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Anyone have the same problem
Its funny I just came on this forum to discuss this very matter.

I have tried playing Turok 2 now since it came out in 199?. I get so far and when I go to load a save it says that the file is corrupt. it only seems to happen to this game and this is a different cart to the one I had back when I was a kid. The memory card I am using is a new card and all the other saves on the card are not corrupt. In the past I have tried an official memory card and loads of 3rd party. I have tired not removing the momory card when It says to plug in the rumble pack and nothing helps. Seems very strange but I will try what MK II says and replace but the battery but as I said its a new card.

Anyone else have trouble with this game and the save? I wish all games had the built in save on the cart. :-/ so frustrating as I really wanted to complete the game this time

Ocarina of Time v. Majora's Mask
For me it has to be OoT purely because of the amount of times I have played it and the many different consoles I have tried it on. Recently completed MM and at first I HATED it but I stuck with it and I'm so glad I did. I hope the Wii U remake which is rumored is true.

Merry Christmas
ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance: :dance: :gift: :gift: :dance: :dance:

Christmas Gifts
here's mine. only one game so far from my wife, resi 6 :lol:

Posted Image

Merry Christmas
Merry Xmas to you and yours tooi hope you get all the gaming gifts you want :yeah: :yeah:

Happy Xmas N64 gamers :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Online gaming
here are mine gamertags etc

Xbox Read1ngFC (thats one not a I (eye)
PS3 Read1ngFC (thats one not a I (eye)
Wii U Read1ngFC (thats one not a I (eye)
Steam Buddy_Royal

3DS not sure how to find out lol

Country Poll
UK for me :P

I collect N64 mainly but I have small collection of Gamecube games and PS1. Buy current gen too but I wouldnt say I collect as I'm just buying games I want.

2012 Ebay Watchdog
MK II get my vote too

2012 Hoarder of the Year
NintendoTwizer, his collection looks amazing

2012 Youngblood
Dec 17 2012, 10:31 PM
I'm going to nominate Gooman here. He might be the quickest to 500 posts considering he's only been here since the end of August.
wow 500 since august, I need to up my game :yeah:

I second your nomination

2012 Pimp my N64 Award
Clarky for me for his originality and from the UK so defiantly get my vote (we have to stick together lol)

Anyone in the UK recommend any??

Pictures of You
Dec 19 2012, 04:52 PM
Should have kept the Mohawk for your wedding day. That looks awesome.
Haha i did think about growing it back a couple of years ago but I was working as a vending machine engineer at the time and work said NO!!!!

Maybe when i'm 80 if i have enough hair I will grow it back and put on my Rancid shirt lol

The Wii U Topic
:dance: :dance: i think i'm just getting away with having a load of games and consoles everywhere. if i started covering everything in tin foil she's think i'd lost the plot :lol:

I have tried re-syncing but it tells me it is already synced. I also did a factory restore which didnt help.

May have to return it which sucks but we will see how it goes and what Nintendo have to say

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
thats a lot to buy in one go lol,

Should I Pick Up This Gold N64 + 2 Gold Controllers?
Haha loved those films

List of All N64 Games
I have a PAL game list in excel

Dec 19 2012, 03:33 AM
I personally would say the 3rd one is the best due to all the vast improvements it has over the other two.

The graphics are pretty much the N64's best and the game even includes actual speech which is quite rare occurrence in an N64 game. For those reasons alone, that's why the 3rd gets my vote. :yeah:
Im sure number 2 has speech in game too, havent gotten around to playing 3 yet but from what i've seen/read its the most far removed from the original and doesnt have ANY dinosaurs in it

The age topic
29, getting old

Pictures of You
thought i'd get involved,

ME & the Mrs

Posted Image

and and the sprog

Posted Image

Me & my old hair (1999, im at the front)

Posted Image

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