 2014, 09:28 PM
Picked Up a Mario Kart Wii Bundle new for $7.95
WHERE ? thats a steal !

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Aug 15 2014, 06:11 PM
Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition for 30 Euros.
jealous meter is on. how the heck did you get it for that low ?

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