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action's Gallery
Nice collection dude. Pleased to hear you have all the games you want. Very good condition as well is always nice to see.. :w00t:

How does one clean this up
Haha owned. Keep an eye open for this on ebay folkes. Maybe it wasn't the dog and the owner just followed through when he was playing Resident Evil 2. Maybe the part when the policeman goes blue. :-/

Daiei hawks n64
How much you pay dude? Says in the other thread you bought one? :fireballmario:

Lithium's Nintendo Room
Very impressive. If volume is there it needs to remain presentable and livable and this is both. Awesome. :yeah:

My Nintendo 64 Wall
Mar 28 2014, 07:23 AM
When I get a bigger room I'm gona do that with all my 64 controllers lol.
There's a video on youtube this girl had a massive wall full of buttons for the N64 lol. Think she sold a load of them now though but it does look insane, and good in a weird way. :toad:

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qr-hwrUBGzQ :dk:

Milage007's Collection
Thanks guys. I had about 50 Megadrive games I built up from car boot sales or 'trunk' for any Americans from back in the day but I sold it down to the games I enjoy on that system. :sonic:

Milage007's Collection
Mar 27 2014, 04:52 PM
Very nice collection.
I love the Watermelon Red. It's my favorite from the color/funtastic series. Not too easy to get anymore in the EU.

Keep it up! :)
Thanks for the good feedback DarkLink. I agree it is also my favourite colour out of the series :link:

Pictures sorted now should be viewable in the thread. :mario:

Milage007's Collection
Pimpin Mainer
Mar 27 2014, 02:16 PM
Hey I wish I could see the Photos in this thread. Or am I the only one who can't see them?

On a side note for people viewing this thread right click the image and the select "Open Image in new tab" it will let you see them on photo bucket, thats how I was able to.

Oh and I love that watermelon N64, I wish when I was younger I would have saved the boxes for all my consoles but when you are 8 the only thing that matters is tearing that box open to get the console out.
Yeah I can't see them but didn't know if it was just my iPad. Can anybody shed any light and I will amend? Yeah I know what you mean some of my games like Turok and Duke Nukem 64 the boxes were battered I had to replace them. But I was quite good with most my boxes my dad was quite good at saying keep this stuff :yeah:

Milage007's Collection
Hi everyone. Thought it would be appropriate to display a few of my games and have a quick mention of where I am at and how I got here, and more importantly where I am looking to get to.

I just turned 25 so I am very much of the 64 era, and still own my original console from 98. I used to play a mates N64 in 96/97 but I wasn't fortunate enough to get one until Christmas 97 but it came with Goldeneye, so it was worth the wait! I had a large collection of many games which I rationalised down a few years ago, most of which I was happy to sell off. Selling my N64 stuff has left a gaping hole though even though I kept the ones I thought I liked most. In deciding to get my N64 collection going again I also found games I never played before and would love the chance to play e.g. Indiana Jones. Being a PAL UK resident this poses a new challenge for me having not imported a game before. Anyway, enough waffle here's some pictures. Most is mine original from new, some I have replaced and some were extras bought over the years. I like my stuff CIB and anything lose I sold. I have a few lose controllers which are what I play with as I don't like to knacker the mint stick controllers I have. Finally, my objective is not to hoard, but to have all the games I like/liked playing on the 64 but a nice little collection as well. So that is to say, further (and there are quite a few) purchases have been selected for good reason.

This is my original N64 and a newly purchased Watermelon Red N64. I bought this red one because I always liked the funtastic consoles, I had a jungle green which I sold a few years ago (not originally mine) but thought it would be nice to have another. It is also fully complete and near mint, an absolute bargain if I am honest.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Here we have my controllers and accessories. I have a mint grey one boxed with my console, then a mint boxed version of every other standard colour which I am content with. I also have a spare red blue and watermelon red unboxed which I play with and not bothered about the sticks getting knackered on.

Posted Image

Here are my games, not a huge amount but a few classics all CIB in very good condition. You'll notice a lot of good titles missing, that is because I sold them a few years ago to raise some money :-(

Posted Image

I'm not going to list every single game I want to get on the 64 but the main ones include Mario Parties, Banjo Tooie, Diddy Kong Racing, Conkers Bad Fur Day and Rez 2. I also really want to get Indiana Jones and either a passport plus 3 if they work with it? Or another console compatible.

Here are my other 2 oldish consoles worth a quick glance. Both everything has been owned since new, bar one or two Megadrive games. The Megadrive is boxed mint with original booklet, baggies the full monty.

Posted Image[/URL

Posted Image

Thanks for looking guys! :n64:

What's the last thing you ate/drank?
Just necked some H2O. Drink what I want.

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Not just jumping on the band wagon I always had this problem back in the day, I always assumed it was my dodgy unofficial memory card. Unhappy days if originals are just as duff (just ordered one). Bewareoblivionisathand though... :w00t: :sonic:

Welcome, I'm sure you'll find the forum very helpful. I have! :n64: :yeah:

Mar 24 2014, 02:03 PM

Just made an updated room tour video about 1-2 months ago super epic check it out you wont be disappointed!

Liked and subscribed. Man you got some serious game archive there. Fancy selling a copy of Indiana Jones since you have so many? I'm from England so they not so easy to come by!

Hey Fellow Nintendo Nuts!
Welcome IceBlue! I'm WatermelonRed, but Milage is cool. Sounds like you got yourself a nice system there good choice! :yeah:

Hello Everyone
Welcome mate :n64: plenty of information on here at your disposal, knock yourself out.

Hello Mac Controller
:facepalm: quite a few bucks for a controller and a teddy..

Bluedogrulez's Gallery
Loving the collection you got going on there mate very impressive. :wario:


I've only just set up on youtube just done two Goldeneye levels unlocking Invincible and Bond Invisible with live commentary. I know it's no undercoverfilmer00v but it's there for the crack. :n64:

2nd Best PSone port on N64
RE2 is the best for me and it seems others agree too. I liked having THPS 2 on the 64 but I got this after having enjoyed the good days playing it on the Dreamcast so for me going back to the 64 it was a bit of a comedown but still good to have on my favourite console. Need to get both of these games back such a tool for selling them :angry:

A trip to the tip!
Mar 19 2014, 11:56 AM
make you wonder how many games have been lost forever because someone puts no value on them and just throws them away...
Dude think how many boxes, inserts and baggies have been scrapped off when you see the high volumes of cart only...


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