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The Wii U Topic
Its a shame, i thought it was a good idea.

Movies and Television
My kids have started watching Sonic Boom which means I've been watching it to, have to say its pretty decent.

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RARE N64 "IS-VIEWER 64" SCSI Development Cartridge - Up and Running!!
Thanks for sharing, always good to see this stuff

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Finally a bit of free money and a bit of good luck, picked these all up yesterday.

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Battlefield 1 was brought at a car boot for 7 but the other 3 were brought from a local selling site for 4.00 :dance:

Fast RMX (Switch)
Played this on my mates switch a few months ago and it was pretty good. I'm not massively into racers but I did enjoy it even though I was rubbish.

September Game of the Month Vote Off
South part purely for nostalgia

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
@Cabanon - Yeah 97 i think, having issues running it on Windows 10 which isnt a surprise.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Those pins are cool :)

Went to a carboot this morning for the first time this summer and found one thing. Only paid 0.20p for it

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N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
Looking good :)

NBA Hangtime
This old kids program used to always make me think the cpu was alive :-)


The Future of collecting
Finally thing is a really don't mind streaming films and tv shows, it helps me save on space and I guess I don't care for that as much as I do games and music.

The Future of collecting
i was talking with someone the other day and they were amazed I had a cd drive in my PC. How on earth would I listen to cds without a drive :)

The Future of collecting
I'm still firmly in the physical only camp and rarely buy a game digitally, buying something and holding it in my hand makes it feel like money well spent.


Games You've Finished in 2017
Crimson Skies - Feb
Tony Hawk Pro skater 3 - March

Xbox 360
Condemned - Criminal origins - Jan
Borderlands - Jan
Rage - Aug
Sonic Generations - Aug

Xbox One
Borderlands 2 - Feb
Gears of War 4 - March
Borderlands - The pre-sequel - April
Forza Horrizon 3 - June
Bulletstorm - Full clip edition - June
Quantum break - June
Homefront: The revolution - July

Chuck Rock - Jan
Ecco the dolphin - Aug

Links Awakening - 3DS VC - Jan
Rayman 3D - March
Mario 3, NES VC - March
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse - May
Shantae, GBC VC - June
Yoshi's New Island - Aug

Ghostbusters "The Video Game 2008" - April

Mad Max - March
Yooka Laylee - May

Donkey Kong Country - March
Donkey Kong Country 2 - July

Black Mesa - May
Sin - July
Portal - July
Portal 2 - Aug

Wii U
Zelda BoTW - May
Darksiders Warmaster Edition
Sonic Lost Worlds - Aug

Germlins 2 - July

Finished Yoshi new Island on the 3Ds and its a big :nope: from me. Didn't enjoy that game at all, found it really boring. Haven't played the SNES one and was planning on picking it up but I dont think I'll bother now.

Wow I seem to be getting through a lot of games lately, no one else is posting X_D

Just finish Sonic lost worlds on Wii U and I really enjoyed it, tried playing it a few times but never gave it a proper chance. the game defiantly has its problems but overall its a great game and looks really good in places too. Pick it up if you dont have it. :yeah:

September Game of the Month Nomination Topic
I'll go with South park again, I know its not a great game but I have fond memories.

Kickstarter: Next Gen N64 Controller
Hopefully they nail this as I would be interested.

Help Rebuild The Gallery
i use Flickr so pretty sure all my photos are ok, still needs a good update though.

@andyk2003 i agree with BDR, would be great to see and even small collections (mine isnt big) are well worth looking at :)

Help Rebuild The Gallery
Might be time to update mine :yeah:

Turok 2 Remaster
not yet but its high on my list. GGGmanlives has done a good review of it,


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