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My adventure in trying to reproduce thumbsticks
It's an awesome story- which means the details have already been ironed out...

We need a 3D printer!

Watcha Listenin' To?

Single Word Sentence
WORD: with

SENTENCE: Only Nes has the dank controller with

Mario Kart 64 Hotlap Thread
:phear:En Garde!
Spoiler: click to toggle

the end of video games
Love the title!

I thought of the same games that BDR spoke of when defending Nintendo.
I'm also from the class of 1981. :yeah:

I'm going to generalize here by saying that maybe these days, the amount of skilled gamers doesn't comprise a big enough marketshare like it used to- which is why many titles on most platforms rely on story, and take you by the hand on everything else. Companies have noticed the cost/benifit analysis of appealing to modern attention spans. It's more thesible to make the gamer feel in "control" of something grander than one's own skill level.

But I enjoy a good story, like any Zelda game, instantly... unfortunately, i quit after Wii for the same reasons you spoke of action. The money i could use in modern gaming, i would rather buy old stuff.

but that's just me and my opinion. :mellow:

NX what would you like to see?
@ action,

Amen to that!

Single Word Sentence
WORD: remain

SENTENCE: Five years ago i had 99 lifes left, now only 2 remain.

sounds like quite a journey!

Single Word Sentence
WORD: left

SENTENCE: Five years ago i had 99 lifes left

want to buy SMW, possible issue

You need all 120 stars... have fun! :rofl:

Mario Kart 64 Hotlap Thread

Luigi Raceway non-shortcut

Posted Image

i'm starting to think i got lucky with Wario Stadium... >_<

Single Word Sentence
WORD: ago

SENTENCE: Five years ago

What Nintendo Tat Would You Get?
too geek?
I've looked into getting this :n64: on the inside of my left thumb, where it meets the thumb stick.
But i'm told it would eventually wear off!

Maybe i need a third opinion? <_>

Single Word Sentence
WORD: chicharones

SENTENCE: The happy gamer played Super Mario Pimp 64, while eating chicharones.

that's spanish for pork rinds. Yummy! :P

Single Word Sentence
WORD: mario

SENTENCE: The happy gamer played super mario

Single Word Sentence
WORD: happy

SENTENCE: The happy

Single Word Sentence
WORD: lure

SENTENCE: A turtle walked slowly to the store, but forgot his fishing lure.

hey it rhymes :D

Single Word Sentence
WORD: forgot

SENTENCE: A turtle walked slowly to the store but forgot

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
:o If you do open a meuseum, i'd like to be a curator.

Single Word Sentence
WORD: slowly

SENTENCE: A turtle walked on slowly

This or That
Man! That's a good one..

The first GBASP's had issues, so Nintendo again made an even brighter, more efficient version in 2002/03. Have at it collectors!
In retrospect, is the same thing they did with the DS Lite, until the advent of the DSi.

I go with DSLite.

NWC1990 or NWC15 ???

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