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What games are you playing?
Is it just me or is Super Mario World harder than most. So many game overs. Maybe I just suck, my 8 year old self would be so ashamed lol :bowser:

Good afternoon!
Welcome to the board.

What games are you playing?
Finally got around to starting super Mario world on the SNES - Never played this one before :o

Games You've Finished in 2016
Assassins Creed Syndicate - March

007- everything or nothing - Jan
007- Agent under fire - Feb
007 - Nightfire - Feb

Lion King - Feb
Aladdin - Feb
Rocket Knight Adventures - April
Robocpo Vs Terminator - May

Fatal Frame 5 - Feb
Zelda - Twilight princess - April
Assassins Creed 3 - May


Xbox One
Metal Gear Solid V - June

Wow first xbox one game of the year :blink: Been playing MGSV for a while now (40+ hours) and finally finished the main story after completing mission 46. Really enjoyed this game and probably my favourite MGS game now

Happy 20th Birthday, Nintendo 64!
Happy birthday :n64:

When will we see the first N64 clone like the Retron 5?

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
I've been meaning to pick it up for ages. I havent played any of the gameboy zelda games so plan on going through them all at somepoint. Early into Links awakening though, just got the sword early lol

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
That does look pretty cool, lets us know how good/bad it is when you have time to play with it.

Got GOW for fathers day and Zelda - links awaking DX for the 3DS in the current sale. never played this before so looking forward to it.

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What games are you playing?
I've finished it once and really want to give it another play through soon.

Still playing mgsv and loving it, such a good game and not too many stupidly long cut scenes. Well recommended

2016 E3
Thought some of the playstation games looked great, glad I picked up a PS4

Back and Better than Ever
welcome aboard. I'm not a fan of wrestling and I didn't play many of the wrestling games but No Mercy and WWF warzone were really good.

2016 E3
So whats everyones thoughts on the 2 new xbox consoles coming? Both are pointless for me because its 300 for the S console but then I have to fork out for a 4K tv and the same for project Scorpio. They did say that all games will work across all 3 consoles so no one gets left behind which is good and I think I'm happy playing games at the "worst level graphics" to be honest.

I really like the buy once play on PC and xbox and really has me thinking about upgrading my PC but to be honest I'm just lost with all the options of GPU and have no idea what would be good or not.

RE7 looks good but i'm not too sure about first person RESI, time will tell.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
I didnt watch any of the treehouse yesterday as when I'm looking forward to a game I like to know the basic information but try to stay away from "lets play the first hour" type videos, they spoil it for me. I know this is different but hours of new zelda gameplay is something I can wait to see for myself.

@BDR - I'm with you on the linear gameplay, definitely prefer it but I'm sure this will be a great zelda game.

What games are you playing?
I have played it on PS2, Xbox 360 HD version and 3DS. My big problem with MGS is the LONG cutscenes and I guess I find this one worse. I've completed 4 but never seen the whole of the end as it took so long. One day I will finish Snake eater but not sure when lol

Snowboard Kids
I own this but havent played it, like so many of my games. One day I'll get around to playing this lol

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Picked these up over the weekend, did get a great deal on them but happy enough. The guide book for the Witcher 3 is really thick lol

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What games are you playing?
I've tried playing snake eater so many times and just get bored. My favorite MGS is twin snakes, took everything good about 1 and made it in 2 superior engine.

What games are you playing?
PLaying through MGSV, hated the first hour as its so slow but now I'm free to take up missions its great. I'm so bad at it that it always turns into a all out fight but still enjoyable :yeah:

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
@ BDR ZombiU is a great game, has its flaws but I really enjoyed it

@Envyfox Been meaning to pick up freedom fighters for ages, have good memories playing that game back in the day. Shame it doesnt work.

Finally joined!
Welcome aboard

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Oh no I've stumbled onto the IGN board lol.

Picked up MGSV for Xbox one yesterday, had some Tesco clubcard points so cost me 3 :dance: