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Internetz and gaming
I play online quite a lot previously on Xbox 360 and more recently on PS4. I never really come across problems but sometimes it the phone goes off it does cause some lag - which is bloody annoying. I only have standard Sky broadband but it does the job.

What games are you playing?
Jan 28 2016, 03:32 PM
Looks like my friend and I aren't the only ones playing some Resident Evil goodness. We've been going through Resident Evil Zero for Nintendo GameCube (him)/Wii (me). After we finish that one (which, judging by what's happening in-game, might not be that far off), we'll be moving on to the Resident Evil REmake.

As for my solo gaming, I've taken a break from Xenoblade Chronicles X and decided to play through LBX: Little Battlers eXperience for Nintendo 3DS. I'm on episode 4 now (I guess the game wanted to honor it's anime roots) and am having quite the good time with it... even if the difficulty level is a wee bit lower than I would have liked. Then again, that's my fault for picking up a game based on a children's cartoon. :lol:
I've just finished the Resident Evil PS1 version and tempted to either play through Zero or the Resident Evil remake for the GC. I've never played either of those through so very tempting. I'm inclined to go for Zero given I've just played Resident Evil through.

Take the Stage !!! is LIVE
Jan 31 2016, 10:47 AM
Just make sure italia doesn't finish it too fast. :wacko:
Italia's already completed it mate.

Take the Stage !!! is LIVE
Can you give any more information? :lol:

Do you own any games that you've never played?
Jan 31 2016, 03:33 AM
I have a lot I never played, and a lot I never will play. Most of these are my Gamecube collection. Going for a complete PAL set that included many many bad titles.
Also my PS1/ PS2/ xbox contains a lot of these. It's mostly good games I still haven't tried, and due to time and better games coming out, probably never will try.

My N64 collection has some ports of games I used to play on the PC, and still prefer on the PC, like Lego Racers and Command & Conquer. Both were "played" but not a whole lot more than 15 minutes each.
Just out of interest how many games have you got on the GC / how many left to go? Sounds interesting.

What else do you collect?
What group is that mate? I'll check it out. Below are the card / Star Wars tazo sets I was on about before.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

What else do you collect?
Nice! I only really buy video games that I like to play across other platforms but I am an N64 collector for sure. I originally started buying just games to play but caught the collection bug and started collecting some consoles.

I don't really collect anything else but I still have collections from my youth which I am proud of with many memories of how some of the more difficult acquisitions were found and traded for. I will get some pictures up later but examples are my complete Star Wars tazo set (the ones that were in Walkers crisps in the 90s, Lays crisps for all the non UK & Lays chips for those in the US) and also the full original set of Pokemon cards from the naughties. I also have the full dark set. I am about 12 cards shy from the full Fossil set which is how I left it all those years ago but I may try and complete that for closure. Trouble is eBay is my only go to place for the cards now and the price they charge per card say £6 for a shiney I may as well buy a set - just watched a full set go for £50 the other day. So just need to be cute to try and finish that without paying a stupid amount.

Very interested to see what other people collect though outside of like N64 /'video games in general.

Sin & Punishment
This is on my to buy list as a buy and play for sure. Just waiting to get a copy for the right price.

Do you own any games that you've never played?
It depends what you class as played. I always test any games I buy make sure they work give them a good 30mins or so at least. So there are none that I haven't played as such. However, there are games I own that I haven't really played a lot and to be honest won't get played any time soon with the long queue and the ever less time you have to play them as an adult. For the N64 I'm talking about the likes of Superman and Xena Warrior Princess for example.

Rocky's Gallery
Really awesome collection Rocky. I remember you picking the Pokemon Snap kiosk up it looks great! Can't be too many of them around it is great to see! I've got good memories of that game back in the day as well so goes down well with me. :yeah: :n64:

Kazooie vs. Tooie: Which is better?
Yeah this is making me want to go back and play both through all the way so I can make a more informed decision as I never finished Tooie. I'll try do both this year. Look forward to it they are both great games. ^_^

Games You've Finished in 2016
Speaking of getting a game off my backlog - finally finished Mario Kart on the Wii whilst at my girlfriend's earlier. Great fun playing this with the Wii steering wheel! I am not far away from completing Resident Evil on the PS1 either with Chris. Hopefully finish that tomorrow.

EDIT: Have now completed Resident Evil. Total game time over 5 hours so definitely rusty. Rusty as the broken shotgun.

Spoiler: click to toggle

Donkey Kong Country 2

Resident Evil

Goldeneye 007

Mario Kart

Hello! I'm Jack!
Welcome to the forum Jack Cain. Never to young bud! Sounds like you got a good collection going on and a cool background story.


Cool Kickstarters!
Pretty good idea to set up this thread KG. I hadn't heard of Kickstarter until the whole Shenmue III news last year. Such relief. I will be acquiring a physical copy of the PS4 release on the back of my contribution! Happy days!

Houghtons collection
Awesome additions Houghton. Loving the Snes stuff as well. No DK Country 2 & 3?

Play an N64 game...
Jan 28 2016, 10:29 PM
:n64: :mario: :pika: :dk: :n64screen: I love the N64! It was a huge part of my childhood! While that's true, I only bought one last year. The one I played as a kid was my cousin's. I was at my aunt's house a lot (and I still kinda am), and I played that thing all the time! I played Mario 64, Smash Bros. (before we lost the FLUFFING CARTRIDGE), Star Fox, Pokémon Stadium, Hey You, Pikachu (without the microphone... I didn't know I needed it at the time...), and a whole lot more! Now that I haveai my own, though, I have Banjo-Kazooie, Rayman 2, and I just got DK64 on Amazon! This, along with the PS2, is my favorite video game console!
Welcome to the forum mate. Have fun trying to 100% DK64!! Great game. Can't say I've beaten it 100% myself though. :-/

I'm here!
Welcome to the forum aeiko! That is one nice tidy collection you have there. Good to have you.

Where abouts in the UK are you from? I'm from the Birmingham area myself.

Edit: forgot to say - infinitely jealous of the PAL Smoke N64 - can't find one for love nor money.

Would You Rather . . .
Never watch a tv show. I'm more of a movie buff out of the two.

Would you rather eat an N64 cartridge or have the gap between your nostrils cut with scissors?

Would You Rather . . .
Problem free world. The thrill is in the chase of power.

If you could save a dog or a sealed Jusco N64 from a fire what would you save?

Would You Rather . . .
Harvest Moon all the way. You can farm and plough...all good in the hood.

Would you rather have to eat a CRT over the course of a week or drink a bath of urine in a day?

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