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Banjo Sound track
No problem, happy to share

Banjo Sound track
Now now you can download Banjo Tooie


Games you've finished in 2013.
Just finished Zelda spirit tracks, wow the last temple and the boss were frustrating. Great feeling to have finished it

Goldeneye has been completed in DLTK (yes, even Silo!!!)
That pretty cool. I always thought I was good at Goldeneye, I'm not that good lol.

New Zelda for 3DS!
Watched the broadcast earlier, I am very happy for this game. I haven't played a link to the past so not as excited as I would be for a Zelda in the OoT style but I have months to play the original and get excited for this. I hope they do a special edition 3DS Xl for this as I want to get a XL to go with my normal Zelda 3DS so that would be perfect.

Turning into a drawing looks really good and should add to the gameplay. I wonder what this means for a Zelda MM remake for the 3DS game though, be a shame if one didnt come.

What would you like to see in an N64 clone console?
Agreed with all of the above, i would buy one if released as it would be nice to have. A number 1 fix would have to be the controller stick, I wouldn't want them to change the design of the control though

The Wii U Topic
So now the Wii U is portable (kind of).


Not sure I would do this as the bumps in the road, sudden stops etc may scratch discs but still cool.

What should I get?
Wow the size of that thing. So many wires inside it looks quite messy.

May Game of the Month Vote Off
MKT will win next month, or the month after or the month...........................................

GameCube Help
Can i join the modding Elite now :blink:

Posted Image

Spent a good hour taking this apart and cleaning it, so dirty and looks so much better now.

May Game of the Month Vote Off
I voted Mortal Kombat Trilogy, it will win one day :lol:

Does Ocarina of Time sitll hold its spot as greatest game of all time?
Darksiders 2 reminds me a lot of the Zelda games

What should I get?
There are no N64 clones at the moment, as far as I am aware. I've searched the web, and asked on sites like assemblergames.com (a great site for things like console clones, by the way) but no one seems aware of any. From what I've read, most clones are cheap, inferior items anyway, or even if they perform well they often have unfortunate design limitations, such as being unable to use original joypads. But my TV (LCD) doesn't display my N64 too well, so I was hoping that there was an N64 clone that was as good as the real N64 in all respects and had HDMI output. But apparently not.

Dunno if you've seen this from another thread on this form


GameCube Help
Finally ordered a Wavebird, arrived today

Spoiler: click to toggle

I was happy at first but when i took the controller out there was so much dirt and makeup on it, also quite a few small dents. The way some people look after their stuff is so bad sometimes.
Any way I was think of doing this to it as I think the C stick is too small for Timespliters 2. Any one does this before.

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My fears of the controller being too big where wrong, perfect size and not as big as pictures make it look.

Does Ocarina of Time sitll hold its spot as greatest game of all time?
OoT of time is very high on my list, that and half life are probably the 2 games I have played through the most times. GTA 4 was ok but I've only played it once and nothing makes me want to go back and play it again. Does that make OoT the best game ever, dunno maybe but its defiantly a great example of a near perfect game and in my opinion the best Zelda game i've played to date. :yeah:

Hardest parts in N64 games
Or use a walkthrough :dance:

The NintendoKid
Clarky this is amazing and I agree about original hardware over emulation. One question will it have Tv connection option too or is it only output via the built in screen?

ps when are you going to mass produce and how much for one lol

Favorite Zelda game?
I'm quite far through skyward sword, which i believe some ppl think is better than OoT. Oot is still me fav :yeah:

2013 Member Survey
Mines gone to you

Can and will someone clone the N64DD & WideBoy 64 AGB?
Agreed, i wont be getting one just thought someone maybe interested

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