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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Buy and play for sure. Such a great game. I bought this second hand back in the day on the back of playing through A Link To The Past and it really did live up to all the strong reviews it has received. It's one of the must haves on the system for me but not just for collection purposes but for playability as well! :yeah:

Milage007's Collection
Just wanted to end the year with an update of my N64 collection. Two images just to show my consoles and games. I've had my mortgage offer approved so hopefully I'll be moving out next year and can get all these displayed how they should be in their full glory in my game room.

9 Complete systems & 73 CIB games.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Still desperately looking for a Smoke PAL ideally, or Smoke NTSC CIB N64 console. If anybody knows of any or has one for sale please contact me.

Super Smash Bros
I can't say much about valuation over in the US but what I would say that is applicable anywhere is 1) always negotiate - most of the time the seller will reduce their ask price and 2) do not always go for the first 'buy it now' you see. Sometimes, more often than not, if you let it go you'll be able to get it further down the line at a lower price either sniping through auction or at a lower buy it now.

But the exception to this is if we are talking about more scarce items sometimes you have to bite the bullet otherwise you may not see it again for a while - e.g the Majoras Mask Adventure Set Viper posted a thread on recently.

Ultimately, it then comes down to the value you place on the item as Vinyl says.

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy Birthday corE!

Majora's Mask adventure set
Awesome pickup Viper. As Vinyl said these do come up for sale from time to time usually at a high price or if at auction you would end up in a price war with many other collectors.

How much you score this for if you don't mind me asking?

I think it's a great piece and looks to be in top condition.

2016 New Years Resolutions
I'll be looking to get on the property ladder with my girlfriend. We are pretty much ready to buy, have a 10% deposit, been given a mortgage offer from the bank so will be really looking to follow through with that and get a property.


Also, as always, to keep progressing at work. :yeah:

Happy new year everybody.

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
All the best Luke! Stay strong pal.

Meanwhile in my household I am cooking tea. Chicken & pasta with pesto. Treat day.

Interesting Rare Documentary/ article about Perfect Dark
I think this was an interesting concept. Very cool to watch - thanks for sharing Norcal. It's a shame it didn't come to fruition but I guess there were some complications as they mentioned.

It really does further indicate the sort of things Rare were attempting to spice their games up and really make revolutionary strides at the time.

They had done something similar with Goldeneye 007 - I.e. You could play as Connery, Dalton, and Moore but I believe this was halted for licensing issues? Couldn't get the rights? Either way, the bug still exists on the game and you can find their character picture in the multiplayer mode using the action replay. Pretty awesome.

Would have been nice to set all the stimulants as like someone you know and shoot them up whilst also making your character your very own - I guess the overall vision Rare had.


Granted. But it doesn't matter how much control you have over time you will age ten times faster due to the time warp.

I wish I could be in that Nintendo 64 era again, even just for a day. ;)

Welcome to the forums drxandy. Sounds like a good collection you have going on. You are right it is all about the enjoyment so stick with that attitude and you'll be alright. Nice pickups as well for what you've paid!

Love the Smoke colour as well! :yeah: :n64:

What is your favourite game on the system?

What 10 Games Should I Get?
I'll just put mine out there and I'm strictly talking playability:

-Goldeneye 007
-Perfect Dark
-Mario Kart
-Super Smash Bros
-Super Mario 64
-Zelda OoT
-Conkers Bad Fur Day
-Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine
-Resisent Evil 2 (I love this on the N64) but I do have the GC version also. Perhaps trade this out for No Mercy / Wrestlemania 2000 if you have GC / PS1 version already OR RE isn't your thing.

Also so many more great titles as above and more not mentioned but you wanted a concise list right..

Sealed n64 games
Awesome Conker! A truly phenomenal collection. Love that you have a new and sealed Indiana Jones!

Games You've Finished in 2015
Just finished Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 on the Dreamcast. There was just the odd one goal here an there needed completing from earlier in the year. Managed to knock them out in about an hour or so yesterday. I should have a go at the N64 version but since I had this game since new on the Dreamcast it just feels right playing it on that platform. Completed this back in the day but re-attempted earlier in the year without seeing it 100% through. That secret tape on Philadelphia though!

Beaten 2015:

Far Cry 4

Tomorrow Never Dies
Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor: Underground

Goldeneye 007

Super Mario Bros :fireballmario:
Donkey Kong Country :dk:

Sega Megadrive:
Streets of Rage II


Shenmue II
Indiana Jones & The Emperor's Tomb

Game on.
Edited by Milage007, Dec 5 2015, 09:48 AM.

2015 Awards - Game of the Year (Modern Console)
COD: Black Ops III for me. I haven't had many new releases this year but this is the best I have had.

Is This N64 Bundle A Good Deal?
Hi CakeDino, welcome to the forum. Is that Australian, Canadian or US dollars? Ultimately is depends on two things. 1) Condition and 2) what you are willing to pay. 1 and 2 are usually linked. If the games and console are CIB obviously they are worth more. With controllers I always want ones with tight thumb sticks so that is something to check.

Usually it is better to buy a bundle as you'll find the per item price is cheaper as you have stipulated. If there is anything not up to your condition standards you can always sell them on. That is what I would do.

Perhaps someone with a bit more knowledge of prices in your currency can confirm.

Welcome to the forum Sublime good to have you! I'm pretty anal like that too.

Movies and Television
I watched Ted 2 the other day. Very funny at times. Overall a good watch for some light hearted banter.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Christmas present courtesy of the other half. Look forward to getting online and rinsing people up on this - probably in the new year got a busy week ahead.

Posted Image

Merry Christmas all!

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
Just having a chilled out Christmas Eve. The Mrs is out seeing a friend leaving me with some spare time to have a blast on Spider-Man on my US N64. I felt the red controller was appropriate for the job.

Posted Image

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Spider-Man for the N64 arrived today. Would have delayed my post yesterday if I knew this was going to arrive before Christmas. I'm really surprised given it was in Detroit 3 days ago (I live in Birmingham, England). Had a quick play it seems quite fun.

Marks my 9th NTSC game. Loving the whole red cart. I'm so envious how in the US you have all the cool colour carts.

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