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My ASCII Pad 64 Collection
Yes, the true tell is going to be with proof, especially from the info from the back of their boxes.
If Gurimetto has in fact been described as an "olive" color, then that does lend itself to my above explanation of Gurimetto.

My ASCII Pad 64 Collection
i edited more to my post that may answer some of your excellent questions.

I believe you are correct when it comes to Ganmetto and Gurimetto.

But, I'm starting to think that the answer is the reverse!
So far, i strongly believe that GanMetto is katakana for GUNMETAL.
And GuriMetto is the combination of "Green" and "Metal". I say Green because it turns out that the Japanese DO NOT distinguish between Blue and Green in most cases; this being one of those contextual cases of Green vs. Blue.

Nevertheless, these two names certainly pinpoint the two metallic controllers that we have become familiar with on your thread.

My ASCII Pad 64 Collection
I have some new information related to my recent post on this controller. As interesting as it was to take it in a different direction, it is the wrong direction.
When i first seen Guripa, i knew that it was a katakana phrase. As much as i thought it said Grape, I was wrong. My apologies.
Here is where i made my mistake:

Grape- グレパ

Guripa- グリパ

very similar!
But if it isn't the phonetic katakana translation, then what is Guripa??

Oct 12 2016, 05:22 PM
This kind of thing is definitely something I have a geeky interest in. I've spent the night searching for various JANs [Japanese Article Numbering] and found 19 that correspond to ASCII Pad 64 models, so make of that what you will. There's also some different names that seem to keep cropping up so I've included them, however there's no guarantee they are official, others I haven't a clue how to translate from the kanji:

49886061013201997/07/18Blue Marble
49886061013371997/07/18Pink Marble (aka Red Marble)
49886061013511997/08/01Clear Red
49886061013441997/08/01Crystal Blue (aka Clear Blue)
49886061016581997/11/28Clear White
49886061016651997/11/28Skeleton Black (aka Clear Gray)
49886061016961998/03/13Clear on Clear Blue
49886061017021998/03/13Clear on Clear Red
49886061024331998/11/27White (aka Aparthotel?)
49886061026791999/03/19??? possibly Pearl Pink (aka Mauve)
49886061026861999/03/19??? possibly Clear White on Clear Gray
49886061026931999/03/19??? Gold on Silver
49886061027091999/03/19??? Clear Blue on Clear Red
49886061029831999/09/24??? (Ganmetto)
49886061029901999/10/22??? (Gurimetto)
49886061033002000/05/19??? (Pinpa)
49886061033172000/07/21??? (Murapa)
49886061033242000/09/22??? (Guripa)
I want to bring up Danilochka's JAN list. Very impressive!

The person or persons who compiled the information in this table seems to be accurate, especially since Guripa matches the wording on the back of the box.
It turns out that Cabanon had the correct translation, which is actually "Green Pearl".
For one reason or another, Guripa is the combination of these two words!

Green- グリン (adjective form) AND Pearl- パル (Pa ru)

As you may tell, i do know some japanese, but my main drawback is that i'm not japanese.
I'm not sure why they combined both words this way, but it's the only other possibility.
If you look at the table above, it shows two other controller names with the same ending. Pinpa and Murapa.

If you take the same process that was used for "Green Pearl", these two break down into Pink Pearl, and Purple Pearl.

Pink- ピンク


Purple seems to be only represented by this kanji character.
Even though i confused Guripa with Gurepu, there is no way to mistake "pink" and "purple"!
This means that if the phonetic spelling of the last 3 names on this JAN list are correct, there are going to be 3 pearl controllers. Pink, Purple, and Green!

This surely has been an exciting development for me. Let's hope we can find some boxed evidence that will confirm this further. :yeah:

My ASCII Pad 64 Collection
Here is the back of the box where it says Guripa.

Posted Image

Not all grapes are purple! ;)

Full List of N64 Variations (so far: 167!!).
i wanted to point out something from your original post:
Posted Image

Despite his reputation as a seller, wouldn't you agree that the effort he put into his moniker is a bit similar to the "SM64 label"?

My ASCII Pad 64 Collection
Wow! Wouldn't 'Guripa' be katakana for Grape? 🍇

The ultimate N64 joystick refurb? SS + teflon
Fair enough. ^_^

What is your favorite Movie Opening?
A favorite of mine is any STAR WARS episode.

The one that sticks out is Episode I: The Phantom Menace.
It was the last few weeks before graduation, and we skipped school that morning to see it. Huge crowds lined up to see the first screening, and so were several other classmates as well. While waiting in line, i stood there and beat Super Mario Land on my friend's GBC!
I guess it was a great movie opening all around!

I seen it several times that summer.

The ultimate N64 joystick refurb? SS + teflon
Order placed.

If i may, i'd like to add that i went into the trenches against Linus in Mario Kart 64! Even though i was basically the only contender to beat his times without enhancements, he still defeated me with the sheer amount of #1 times in such a short amount of time.
I'd have to say that this outcome can be best attributed to the quality of his product!
All of the proof you need is in our MK64 HotLap Thread.
When it comes to Mario Kart 64, every player is different, but i have no doubt that these upgrades can make each individual- that much better!

Are you ready?

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy 30th Mr. Jones! 🎉

Movies and Television
Earlier i caught the first screening of BAD SANTA 2 to welcome in the holiday season.

Can you tell me what game this is?
Nov 22 2016, 10:21 AM

That Chocobo racing game is a weird one for me; I investigated it already thinking it might have been it (the duck (the big white one) looks really familiar to the duck I remember), but looking at gameplay videos it didn't feel like the one I had played. Besides, Square and Final fantasy have been close to my heart a long time, so I'm fairly sure I would have recoginized the characters a long time ago. Still, that game is the closest call thus far.
Have you watched the FMV intro to Chocobo Racing?
Chocobo Racing intro
It's name is actually Chubby Chocobo! So much so as to prevent the other racers from going around him even...
Are you sure that's not what you are trying to recall?

Solo's Complete N64 Backup tower!
I think you're missing the point.

Can you tell me what game this is?
Chocobo Racing?

Posted Image

Solo's Complete N64 Backup tower!
Very nice!

Solo's Complete N64 Backup tower!
I'm happy to see 'it' enjoying the balmy fall weather.
How did you get the Tri-Star64 to sit like that?

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Wow! That shirt is an official liscensed product!
I'm adding it to my wishlist. :yeah:

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Upon further research, there are two different animatronics companies at work here.

Somehow, the drummer for MC5 was involved with creating the Rock and Roll Rebellion. :eh:
(read the comment section as well)

2 animatronic companies. 2 entertainment franchises. All the while, we have a bunch of oversized creatures playing instruments and smashing buildings left and right?!

If you are reading this, just remember what website you are on... NINTENDO64FOREVER Beats Em' ALL!!! :capice:

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy Birthday Shellshocker18 :gift:

I'm sure somewhere the Rock-Afire Explosion is playing you a tune.

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Nov 4 2016, 06:04 AM
The first time I ever played World Tour was somewhere around 98-99 at a place called Showbiz pizza. I'm not sure if it was a national chain or just a regional thing around Tennessee and North Carolina but it was basically Chuck E. Cheese before it was renamed, except they had an animatronic band called the Rockafire Explosion. There is an entire documentary about people who were touched by this band and how their lives were forever changed by their music.

I just remember Rampage World Tour and terrible pizza, but I was wondering if anyone else remembers that place.

First of all, congratulations on beating Rampage: World Tour!
I always found that game difficult. This is the first time i've seen someone beat it. You must have had plenty of practice at Showbiz Pizza. 🍕

The documentary above was captivating!
You reminded me of having similar experiences and childhood memories at a place called SIDESHOW Pizza.

I just found out that it was called Major Magic's ALL STAR Pizza Revue before that, which was before my time(s) there.
Even though it changed names, it still kept the same animatronic band. The Rock and Roll Rebellion.

Posted Image
I'd have to dig through old photo albums, but this is pretty much how i remember it being at a few birthday parties i had there.
It eventually all closed down in the mid to late 90's, but was nearly identical to what Showbiz Pizza was. Apparently.
I can find very little information to go on, compared to Showbiz Pizza, but i'm reading that the animatronics used were from the creators of the ones used inside Disney World and Disneyland!
Given the timeframe, it makes me wonder if there is a connection between all of these animatronics and their designers, or was there a competing animatronics company?
Very fascinating!!
You've stumbled onto a very strange "rabbit hole" in early video game/entertainment history. 🐇

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