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COUNTERFEIT E3 1997 controllers are a reality
who cares man lol still cool to see that. I supose you were a winner of this competition ?

Connect an N64 to a laptop
you can change your topic title normally, it's the EDIT of the 1st post but the edit button just under the topic's title at the right.

GTA V Discussion.
The Red Shadow
Sep 30 2013, 05:06 AM
I'm having withdrawals, I haven't played since Friday. :wacko: :lol:
me neither haha

i spent a full hour last time just to go north of the map and trying to go south and I still wasnt able to do so. I have to put some restriction to myself otherwise i'd play until early hours in the morning...

The positive topic!
I like Dee because he got a Metallica Ninja Star Tatoo and he's a fan of Metallica :)

COUNTERFEIT E3 1997 controllers are a reality
Sep 30 2013, 05:25 AM
Allthough this do mean that my mint controller is worth more now since there is less real ones out there ;D?
if you cant 100% confirm it's the real deal, than yeah it's probably worth a tad more but given the current fuss and problem right now, im not too sure.

N64 Sound but no Video
did you open up the console ? maybe just cleaning it and removing all the dust inside could help.

N64 Accessory Barcodes
they were unique because of the French writtings. thanks to our lovely evilish laws.

Movies and Television
Sep 25 2013, 04:19 PM
@ Cabanon, I havn't even listened to one second of that Lulu album. I might have to have a listen to see if I agree with what your opinion is on it lol.

dont, just dont. taht will be the worst listening of your lifetime, including any Bieber album.

GTA V Discussion.
@Yogurt send that bug to the GTA V team ! they'll certainly look into it and fix it.

N64 Games: The Unreleased Collection
I really need to get my hands on the Nintendo Power N64 era. reading my old magazine is really cool and bring back ALOT of n64 related memories. what numbers are considered part of that era ?

GEOFFREY Toys 'R' Us Controller
is this one listed ? http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k169789081

GTA V Discussion.
I know Yogurt as one of these as well. ask him how it is and if there's ay problem.

F-Zero X Climax
this looks fun ! may want a 64Drive just for this.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
nice gamecube you got there, didnt know there was a brown version !

Watcha Listenin' To?
@Dee funny cuz im listening to the whole A7X discography these days and boy there's so many changes from the 1st EP to the 3rd album and to today.im not a metalcore fan at all so i dont like the EP, 1st & 2nd album but since City Of Evil, I think that's where everything started to go insanely good for them. Bat Country is obviously the first song i'Ve heard from them as it was on the radio, then Beast And The Harlot because it was Guitar Hero 1. still need to listen to the rest tho.

Movies and Television
@Red it looked promising, will certainly watch episode 1 when i get some time

@flmadness MORTAL KOMBAT !!!! didnt know this existed. nothing beats the good ol mortal kombat movies lol awful good movie. this look cool, will check tonight.

A good way to keep your games in good shape?
there's a company in UK that does some but they're at least 2 buck a piece. otherwise, there's http://www.videogameboxprotectors.com/ which he's known as jimpoleshuk on nintendoage. very good product and there's a vast variety of protector for any systems. I highly recommend them as they're less than a buck a piece.

Gordijn's collection!
i think you love zelda a tad too much, 3 copies !??!?!

Movies and Television
My first album was Load and I loved it from Day 1 and is still one of my favorite. it takes alot of listening to actually appreciate it, but once you've discovered all the gems that this album include, oh boy, you'll be conquered.

@Dee Lulu was :pottymouth:.

Movies and Television
yeah me too. altho I started listening in 1996 during the Load era. been a fan since then.

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