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NTSC Exclusives
This is probably not the right thread for it but I'll give it a go to save creating a new thread. Does anybody know if Indiana Jones is works on a passport plus 3 in the UK or what type of converter it does work on? Or would it be best to just get a US console?

Thanks :n64:

hey guys! new to the forum!
Welcome to the forum dude sounds interesting. What are you looking at getting for the N64?

November Game of the Month Vote Off
MI gets it for me I loved this game. When I got my N64 X'mas '98 I had Goldeneye in the package and also my parents bought me this game too. What a lucky sod I was. Of course Goldeneye naturally ran the show but it was nice to step out of third person for a bit and play a game that required you to be a little more cute (use facemakers etc). 👌

I say loved, but I still like it. Must go back and do it on Impossible mode sometime soon.

Hi folks
Welcome to the forum dude! :n64:

Hello from Ohio
Welcome to the forum dude. :yeah:

New Collector!
Welcome Tomcha!.

What's your favorite 4 player games?
Goldeneye/ Perfect Dark, Smash Bros and Mario Kart were the main ones I played 4 players growing up with some Wrestlemania 2000/ No Mercy occasionally. :n64: