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Oh Photobucket
Chrome is running very badly for me now so guess i'll have to remove the extension

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Added a few new xbox games I have been looking forward to playing

Posted Image

And 2 more

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Jan 25 2018, 10:57 AM
I spent at least $150 decking out my mii houses and wardrobe! :lol:

Real money? :eh:

Oh Photobucket
Nice one, installed and it worked :yeah:

I never got into this so wont be missed by me.

Goldfinger 64 has been released!!!!
If i had an everdrive I would be all over this.

Inspiration from/for Nintendo Games
Love SOAD and love bayonetta :)

Kickstarter: Next Gen N64 Controller
Looks promising but i'll wait until some of you guys start getting your hands on it. If it functions as goods as an original then I will pick one up.

Milage007ís Updated Gallery
so where in Birmingham do you live :)

Nintendo Labo
Only Nintendo X_D you couldn't imagine Microsoft or Sony bringing out cardboard peripherals.

Does that mean that project big robot for the Wii U is back alive?

Games You've Finished In 2018
Metroid Prime - Jan

PS Vita
Killzone: Mercenary - Jan

First 2 games of the year completed this weekend. Killzone is a great shooter for a handheld, looks really good and plays really well but the story is completely rubbish. Metroid Prime is a weird game for me, I've owned it for years and tried a few times to complete it but could never get into it. I was determined to finish it this time and used a walkthrough for the second half of the game. Still not sure the game is for me but the final boss fight was pretty good and I will pickup the second to see how that compares.

What's your favorite sports team?
It's painful to watch this season. Yaps tactics clearly aren't working and he's too stubborn to change it up. Real possibility of us going down this year which would be a massive shame. Make next year's FIFA more interesting though :)

2017 Awards - Game of the Year (Handheld/Mobile)
Think i will have to second Super Mario Run, been hooked on it for the last week

What's your favorite sports team?
Support my local team Reading FC and have done since 2004. Growing up no one in my family like football so i was never taken to a live game. In 2004 that changed when my mate had a spare ticket and I was hooked from there, game was terrible 1-1 drawing with Crew alexandra but it was enough for me.

These days I go less and less as my wife works weekends and I have both kids who are still a little too young to take. I have taken my eldest twice but it was a bit of a nightmare keeping her entertained whilst the game was going on.

January 11th Nintendo Direct Mini
Good point about the Wii U games and a shame in my opinion.

I've never played Dark souls and payday 2 before so i may pick them up, also maybe Mario Tennis when it goes on sale.
All the hype over this direct and it was a bit limp :)

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Never played these games before so looking forward to this

Posted Image

Welcome :)

The Nintendo Switch Topic
Cheers mate i'll go with that SD card, probably a 64 as I always lean towards physical

Red Dwarf
The final episode of the series was really good, I hope theres going to be more

The Nintendo Switch Topic
Nice one thank you, the cases are exactly what I am looking for. As for the charger it will just be a spare to keep at work so should be perfect.

Any recommendations on the SD cardS?

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