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Star Wars Episode 1 Racer Compeition
He is made of GLASS, but he breaks through- but rejoice, for those who transform into the Force; miss them, do not, want them do not.- Yoda Episode III

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer Compeition
Dude!...C'mon people! NEVA KEY is the most compact... the gyros work in his favor. LOL

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer Compeition
It seems the times are trickling in, which is understandable. These are tough qualifying times.
It isn't much, but i'm excited about it.

ANDO PRIME CENUM- Invitational
Best lap- 1:09,066
Neva Key- he is the ONLY racer i use.
American Nintendo 64
SWE1R- Japanese version
Horipad MINI 64-
Not maxed out
I apologize for being lazy, no excuses.
Gonna get back to playing.
Thank you
Happy Holidays!
Dan :n64:
I did it!!!

ANDO PRIME Invitational
BEST TIME- 1:08,485
BEST OVERALL- 3:29,900
NEVA KEY is my JAM!!!

This is my contribution. My apologies again for not having my pod maxed out. It was discouraging at first not having the game finished, then seeing what i needed to qualify, and then seeing no one qualify...so i spent what i had saved(around 30k) and went for broke. ANDO PRIME was my goal. It took 4 hours today, but i can gladly take the foot outta my mouth. I wish i had took more time to progress, but it a testament to my abilities. Maybe next time ;)
Yes- the JP version is the only one i had.
Dan :n64:

100% Complete Games
Mario Kart 64 title screen change occurs when you win Gold in Mirror Mode. It is the mirror of 150cc although the AI feels different. Congrats. All that's left are staff ghosts...you'll need a fresh controller pak just to save it. Nintendo gave out special paks to contest winners who bested staff ghosts. They contained even harder staff ghosts.
Dan :n64: