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N64 collection discussion
Do it!!
Mar 30 2017, 06:01 PM
Who wants 40 winks on a real cart no emulations or on ever drive. The cart is real and not a flash card. I preoreded the game from some site 20 years ago. It was released before it was cancled

Where you at???

Metal Jesus: Rare/Expensive N64 Games
WTF is stopping you?

Watcha Listenin' To?
Parental Advisory: explicit content

Metal Jesus: Rare/Expensive N64 Games
I remember seeing authentic display boxes for 40 Winks at electronics boutique in late 2000. It was ready!
Who are you, by the way?
I believe DarkDragon is telling the truth.

It was nice knowing ya. ✌

Lost or banned media
do you know any of the animated shorts Nickelodeon put out in the mid 80s'?

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
So, i know several people that have the Anthology and several versions of it...

I personally have never seen it up close. I don't believe the makers ever really checked with any of us before making it so to speak, other than permission to use pictures.

How is/was the newer version different than the original French version?

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
It really does roll off the tongue!

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
I think you got it Pimpin!!

Lost or banned media
It's been a while, but those downloadable Pokemon game paks had a Nintendo security sticker on them. When it was pealed off, it left a silver VOID pattern behind.

Lost or banned media
A friend of mine has the Pokemon Red Mew version from Toys R Us.
Unlimited Mews!

The 10th Anniversary Celebration "Welcome Back / Check In" Topic
what do you think about this place now??

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
Time to put on my thinking cap. :smokin:
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Post a picture of your car
Cool cars guys!

@Grizz, that sucks to hear. I always watched Wheeler Dealers when i had HD cable.
Edd took a lot of crap on that show, and probably won't be around long without him.
Interesting bloke!

Whats the jewel in the crown of your collection?
Here's another jewel straight to your crown! 👑
Posted Image
This is the complete set of figurines from the NTSC N64 Tarzan Big Box variation.

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Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy B Day Jsboger! 🎉

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
Different is GOOD.

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
Would i get to tell my version of the FoxData story? :D

The idea of it being published sounds intriguing!

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
The Bible is one of the most revered stories, why wouldn't someone read it?

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
I would like to be on board this.

It was still nice to contribute $5 to the N64 Anthology knowing that they were going to get some things wrong, or incomplete. Cosmicly. :rofl:

Mymee64's collection!
Awesome stuff once again Mymee!

Those Turok 2 shirts are official promo items. Looking good!
Put me down for an XL. :D


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