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Hello Hello Hello
Welcome to the forum chap. Where abouts in the U.K. Are you from?

Games You've Finished in 2017
Completed 007 TWINE today on N64 so keeping within my minimum of 1 N64 game per month target. Just. Only completed on secret agent mind. Quite often an overlooked game it is actually pretty good. It improved on Goldeneye in many ways, the use of vocals, FMV and the greater library of gadgets etc. But it just doesn't feel as smooth as Goldeneye. For once as well, it is a version that is actually better than the PS1 port which cannot be said for many of the games available to both.

Good fun all around and highly recommended if not completed before.

Sega Megadrive:
-The Lion King
-The Terminator
-Streets of Rage II
-Robocop Vs The Terminator
-Sonic 3

Nintendo 64:
-Mission Impossible
-007 The World Is Not Enough

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About rare N64 items
Feb 27 2017, 08:40 AM
A very successful car collector told me one time, "never buy anything you wouldn't mind getting stuck with if the market collapses". I think those are some wise words to live by when collecting video games and accessories as well.
Wise words and it's this sort of mindset when investing in financial markets, hence why people hunt for yield, as a backup to equity market risk.

Movies and Television
I feel like I need to watch a Bill Paxton film. Tragic news. RIP Bill Paxton. With so many classics to choose from it will be difficult. My favourite is probably Vertical Limit. He plays the villain so well in that.

Gutted. Gone way too soon. ;_;

Granted, but you spill coke all over your controllers and while the sticks remain impregnable, your buttons, A,B and all C buttons especially, become sticky and awful.

I wish there were easier access to US 64 games in the UK.

I have set an Instagram up in addition to my personal one above for all things 64.


Foxdata 2017
That confirms it for me I think.

Granted, but it will be the only game that is ever released on the switch.

I wish I could go on a trip to the moon.

Foxdata 2017
Good research digging and more importantly, thanks for sharing on here mate. It might be worth posting your pictures of the two controllers as well new and old so you can see the difference in finish on the two blue controllers.

N64 collection discussion
He's on GGG Houghton. Welcome to the forum Victoor! It's Miles. Awesome collection mate as I've said before.

Collecting From Japan
Nice pickups DTS! Hopefully it doesn't cost you too much to ship it back home.

I have a lot of imported stuff, as a UK resident, many NTSC games as I prefer them. Look nicer, consistent box art, cool coloured carts on some games, cheaper, better quality, easier to get hold of the rarer titles. Basically superior to PAL in every way.

JAP wise my only game is Sin & Punishment. I also have CIB Gold Jap and Daiei Hawks consoles.

Importing, or for me, buying games others have already inported is a must!

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Real nice pickup gaavoid. I have that copy of Mask as well. Way nicer than the PAL version in my opinion.

New foxdata chrome series pads
Awesome mate couldn't have gone to a better home. Seeing them all together like that is such a great sight for sore eyes. Amazing accomplishment!

March Game of the Month Vote Off
Villa for me Buddy. We are stuck in a right rut at he moment though!

Who do you support?

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy Birthday RetroJunkie have a good day chap!

Our New Aquarium
Looks great Stinger and it's pleasing to see you both looking so happy. I've always liked the idea of one but I understand they require a lot of commitment. I hope the little guys get on OK and the mini ecosystem can get up and functioning in there.

March Game of the Month Vote Off
I've gone for ISS. It's where my love of football (soccer) games all began and what has evolved into Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) of today. They do not have all the licences like Fifa, but they have far superior game play in my opinion.

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy Birtbday Dee. Have a good one fella.

Just picked up a boxed foxdata
Thanks for sharing danilochka great digging. Agreed it would be great to see a Red Rain now.

ddr2nite at your earliest convenience, please could you provide alternate pics of your Desert box? That would be awesome. Can you remember how much you picked that up for? Also where was the seller based if you can recall? Great find.

Cheers to us!
Got some good news yesterday. Found out that I had passed my 'Portfolio Construction Theory' exam which I sat with the CISI in December 16 before I went to NYC. This is great news. It means I am 2/3 of the way to getting the level 7, Chartered Wealth Manager qualification. I can either sit the third and final unit (Applied Wealth Management) in June or December as it's only available to sit semi-annually. Thinking of sitting it in December, to give myself a bit of a break and then more time to prepare as we head out the back end of summer.

Happy days. Cheers to us. 🍻

Edit: I am currently level 6 qualified, level 7 is the highest you can get to.

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