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GAME: Post a Picture Better Than the Last
90's desk

Posted Image

Nintendo Recycles . . . WHAT?!?!

Food for thought...
Makes ya think; don't it??

Watcha Listenin' To?
Jurassic 5

Watcha Listenin' To?

Nintendo 3DS discussion

I entered that Mask making contest. It took nearly 30 hours!
What do you guys think?


if you are on twitter, feel free to like! :D

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy Birthday Lithium! :n64:

Current Gen Nintendo Collecting Insanity
Hipsters unite! :capice: :capice: :capice:

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy Bday FD! :dance:

Watcha Listenin' To?

Nintendo 3DS discussion
I hear ya BDNick,

There might be another way...

Nintendo kicked off a 3 day, 72 hour contest on Twitter today. Create a Zelda inspired mask and win game and console?


Official rules:

You Don't Love Anything As Much As This Man Loves Nintendo
Well deserved Lithium.

It's safe to say that Dans' are a unique breed! :yeah:

Don't ask me how i know that.

Hello world:)
Welcome Splint!

There are a variety of console colors to choose from, but perhaps something custom would be more to your liking?

Either way, enjoy your stay :yeah:

Japan Pro-Golf Tour 64
:w00t: The Randnet Open- 7/00-01

What a gloriuos season that must have been!!

the ups, the downs... ... the lefts, the rights!

Movies and Television
Is this real life? And they want David Duchovny and GillianAnderson back? Did Hell freeze over or something?

..."Not everything dies".

Current Gen Nintendo Collecting Insanity
In the interest of revisiting a sore subject,
Has anyone else noticed this?
New- "bundle" Skull Kid figurine
Posted Image

Old- Skull Kid figurine byFirstFourFigures
Posted Image

It seems that Nintendo is offering Skull Kid with a console bundle. I am happy for those who got one!
It's curious, that when one contacts Nintendo and starts to get specific about certain things, they WILL ask you "Are you a collector?"... and it's happened to me a few times! I almost get this vibe that it's percieved as a negative.
Is it possible that their current business model has also an inderect, underhanded, bi-product- to make us the enemy of ourselves??

About the above pics:
Both are/were limited editions
Both were made sever years apart?
Both look nearly identical.

Does anyone else miss the days when their awareness of collecting wasn't so- blatent, and "on the nose"?

How's Things?
Welcome. That game is the Kringle Crush of any collection! Nice work :yeah:

N64DD - Q&A

Gonna see if these "3 button contacts" actually do anything... to be continued

Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!
I just recently picked it it up myself! If you haven't before, or want relive the Toy Story 2 experience, then it is worth a decent playthrough.

When playing, i thought Buzz Lightyear sounded alot like George Clooney, but it was actually Tim Allen! :P But most of the character's voices add to the overall fun. :yeah:

Once was enough for the Rocket level! :blink:

N64DD - Q&A
Okay! :D

This is my :n64: 64DD keyboard:
Posted Image
made with TDK components- a very influential company (conglomerate)
Posted Image
Controller buttons could be assigned to certain keys- as a "macro".
Photo courtesy of ManDon5 {64DD.net}
Posted Image
I chose not to apply them. But a closer look has always intrigued me. An unused section on the boardspace...
Posted Image
Posted Image

It's almost as if actual controller buttons could be placed here!

I'm only guessing at this point, but does anyone else find this interesting?
Am i missing something about keyboards in general?

New N64DD Section Launched!
Ask away!
I don't claim to be a proprietor, but just understand that it's not an easy,"quick change" of intel.

The work of 64DD.net and the many years of effort must be catalogued and easily referenced in order to adequatly provide the proper information.
just sayin

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