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Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
HAPPY BDAY 2 U :gift:

Keep scratching that wax- Vinyl!

Another casualty of wastoids at the post office

Do you know exactly where the seller's previous console was damaged?

Not that that is relevant...
But i would like to think that it was the painting/drying process that they used- that resulted in the vent plastics to become brittle. (refer to pictures)

Now, as a former UPS employee for several years,
It has been the same the world over. a USPS package can wind up in other shipping facilities before it even reaches it's destination. With UPS ... priority 1- was efficiency, second was safety, and third was safety of the parcels. The heavier the package, as well as the irregularity of the shape/size- the more prone to damage it is!

This shouldn't deter anyone. In fact, shipping companies are prepared for just this thing. It is unnavoidable!
Insurance is key when dealing with specifics. There is no reason that we should be surprised at unknown factors. I only want to speak from a cautionary standpoint!

just PM me if you want to hear real shipping horror stories.

hello mac controller
WELL, upon further examination, i can say that the FDH controller does have a minute color variation in the analog housing! I second guessed myself earlier, but have triple checked my controllers...

It appears that most- if not the majority of japanese exclusives have just a slight darker/lighter shade of grey, depending on which controller and/or "grey" plastic. ugh

Both my (mint) japanese (Pikachu Nintendo 64) controllers have darker analog housings- as well as slightly darker L R D-pad Z button. compared to USA/JPN standard

My authentic Jusco controller is the same as both of my japanese (mint) CLEAR/ICE CLEAR/TROPICAL controllers. (all 3 have the same CLEAR bottom)

but are different from the Pikachu Nintendo 64 controllers mentioned above.

This would lend some credence to the japanese (BLACK/GREY MK64 HELLO MAC GEOFFREY) being slightly different. I am sad to say that i don't own any of the japanese black/grey series :(

i feel another list coming on...

hello mac controller
It is debatable... as of now- it is a good measure as to their "foreign" authenticity, seeing as how the "grey" bottom looks different in some auction pictures. If there is a difference, it is negligible.

But of course the analog is the same- without question. (unless it is a Millenium 2000)

Edit- the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks controller has a slightly different color Z button. :wacko:

Who uses top end labels?
If one would want to find an alternative use, and plan on collecting "every" game, cases like these would be ideal for those labels...

Nintendo 64 game cases

they would work well on the- [ spines ]

Although cases like these are unneededly pricey, it would have a better presentation, and keeps games protected. Of course- only if you are looking to collect a full regional set in this fashion!

Then, it would make sense to buy a full game label sticker set; rather than specific labels.
It seems to be a collective effort from those similar like-minded people- who offer the "Box replica" game cases.
If you notice from the example that Italia64 refered to above, the maker got Yoshi- (Yoshi's Story) wrong.

If there are different makers, be sure that the logos match correctly.

With that said, I wouldn't mind having a set myself.

Super Mario 64 Disk Edition has been discovered
They do...

But now i hope someone eventually tries to boot up this disk with this version of Super Mario 64:
Posted Image

Call me crazy :wiggler: