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Hey! Found you guys after researching my Millennium 2000 controller
Good luck man.
I'd put a 'best offer' option on it just to see what others are willing to pay.

2016 Awards - Best Thread
Yet another tough call!!
There are so many i enjoy. I'll give my vote to Conker and a Glimpse at FoxData LTD.
If i had a second choice, it would be Watcha Lintenin' to?

2016 Awards - Game of the Year (Handheld/Mobile)
I'm going with Miitomo.
It has exceeded my expectations. It is fun and addicting!
Those who play it already know. :yeah:

I could easily Miitomo shop til i drop and Miitomo drop til i shop!

2016 Awards - Game of the Year (Modern Console)
I'll go with Starfox Zero.

A special mention to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It would win 'Most anticipated game' for sure. Watch out 2017!

did your 2016 gaming resolution came true?
Dec 31 2016, 02:09 PM

I think I accideny reported your post. Sorry lol.
Well, 'if' is mispelled. Let's get em! :blasphemy bat:

Full List of N64 Variations (so far: 167!!).

Full List of N64 Variations (so far: 167!!).

Dec 31 2016, 01:15 PM
It's also worth mentioning that there is also a third, minor variant of this bundle, one I have come across a few times so there are significant numbers of it out there. I presume it's an early (perhaps 1st print) of the slipcovers, where the both "The Legend of" and "Ocarina of Time" are missing from the Zelda preview on the back of the box. Basically it looks like a layering misprint that went unnoticed for a few batches:
Posted Image

Look at the Zelda screenshot. It is an early version of the game, meaning this was well before 4th quarter 1998!

Hey! Found you guys after researching my Millennium 2000 controller
This may sound crazy, but i'd like one for parts. Especially all of the black buttons and such. ;)

Hey! Found you guys after researching my Millennium 2000 controller
Welcome to the forum lanmtx.
It sounds like you are the original owner, and one of the lucky winners from Nintendo Power!

Well, the value of these controllers would mainly depend on the condition.
If you don't want to put ot on ebay just yet, you'll need to spend a little more time here before you could post it in our Buy/Sell/Trade section.

I already have one, but it's definately a prized item.
See ya around.

The Console Name/Rename Game
It is also the sound i make everytime i use a weapon. Puu Puu! 🎮

2016 Awards - The Member Appreciation Topic
Feliz Ano NOVO!

2016 Awards - The Member Appreciation Topic
I'm here to share my appreciation for a number of members from our site and beyond.
First and foremost, i am grateful for everyone that i get to learn, debate, and communicate with here, but i have never met anyone like danilochka.
Thanks to him, has made me become more Nintendo savvy. We are able to relate to each other on a very unique level and i truly respect that. Cheers!

To Vinyl, someone that i got to know on a personal level. It has been a few years already!? Wow.
I'd like to think that we've made each other better collectors, and has been great to see how FAR things have come since. Congrats to you and Darklink for consolevariations.com. Sincerely.

A special thanks to Rocky and his N64F Skype group, where some of the best discussions took place with you, Darklink, Vinyl, Boomdiers, rdools, that looking back, was the start of many great things; including friendships.
From there, it has branched into many other avenues of social media.
From italia64 and Nillew- two awesome ambassadors to their country, and the N64 landscape!
Graci and Saudé

To The Red Shadow, Cabanon, Linus, Gamerjerome, and my other Twitter friends whose company i always enjoy there, and here! One love.

To Bam, D.J Cat, and the rest of my Miitomo fam, so many fun times came from this little game. Thanks Nintendo! And thanks for having me over.
Happy New Year!

And lastly, Bluedogrulez.
I was just a stupid kid and rough around the edges when i came to this forum. If it wasn't for you, i wouldn't be here.

A thank you also to Floorcat, the rest of the staff(past and present), Milage, Houghton0609, Shellshocker18, and the rest of the community for making Nintendo64Forever, Nintendo64FOREVER.
If i forgot anyone, you know where to find me! 8)

Foxdata LTD
Is it still too late to get my 64DD chromed? :P

Foxdata LTD
@Cabanon, you are right!
What better place than here? Nintendo64Forever.

Thanks again Conker for conveying this information to him, and us! :yeah:

2016 Awards - Gamer of the Year
I do what i can, but i can hardly even call myself a gamer compared to the constant stream of gaming that goes down here!
It's really tough!!

Everyone on this list deserves this award. Everyone!

That said, Shellshocker18 gets my vote this time.

Mario Kart 64 Hotlap Thread
Here we go!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Carrie Fisher passed away today...

okay, that's wierd! I'm a little freaked out right now. :eh:

I don't know anymore
You made the right choice Wildfiremicro!

I have a few years on you, but if you sold it, you would regret it and end up buying one again.
Trust me.

Mario Kart 64 Hotlap Thread
Moo Moo Farm

Posted Image

I know that this isn't the proper screen pic, but i accidentally erased the correct screenshot from my camera while i was shooting the video. :facepalm:

I did shoot the video and will post it asap.

Merry Christmas 2016
Twas another successful Christmas holiday. Family, friends, food, and fun! Horray!
My little nephews also came over to open a bunch of presents, but were glued to my Nintendo 64 most of the time.
It looks like i have an idea what to get them next year. ;)

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