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Games you've finished in 2013.
Pikmin 2 :dance: love those games, cant believe it took me so long to find out how amzing they are. BRING ON 3 :bowser:

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Picked up GT5 on PS3 for 3, pretty good price

The Wii U Topic
I wanna pick this game up always been a fan of NFS but I'm not paying 45 for it. I'll wait a few weeks,

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Just brought Tomb Raider on the PC, havent had time to play it as I'm trying to finish Pikmin 2

Anyone live around London??
You should look up this retro shop while in london, havent been myself but hear good things.

Retro Game base

Favorite Zelda game?
so who still thinks MM is their fav Zelda game


Turok 3
I'm a big fan of Turok 2 so I brought number 3 to play after I finish 2. Glad its good look forward to playing it and I'm glad the saving is better as the saving on Turok 2 is the reason I STILL havent completed it, save always gets corrupt

What's your proudest N64 gaming achievement?
Getting all the cheats on GOldeneye for me. I spent hours trying to do the facility cheat, best feeling when I did it though, shame I no longer have that cart though

April Game of the Month Vote Off
Gone for MK trilogy again but i think Blast corps will win this

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Try turn off all post fx settings like AA and update drivers

Played around with it last night after lots of searches on the internet and figured it out. now getting around 60 FPS on high to very high settings. Problem was with some of the settings in game that can be handled by my graphics card software instead of using the ingame settings like AA :yeah:

Prices of games
that amazon price is just ridiculous

Hori Mini Pad Variations
Thats cool. Were these released in the UK or just USA? Also where is the Z trigger, cant see it in the pics?

Wave Race 64 challenge
Nice idea its always good to see how you stack up against other players around the world. Sorry to say that I just dont like this game but I'm sure someone on here will take up the challenge :yeah:

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Mar 8 2013, 07:14 AM
Far Cry 3 is a brilliant game buddy. You'll have fun playing that one :yeah:
Yeah I'm loving it so far but I'm having frame rate issues. I know my PC is good enough to play on high but the FPS keeps dipping below 30 FPS (cant get 60 even on low) and has judderly play at times. From what I've read online a lot of ppl with Radeon 7000 series cards are having this problem. Kinda sucks and makes me wish i'd got it on Xbox.

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Yesterdays arrivals

Posted Image Posted Image

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@buddy, only 2000 made. Really?? These are everywhere in game stores in electronic shops, department stores. I think if I went around to every shop just in my area, the number would total a couple of hundred. The Jb Hi Fi store near my work has about 10 of them sitting behind there counter.

Its probably nonsense but it was dead cheap and I needed a new game for the Wii U, just collecting dust lol. Not the best game I've played and the screen tearing is really bad, and grahpics are pretty standard. I've yet to see a Wii U game that makes me say wow that looks great.

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today's arrival

Posted Image

Only 14 new, I heard that there was only around 2000 made so could be a future rare

Favorite Zelda game?
Mines OoT its the one I have played many many times and never get bored of it. Recently finish phantom hourglass which was realyl good. I have skyward sword but really havent got into it yet, not sure why because everytime I play it i enjoy it. Maybe its the controls.

Until recently I hadnt played a link to the past but everyone kept telling me how good it is so I have started it on an emulator as buying a SNES is out of the question for me at the moment, plus that game sells for quite a bit over here.

Multi-Cartridge Adapters?
Wow how lazy are you lol

2013 Nintendo 64 Forever Top 50 games list!
Pretty good top 50, surprised Turok 2 didnt finish higher. I love that game its just let down by the fact my save file gets erased every time i try to complete it. So annoying.