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Favorite extremely small details in games
Aug 31 2016, 01:00 AM
Are the signs different in the Japanese version?
I don't have a JPN version to check, but i'd have to say they are all the same around the world.

If it were in japanese, the wording and sentence structure would be completely different, requiring a different graphic. It would be impossible to read.
But even the way it is written sounds like a japanese>english translation.
The best part is that i highly doubt it was ever meant to be "read" in the first place, but in a way, they didn't try to prevent someone from doing so. 🔬

Good question!

Intedall64 Collection
Nice trades! Is that the French version of Rugrats in Paris: The Movie?

Hey gang
Welcome DD, that sounds like a fun job! Congrats on deciding to get married. 🎊

Cruis'n Exotica development
I apologize for mending my response, but have never seen or played any Cruisn' arcade game beyond USA...

It is funny to me that the Cruisn' Exotica arcade even made it to a release.
It's almost a question of what came first- The chicken, or the Exotica!
Meaning, does anyone else think that the success of these games on Nintendo 64, had a direct impact on the creation of the third and final arcade version?

Cruis'n Exotica development
It turns out that there are all Arcade versions of these CRUISN' games. Especially every BBV exclusive "racer".

Korn Concept Kontroller
Zoki64, if you're there, i'd really like to hear what you think about all of this. ✌

Favorite extremely small details in games
Aside from breaking the "L is Real 2401" myth in Super Mario 64, there are a few more extremely small details.
Like these signs:
Posted Image
Of course they all say something different when you read them throughout the game, but the graphic they use to represent a sign with words on it- is ALL the same on every wooden sign in the game.

What is great about it is that they actually say something, and i have it nearly deciphered!

I am helping Mario
**** *** press AorB
standing still.

You're welcome. :D

Duke Nukem 64
Great game! I'm still reading what has been said above, but this game is special to me because of the vast improvement of textures and effects that were NOT possible on the PC version.

It still blows my mind!

Watcha Listenin' To?
Can't tell you how much i enjoy those windows above making an exclamation point!

Here is how Korn's new song is going to sound on their upcoming LP, that they also played for the first time at the concert i went to recently.

Post a Video Better than the last.

Korn and the News

Korn Concept Kontroller
Well, this event happened at the Return of the Dreads Tour with Korn and Rob Zombie at First Niagra Pavilion in Burgettstown PA. And as i mentioned earlier, i knew i wanted to do something unique and involving the one thing that has also made an impact on my life. Of course, i was prepared with other obscure items for each member to sign, but i didn't have anything for the singer that really stood out!
I also didn't have an N64 contoller that i felt necessary for my idea.
There's something about the Standard Grey controller that symbolizes the beginning of something. The genesis.
With everything else going on in the planning, i somewhat put off looking for a controller because i was confident that i would find one nearby. It wasn't until last weekend that i was getting worried when my avenues started drying up. If the places did have them, they only sold them with the N64 console loose and CIB. I even tried the shop where got the NMI N64 Cigar, but to no avail.
I was running out of time with only days away when i got a lead on one at an abandoned Mall. It was inside a newly established video game store called Games-AGO.

I had been there before when it was in a smaller location within the mall, but this store was bigger, and accomidated more of the incredible retro items the owner has.
This store has way more variety than you typically find in "retro stores" that seem tobget the same items- in some sort of distribution cycle.
I met with the owner and a young employee and told them i was the one that called looking for a grey controller. He had several, but all had cosmetic damege. I got concerned after i made it clear prior to arriving that i needed one without any damage to the top half of the controller. Then we went back to the last one he had, that i had passed by in the display case as i entered. It was perfect!
I then explained the reasons for my concerns, and plans i had for this controller. It was then that the kid working there told me that he was just at the same venue a few weeks earlier at a Country show...
He went on to say about the time he walked into one of their restrooms, where there were "people" drinking, and someone turned to him and bashed him in the face and ribs, that then turned into an all out brawl.
He fought back until security apprehended and arrested the other guy. You could clearly see that he was telling the truth from the marks on his face.
All told, the controller was in excellent condition and all for $15. I was ready for the concert.

I think this is yet another example of the kind of RIDICULOUS crap that occurs at "country" shows around here in comparison to other forms of music, but that's another story for another time.
Thinking ahead, i took only the top half of the controller shell to get signed, knowing that a full controller could be misconstrued as a weapon.

With big venues like these, there are also certain policies and restrictions for the average concert-goer, in terms of approved and prohibited items that aleays seem to change without notice.
I called ahead and made sure that i would be accomidated. I even went as far as to tell them that Korn's tour manager knows me and will basically call him if i have any trouble getting my items in, which is true.

I had my ticket at Will Call, which was scheduled to open before the gates to the general public did. I was scheduled to meet my company at 4:00 p.m.
We arrived an hour early only to be denied access by traffic control to the parking zones. They told us we could be able to park at 4:00...
So we drove to a cut-out where fellow denied patrons were already partying.
I got to have a beer and socialize until about 3:50; drove back, and once again was turned away! It was chaos!!
They did not open the enterance until exactly 4:00 sharp!
As i didn't spring for better parking, it was first come; furthest away.
There was NO time to tailgate as planned.
But i was aware that once the general public entered the venue, there was no re-entry.
Everything that was on my itinerary all took place before the gates even opened, and i was assured i could go back to my vehicle and secure my items all before the public even entered.
In sweltering humidity i finally walked over half a mile to the box office where i was greeted by Sebastien, Korn's tour coordinator. We chit-chatted as i signed in and went through the security search. Out of all things i had, including my mosh pit jumpsuit, they had no problem with any of it.

That's when venue representatives told me i could not leave the venue once i entered. I began to plead my case which was when they offered to store my items in this guarded lawn shed. A shed any homeowner has in their backyard- sitting just outside the main gate. It reminded me of Bubbles' shed from Trailer Park Boys.
I agreed and entered the venue.
It was a bit nerve wracking despite anticipating having to battle this kind of nonsense just to get in.
But they ushered us to a semi enclosed area of the venue where the chosen few would wait to see Korn. Granted, it was more than a few, but it was so hot and miserable inside. I remained calm and collected as best i could.
Aside from the number of people there, was the best of the best of true fans there. Myself included.

After about 30 minutes a crew of dark clothed, wild haired people started walking up the walkway.
It was Korn.
Before they could even reach our area, they were met with screams, cheers, and applause, it was exciting to see!!
It only got louder as they entered. There are tears shed for this band. I've seen it first hand.
Normally, Jonathan Davis is a secretive, reclusive individual and does not like being photographed, but it was part of this tour, and it always changes. I knew i had to take this opportunity to get my controller signed.
All five members greeted everyone. I talked with them, made them laugh, and engaged them as a true fan should. It was comforting to know that they remember me; not only from previous encounters, but from the "extreme" rocking that i do from inside their mosh pits.
I also got to finally meet Head, the returning guitarist for the first time- which was incredible!!!


I then got this controller signed right after this photo was taken. You can see it around my access pass.
I believe the picture says it all!?
You'd be wrong...
It was this same controller that i had to express to the gate keepers from earlier- was extremely delicate and would turn out to be the ONLY reason that convinced them to let me OUT of the venue to the vehicle to secure it, because they couldn't handle the responsibility!!! X_D
We finally got a motorized escort that they paged in as we waited. Again, we were assured that my items would remain safe prior to the sheduled "event", but once i mentiontioned that it was a delicate item, they could no longer claim responsibility for it, which is the whole reason for the added assistance.
I've explained this as best i could. There are other details that i've tried to fit in, but don't really pertain to the story of getting my controller signed.
But just know that when it comes to access to my favorite band, i will say that i'm in GOOD. 8)

And so the story continues.

Korn Concept Kontroller
Man! The way the certain "KoRn" logo is oriented would just dance around the START button!!

I'm looking at Water Transfer Printing. I really wish i planned this better, but i only got the controller a week ago. :facepalm:

Hello from DeathlyRaccoon!
Welcome welcome Kyle! As Pimpin said, this is the best place to learn a thing or two about N64. :yeah:

Favorite extremely small details in games
There are quite a few cool small details in DK64, but i want to start with this:
Posted Image

You'll find this ominous picture hanging in the Treehouse at the very beginning of the game. If you followed Nintendo Power, you knew this meant the codename for the Gamecube. If you played enough Nintendo games, you knew that Rare was somehow focused toward bigger things and supported the development of Project: Dolphin.
In some way, one would know it meant the closing of the door on Nintendo 64, although reminiscent of the introduction of the N64 inside Wrinkly's Save Cave in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie's Triple Trouble for SNES.
Seeing this at the very beginning of a highly anticipated game was a bit depressing to me!
What made it worse was working my way through this game 101% and seeing the secret ending. It has to be the most dissapointing endings on N64 in terms of the risk/reward factor!
But in this ending is this same Dolphin picture next to Kranky Kong in an Audition room. As if the cast of this game is trying out for placement in Nintendo's next console, but are in front of the camera goofing off.
What's FUNNY, is that according to the schedule, the next game they would be in for the Gamecube was Donkey Kong Racing...
Donkey Kong Racing was cancelled shortly thereafter, and Rare stopped making games for Gamecube, and Nintendo.

Even funnier is that i just took something i didn't like about an N64 game, and disparaged an entire console generation, and one of the best game companies, in defense of this otherwise extreme detail, and Nintendo 64- a cut truely above the rest! X_D :blink:

Why the DD?
Yes and no...

An existing N64 cartridge library could be used in conjunction with an "add-on" disk if the specific cartridge game had "hooks" embedded in the game's software.
Much like F-ZeroX/F-ZeroX Expansion Kit.

If the 64DD were a mainstream success, you may have seen N64 games get re-releases to work with the 64DD!
There may have also been several new major title games with 64DD disk add-ons.

The idea and end results would still be super massive Nintendo 64 games and experiences that you could write and rewrite to!

Korn Concept Kontroller
Thanks Bluedog!

You're right. Sorry about your baseball.

I've worked with "clear coating" before, but nothing like this!
I'm glad i made this topic because i wouldn't have thought of adding a Korn logo.
I'm not worried about touching it or playing it anytime soon, but my first thought is still wanting to keep it natural looking, so to speak, and i'm uncertain how much clear coat will affect an N64 controller surface visually.

I originally wanted him to sign it above the START button, but it's a small area. The way his traditional HIV signature flows worked much better with the contours of the middle grip!
Korn basically only ever signs with Black ,Gold, or Silver Sharpie markers, and/or paint markers. Standard Grey was my best choice. I actually had to track one down! Out of all the crazy controllers i own, i didn't have Standard Grey! I haven't had one since 1996. Go figure ...
I'm intrigued! No one could do a logo placement better than Zoki. :w00t: :yeah:

... ... and YES. He told me that the band played NINTENDO 64 back then, and that he still owns and plays this console!!! :omg:

Korn Concept Kontroller
Yeah! Thanks sanni.

You are definately understanding a certain vision i have that could be possible...

I wonder: how drastic it would be to add a "clear coat"??

Korn Concept Kontroller
After years of fan dedication, i have made another connection piece of my youth a reality!

Posted Image
This is the signature of Korn's singer, Jonathan Davis.

As you may know, they are my favorite band.
I've followed this path from seeing their first video on Beavis And Butt-Head, to seeing them everyday after shool on TRL, to buying all their albums, from missed concerts, to replacing stolen albums, to seeing them from the worst seats, to meeting them face to face- back stage, up front, in front, and EVERYTHING in between, and have now come full circle.

NOTHING encapsulates the late 90's more than these two things! Nothing. So many great memories, and are now represented in this piece.

I want to make it even better! Any feedback, criticism, ideas, and input WILL influence the entire process. We have great minds here. Let's start the thinktank. :smokin:
Are you ready?

Controller Wall Mounts
Nice! The logo looks pretty accurate. I think the matching color scheme is a nice touch as well. :yeah:

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy Bday Xephyrian! Hope it was the :bobomb:

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