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Current Gen Nintendo Collecting Insanity
It's clear why you chose the profession of broadcasting- everything said was elloquent and precise. Your content really is enjoyable. :yeah:

I commend you and everyone else, myself included, in this poignant discussion. Is there a reason for all this unecessary madness?
But this thread has shown it's true purpose. It is not without a thesis, and an antithesis. Ideaology dictates one more factor. Synthesis.

Has there been a real answer to supply?? NO.
But to even deny worldwide consumers of certain Amiibos without precedent? C'mon!
For those who try to assimilate, i'll say this, it's been a helluva year for me- i helped conquer my father's lung cancer, practically made Vinyl and I honorary NMI employees, which begs the question- who's really in charge of current distribution?! -and lost to a NON-DESCRIPT mask making contest, i gotta say it's been fun; what's next?
Although it seems as if i am sometimes trying to poke at things in the dark, i find comfort knowing- whether or not i hit something or not, there was still something to hit!
And if indeed the big N is listening, i have two words:
Spoiler: click to toggle

Peculiar japanese 64DD advert
What i can't figure yet is the "purpose" of it...
Whether or not the true origins of the advert are known, it is from Japan, and there would have been a reason behind displaying that controller.

but why?

Peculiar japanese 64DD advert
That item pic i got from an ebay auction a few years ago, so they do show up for sale. :yeah:

That controller though :wub:

Jurassic World COMING SOON!!!
The real fun is going to be trying to find these machines. In this country, Arcade machines only exist in a few places anymore- like Dave&Busters, and they won't even accept quarters anymore, but designated tokens! ;)

Jurassic World COMING SOON!!!
New Arcade game!

Jurassic World COMING SOON!!!

The Console Name/Rename Game
Pimpin Mainer
Feb 13 2015, 02:12 PM
Since xbox was named xbox because it looked like a box and the 360 because it could stand up or down, can we call the xbox one "The VCR Plus" because it looks like a VCR plus it does other stuff?
And it's an ENERGY SAVER

IMO, it will save me the energy of going out to buy one.

Nintendo 3DS discussion
Agreed, a pity too!

And you are most likey correct on their judging methods. There should have been a clear age limit.
What was clear was it being a "wearable mask"... :facepalm:

My guess is that there was also a stipulation on single photos, as opposed to a collage photo- which most could not avoid.

Out of the 3 winners were 6 finalists, but to know who those were, Nintendo would have to show their "work"... which is garunteed not to happen.
The real calibur of talent was truely incredible. Professional cosplay artists, make-up artists, graphic designers, etc. myself included!
Somewhere that became a disqualifaction.
Meh! No worries.

Posted Image

Peculiar japanese 64DD advert
A wile ago i found this advertisment in a search. From it's layout and overall presentstion, it seems legitimate in some capacity.
Posted Image
It translates:
数多くの神ゲーを生んだ N64です
This is the N64 that gave birth to a lot of great games.

これは 64DD This is a 64DD.

振動パックもありました ね。 There was also a Rumble pack!

The ad also showcases the "colored Rewinders" represented

myhya.Posted Image

and interestingly enough, the last part does not mention the two tone Yellow/Grey controller!!

From what is known, this was not an official release.
But it oddly fits well alongside the Black/Grey controller...

and GO!

Nintendo 3DS discussion
that Mask making contest ended and sadly my mask did not win...
But on the bright side, i made some good friends along the way, and i have an awesome mask to boot :yeah:

I expected shenanigans from the onset- vague rules, plus keeping everyone in the dark as to who won until the actual release day?!

But here were the 3 winners:

And here are some of my favorites:







In all honesty- C'MON!!! i find this absurd, outrageous, and somehow symbolic of Nintendo's other "current" flat decisions.

But i'll let YOU be the judge :yeah:

N64 Analog Stick debacle
Point taken :yeah:

I may not have ever had to replace an analog stick before, but i symphathize.

But i do know the companies contracted to make these parts for Nintendo do have surplus...

It is comfortable knowing that there are worthwhile replacements out there nevertheless :yeah:

N64 Analog Stick debacle
I gotta say,
These talking points truely are fascinating!

When i got to the itteration that these sought after "clones" were from China, something started to click! ;)

From my understanding of company's parts and surplus... These "clones" that you speak of are actually the original OEM thing, and the VOID label was put on after the fact→ making them true originals from the company; or rather companies- that "made" these parts FOR NINTENDO! back then!

The only known instance where "things" weren't made in China, were the BRAZILLIAN versions on N64 items... which state that were [MADE IN JAPAN]

Just sayin- This is quite fascinating!

A true solution IMO- is to have more controllers, thus broadening the spectrum of "wear and tear"...
We ALL have our own personal, individual analog stick usage we must do our best to keep it real :)

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game

:D fistbump! :yeah:
Nice haul Vinyl. You the man!

In the meantime, don't forget to mention
the N64 CIGAR
Posted Image

Given to select NMI employees on a cruise to the Bahamas...

Smoke 'em if ya gott 'em!

Watcha Listenin' To?
Funk YEAH! \m/

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
An up over and down under birthday to Retro Junkie and KelamyAUS. :gift:

Watcha Listenin' To?

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Is Nintendo still willing to fix something like that?

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
looks like a close relative of mine! :P

Hello, reintroducing myself.
What goes around; comes around!- welcome :yeah:

Elmo's Letter Adventure
Posted ImageSesame Street, a production of Children's Television Workshop & Jim Henson Productions, in conjunction with NewKidCo, RealTime Associates Inc., Factor 5, and LucasArts, bring you Elmo's Letter Adventure.
You'll surely spell victory if ELMO collects the correct letters, just watch out for that tricky lower case alphabet!

This review has been brought to you by the letter N, and by the number 64

SCORE: 5/10

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