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Full List of N64 Variations (so far: 167!!).
Love it danilochka. The amount of time and thought that goes into your posts is amazing. I am sure you have heard from me somewhere round the forums before, but I feel compelled to say it again, I was a lucky receiver of the Goldeneye 007 sleeve variant back in Christmas 1998 and I very much remember the Mario 64 sleeve variant being the alternative. I am very fond of this time period, as I was a 9 year old lad and the N64 made my Christmas and still to this day brings me joy and satisfaction. Good times.

To combat your thesis about stores being able to bundle up the consoles. So did they receive consoles without the seal of approval and it is stores responsibility to put these stickers on? I assumed Nintendo would have put these seals on as soon as the contents were all boxed up? In which case it must have been done in the production process and not in store? I have my original (picture below) and the official seal was on the box which we obviously had to slice. The Goldeneye cart and manual came in the box so would have been put in before the seals.

What do you think?

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The positive topic!
I like KG for his relentless participation in hurt and heal when we have live games here on Nintendo64Forever.

Hey! Found you guys after researching my Millennium 2000 controller

Last one I can see went for 500 Canadian $ (approx. 300).

Let us know when it's up on eBay, always interesting to see how much they fetch.


Milage007's Gallery
Little update. Fair few complete games added in the last 5 months or so. Total now stands at 153. I need to go to IKEA to get another shelf for my cabinet which should make space for another 22 odd titles. Once the area is filled there will be a decision to be made as to whether to leave the game collection at that, or hunt the rest out and find a new area to display the spill over.

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This or That
I would go for the moustache out of those. Tough call but I couldn't wear a hat for the rest of my life... :-/

Would you rather live off gravy or plain crackers?

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Thanks floorcat much appreciated. I have just set an account up and so far, so good. I too am leaving photobucket after a similar stretch.

Not making a late entry for the hoarder of the year or anything, but over the last few months I have added a fair few 64 games to my collection, taking me to around 150 now. See below all those not previously shared over the months due to photobucket issues.

I got a lot of the minty NTSC titles in a bulk local score, was so happy with that. Yes they are only like Madden games etc but they were cheap, and are totally mint and complete. Some few other good titles in there too including Stinger's favourite Road Rash. Love that game now.

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2016 Awards - The Member Appreciation Topic
I've saved this one until last as it is so tough. Everybody who is here all contributes in their own way to make this a great place to be, mods included.

I won't list names for fear of accidentally missing one off, but the lists above pretty much hit the nail on the head and I am pleased that the people I would mention, have been.

I managed to rattle it down to two who I think have done wonders for the forum this year. I am going to nominate both LinusHofmann and Conker69. I think their contributions this year have been helpful, inspirational and very forum friendly in a way that helps others learn more and improve their own situation, knowledge or collection.

Once again thanks to everybody who contributes and makes this place a great place on the World Wide Web to be a part of.

Foxdata LTD
Yeah thanks again Conker real amazing to read that. To think their operation was partly here in the UK too! X_D

It blows my mind that Nintendo copied the gold controller idea but in a way it totally makes sense as in 1) quality is much lower for obvious mass and cost reasons and 2) Nintendo did really try milk the advertisement of that when sold with the 64 / in the Goldeneye bundle, and then later with the gold console etc, clearly with it in mind that it would be popular.

Just wow.

Award Season is Here!
Thanks to the mods for arranging this once again. Good luck everybody. :yeah:

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
I have not posted here in a while due to Photobucket issues but let's see if this works.

Anybody recommend any long term alternatives? Used postimage for this but it wasn't creating account just and adhoc upload, hence not something you would want to use for something more personal...

Anyway, latest 64 addition and it's an absolute beauty. I don't use this term lightly, but it is mint.

Posted Image

did your 2016 gaming resolution came true?
I started the year so well. Knocked out quite a few games but as the year went on stopped completing games as much and went back to playing online gaming like Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 on the PS4.

I have been building my N64 library though and added a vast amount of games this year. Whilst I haven't completed them all I have spent a reasonable amount of time on each which has been a great experience. We have also had TAKE THE STAGE!! which has had us all completing numerous first levels of 64 games.

The Goldeneye challenges with MyBeefCakes and DJC have also been real fun I really enjoyed those. For 2017, I'll stick with my original goal, to complete more games, and importantly, more of the N64 games I have.

I will set myself a goal now to complete 12 N64 games throughout the year. That's averaging one a month so fairly realistic.

:yeah: :n64:

Play an N64 game...
@DJC - congrats on the 1,000 posts. Bring on the next 1,000. As Shellshocker said it's fantastic we still have members from way back when who still come back and visit and contribute.

@Shellshocker - whatever works for you. I use the knives for under half the level as well like DJC then it's about headshots. Silenced PP7s are useful but getting off headshots with the beloved pencil gun is also an option. Just have to be fast at wiping out the guards if being loud. Totally agree though, if not speed running, leaving Natalia in the cell until the end is how I tend to roll.

I don't know anymore
I'd keep it mate. If you don't play now, as Shellshocker said you may want to play it in future. If you sell, you will not have the option to play so easily as in you will have to acquire another. You also find you tend to want something more when you don't have it, so once sold, somewhere down the line you may get a hankering to play the 64 again.

I personally prefer playing the 64 to emulation as well. But I also have my original 64 from back in the day and have a strong emotional attachment to it and could never ever imagine selling it. I guess if you pick up a second hand one for a bit of fun then get bored it is easier to let go of.

Ultimately, if it's not taking up much room and you don't need the money just sit on it and play when and if you feel like it, without feeling guilty. Everybody has lives to live and nobody would ever judge someone for saying their N64 is collecting dust. I actually have started collecting N64 more than I play it of late. But that's a personal choice. I'm building quite a library of game which I can play when I feel like. In a roundabout way it's also an investment.

Anyway too much waffle, do what you feel is best.

Play an N64 game...
Well done Shellshocker. Very impressed considering you've not long taken on the game. Not a bad time either. I don't find Bunker 2 too bad but I kind of have a set way I go about completing the level, and generally, as long as executed well, it is not a struggle at all.

DJC - Yeah multiplayering it out on Goldeneye with everybody would be awesome. It's been far too long since I've done this and I have such a hankering to do it again.

January Game of the Month Vote Off
Smash Bros for me. Kickstarted the franchise. What a start. Hours of fun playing the crap out of this with mates on 4 player back in the day. The solo mode is good fun as well. One of the best games on the system for sure hence why the value of a CIB copy keeps on hiking in price.

Brilliant idea from Nintendo to bring all of gamers favourite characters together to battle it out on a range of interesting maps with additional weapons etc to spice things up.

Goldeneye X version 5e has been released
Looks awesome. I totally need to get hold of an Everdrive so I can get exposure to this. I think Goldeneye definitely looks better with the brutal nature of PD with the blood effects.

Play an N64 game...
So far so good then Shellshocker. Did you manage to complete Facility in under 2:05 on 00 to unlock Invincible? Good fun doing that.

As you say, the further down you go, some of the levels do get quite challenging. Nothing you shouldn't be able to ace though.

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
Generally tidying up, getting the house ready for tomorrow, I will be hosting for some of the family and will be cooking.

Wishing everybody on the forum a Merry Christmas. Hope you all have a good one.

Nintendo 64: A look back...
This was such a great read Dan how have I missed this? Really took me back as well. Glad you still get that feeling when you go there, funnily enough, so do I.

The store franchise (Woolworths), where my parents bought my 64, in December 1998 in the build up to Christmas, when I was 9 years old, is now defunct. However, the store as was is located in a "mall" and the the space is now occupied by a clothes store. Whenever I go past I get that flood of nostalgia back. Going in there and seeing where the consoles were, where we paid etc I still see and feel like it was yesterday.

The perfect bundle I was treated to, the Charcoal 64 with the Goldeneye 007 sleeve and Goldeneye included. I chose this over the Super Mario 64 alternative bundle. My parents and brother were also there and we also purchased a second black controller, a rumble pak and Mission Impossible game. The console was 99.99 and so I can only imagine the total came to nearer 180. So a very lucky child indeed. It was to be shared with my older brother as well hence the second controller.

I even remember a kid with his dad, younger than myself, behind me in the queue and he was getting the Mario console bundle. I remember him saying to his dad "it's because he's got a Golden Eye" in reference to Goldeneye. I hadn't seen the film; and I was only 9, but I remember thinking - surely not.

Anyway, great story man thanks for sharing. Brought it all back for me again. :D

By the way, I am also suffering hard with photobucket so need to find an alternative.

What's the last thing you ate/drank?
Wow sounds pretty potent for a beer BDR! How does it taste? 8% Cider enough to give me a wobble after a few large bottles.

Just had porridge for breakfast here. Nice to get back to normality after destroying my body whilst in NYC practically eating nothing of nutritional value for the week. Need to make my body a temple again... :o

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