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New version of the GC style replacement stick released
I understand the benefits of gamplay by upgrading with these thumbsticks, but aesthetically, it doesn't regain the same N64 controller "look". The COLLECTOR in me can't bring myself to switch styles...Even if i had a chance to own prototype controllers from 1995-1996, i would put the original analog stick in( if possible). So in keeping it OG; jumped in to HORIpad MINI64 controllers. They are such gems! Offering the best of both worlds...My reply on this topic is strictly "IMO" and not meant to deride.

NO64DD: Gaming Achievements
Nice NUNO. & thanks for the comment. Mastering OoT was a big deal a month after it was out, and i was that dude.... It seems that if i don't show proof, i'll get overlooked like a tweet to a Kardashian. I'll take the Pepsi challenge with any Episode 1 RACER time...or Mario Kart 64 for that matter.

NO64DD: Gaming Achievements
I may be a noob here, but not when it comes to game mastering. Since i need to post more, this would be a good place to showcase some accomplishments.

N64 :n64:

-EVERY cheat in GoldenEye 007 (before the ALL cheat code)
-Mirror mode in STAR WARS episode 1 RACER (TITLE SCREEN FLIP)
-unlocked "stopwatch" character in Diddy Kong Racing
- beating staff ghosts in Mario Kart 64
-100% in Ocarina of Time (without guide)
-101% in DK64 (without guide)
-All treasures in Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

...and i can beat A Link to the Past without dying, get EVERYTHING, one a single play in less than 10 hours. Chris Houlihan would be proud! :link:

Guess the Controllers Game! (Prize for winner!)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY YO. I need more posts to qualify:(