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Granted, but when Sid Barret tries shaving your eyebrows off, he slips and permanently blinds you.

I wish i could see The Last Jedi right now!

Granted, but it's just the one inside Micro Machines 64 TURBO. :lol:

I wish Korn didn't cancel my May 10th concert date.

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy Birthday Boom! 💣

Mymee64's collection!
Wow! What a great haul, and interesting story!

You have a knack for finding obscure items. I had no idea there was even an MCSports controller!
Thanks for sharing. When in doubt, pinky out. 🍵

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
That's really cool MyMee!

I wouldn't say they are exactly official, but they are well made for Hot Topic in 2017.
We must be doing something right if places like that are taking notice to what is popular in subculture! :n64:

What's the last thing you ate/drank?
I found it in my yard near my neighbors woodpile. They seem to come up in the same spot every year, but April is the time to find them!
Under the right conditions, they can be found in forested areas near certain trees in this side of the country.

It was delicious! They have a one of a kind earthy, meaty taste. I wish i was an even better cook, but i do get inspired when i come across Morels. :lol: This was the biggest one yet.

What's the last thing you ate/drank?
I found a giant Morel mushroom earlier. A rare sight!
Posted Image


What's your favorite philosophical movie?
Has anyone ever seen Hotel Montgomery??

I believe it was made in the late 70's. No actors, no sound, and just dark shots of places inside some building.

I can't find any info on it! :blink:

Granted, but your pilot is Harison Ford again... Never tell me the odds!

I wish grass stayed one size so i didn't have to mow.

What's your favorite philosophical movie?
This may be a generic response, but one of my favorites would be Lord of the Flies.

I remember seeing the previews as a child, wanting to see the film. It wasn't til years later that i finally did.
Very moving. I have yet to read the book.

What Grinds Our Gears?
Kimberley is timeless!

Seeking assistance in identifying Sculptor's Cut
I sent the seller a best offer of $2.50 and asked to get a pic of the back of the manual. He hasn't even bothered to decline my offer. :lol:
If the seller can't offer answers to simple requests regarding the manual, he especially will want to avoid them about his fake game cart.

Anyway, i decided to take a look for Sculptor's Cut on ebay myself.
It has gotten a lot worse than i imagined!

Let's look at the manual...
I just noticed a few other things such as this. It has an incorrect ESRB logo. (pic from the original auction of this thread)
Posted Image

Now, the reason i needed to see the back of the manual was because of this. (pic taken from another current auction)
Posted Image
It is missing Interplay's address for some goofy reason, even though similar information can be found within the manual itself. The arrow indicates where it should be.

Then in this final pic, you can see where the entire image of the front cover was taken directly from the box or magazine ad. I guess this somehow explains why the cover has the wrong ESRB logo.
Posted Image

Sure, once Nick has 50 or more posts, he can inquire about prices in the appropriate section, but i felt it necessary to explain why i don't feel comfortable giving an estimated value on ANY of these Sculptor's Cut items.
Things have turned into an awful mess!

Where is the moral standard on these items anymore??
They can't even fake the manual, box, or game label right!
It's all just a poor facsimile than a 'reproduction'.

The consensus elsewhere online seems to be that these are the rarest N64 items ever. Even at first glance we know that this is not true anymore, not that it ever was.
It makes you wonder where people even get their information to justify prices, regardless of authenticity!
My honest opinion is that this game, as well as games like Conker's Bad Fur Day, have suffered from years of being overhyped... and limited knowledge.

I think it's best to leave it open for discussion. :smokin:

Our New Aquarium
Excellent setup Stinger!

Of course most aquarium shops and outlets will try to sell you their version of a saltwater filter system, but you can easily make your own.

I remember years ago, my dad had a big tank like yours, and he basically made his own filtration system out of two plastic storage bins underneath. It worked so well, that over time it was like having a second ecosystem underneath with growing coral and marine life! 🐡

Did you keep your freshwater setup?

Seeking assistance in identifying Sculptor's Cut
Not to worry mate.

It figures that the seller won't respond. I sent them a message as well.
Hopefully the seller cooperates.

Seeking assistance in identifying Sculptor's Cut
Apr 21 2017, 03:31 PM

While I'm here may I ask what you think is a reasonable price for a decent condition copy of CF Sculptor's Cut? I'm willing to spend $300+ but I feel that as soon as I buy it, the price will drop lol.
Sorry, no.
That doesn't pertain to your original concern of authenticity, and would violate user rules.

Would you please ask the seller to take a pic of the back of the manual?

Seeking assistance in identifying Sculptor's Cut
Hi Nick.

It's all repro.
I wouldn't mind having that manual though.
Can you ask him to flip it over?

Watcha Listenin' To?
i know i've heard this jam before, and i swear it was on Beavis & Butt-Head. :lol:

N64 Console/Controller Prototypes Newly Discovered!!
Apr 20 2017, 02:10 AM

Can anyone confirm when the Extreme Green Controller was released, the dates may help to confirm this too!

It was in 1st quarter 1998. That's also when it started showing up in magazines here.

Watcha Listenin' To?
Good stuff Bam!

If you're a Metallica fan, peep this!


Metallica's bassists' 12 yr.old son is filling in for Korn's bassist on their South American tour!

Watcha Listenin' To?

Nikki Minaj

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