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Conkers bad fur day
i refuse to pay the asking price for this game. it's available in every corner of the galaxy and it still hit big buck. that's a total puzzle for me. i'll wait 'til in find one in the wild for 5$ stashed away with sucky sport games.

perfect dark custom controller
holy smoke dawg. that's one shiny controller you got there.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
receievd this:
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to make it into this
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i dont think im missing anything other than the plastic bag ?

E3 1997 Official N64 Controller
Sep 28 2012, 01:27 AM
i think what ausgamer is trying to say is that "ganstaterrybeer" is his cousin's friend who purchased the E3 off quagga which is #12 on the list which he edited his post saying he meant #12 and that the purchased E3 from quagga never showed up.
that's what i understood as well. i the above is true, then we have someone who doesnt deserve to be here anymore.

but let's hear quagga's side first.

Starting a new life (Thought)
Sep 27 2012, 07:59 AM
cananada huh?

hey the taxes maybe high but at least you get benefits from it
free health care lol
i'd rather use that money toward something else. i've been to the hospital the last 20 years once for me. twice when my kids were born and once when my son was allergic to "proteine bovine" (dunno what it's called in english) and we didnt know it. that'S it.

if do the math and add up everything that i paid since i work (around 12 years), im pretty sure i paid way more than what i used. i'd rather have an insurance plan than having the government rob me half of my weekly payday.

Starting a new life (Thought)
Canada is open, but be ready to get ass-raped by tax, GST, PST, QST, or whatever. Alberta is looking for people for the oil rig company. it cost an arm and a leg to live there, but you get paid real well.

Forget Quebec as it's the shithole of North America, so dont even think about it. you'll get taxed more than all USA's 52 states combined together.

E3 1997 Official N64 Controller
so quagga screwed up ? maybe he can tell us what happened...?

forum special: 100$ for both shipped within the US & Canada.

The Cost of a Complete N64 Collection
64dd is very expensive for what you can do with it.

randet starter kit is around 350$-400$
the retail kit is around 400$-500$
the keyboard is around 250$
each mario games are 50$ (there's 4)
doshin 1 is 50$ as well
doshin 2 and japan pro golf tour are 250-300$ each
f-zero expension is around 75$
sim city can be foundat 25-30$
and the randnet starter disc is 20-30$ as well.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
today's arrival.

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Hello all. babywuchki here.
very nice copy of Stunt Racer CIB on the bay :)

N64 collection discussion
Sep 23 2012, 06:47 AM
Mmm i myself have never seen a green one. only clear plastic. Maybe someone else can shed some light on it.
yeah it's normal. they probably had overstock of jungle green and converted them to whatever color they neeed.

and Panda: nice Everdrive ;)

Hello all. babywuchki here.
welcome aboard man.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
received this last week but forgot to mention. all n64 except the last one (obv.)

Jeopardy (Box)
Doom 64 (Manual)
Olympic Hockey (Manual)
Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. (Manual)
WWF No Mercy (Manual)

Super Mario Bros 3 (Manual)

bump. more sold.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time N64 Pack
Sep 19 2012, 04:46 PM
He....that's the one I bought from a Dutch guy !!!
Just stumbled up here in the forum in my search for more (andmoreandmoreandmore) Zelda Items .
The price was 1500 ???? WOW...then he's dropped his price drasticly !
I never seen one before and I already had the feeling it was a rare item......bud only 3 pieces known...!!!

If you want to see the Zelda collection were it's in now, then have a look at my homepage :
My Webpage
The same N64 you can find in the console section and in the Ocarina of Time section
OMG, Zelda fanboy ! that's insane the amount of Zelda you can find. phew !

very cool alice. if you had bills to pay, i think it's time to slash 'em first, then start collecing even more !

good luck with your new job/career

Blitz Special Edition and Razor Freestyle Scooter sealed for sale ! pm me for pictures and shipping quotation.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
yesterday's pickup

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N64 Time Machine
nice. i dont know japanse but if you look at the links, they're all coded by "product code" so it's easy to know what game you're going ot click !

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