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TheJuice401's Gallery!
Apr 17 2014, 01:37 PM
sure you can buy one but it wont be cheap lol
How much CIB Indy to the UK? I'm prepared to pay good $ if the price is right dude.

TheJuice401's Gallery!
Apr 17 2014, 10:48 AM
thats weird, did the likes get reset?? i could of sworn it had 20 lol. but thanks! and what are you talking about milage??? lol
I'm talking about there is plenty to spare, please sell me one copy since they aren't readily available here in the UK :bowser:

Nice collection though dude loving those DK banana controllers too, might buy a spare yellow pad and bodge my own.

TheJuice401's Gallery!
Yeah plenty of Indy's going spare *cough*. On a serious note it is a very nice collection.

My Collection
The Red Shadow
Apr 9 2014, 06:43 PM
I think he's referring to the cart holders.
Ditto. They are pretty awesome. Good way to store the carts and keep boxes from being used/ knackered. :yeah:

Milage007's Collection
Some new additions I've added over the last month or two. Still some more of the bigger titles I want back like CBFD etc but they quite expensive in the UK now CIB so it's quite hard to find a good deal. I'm looking to move out soon with my gf and I've got the go ahead to take over the third bedroom so happy days and these beauties can be on display in some form or another. :n64:

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Nice portable N64
Personally I love the good old fashion playing it on TV but this is definitely a good piece of work.

New member on N64F
Nice collection dude. Welcome. Looking forward or seeing what else you add to the collection.

My Collection
Looks good they all CIB? Looks good having them on display... :mariorun:

What games should I sell
Apr 6 2014, 06:40 AM
I never sell anything from my personal collection, that's why i know i will never have any "seller's remorse".
Still have the very first game i've ever bought in 1983 (Jet Pac for the ZX Spectrum)

Honestly, i think you should try to find other ways to raise the cash like perhaps flip games/consoles on eBay.
That Earthbound CIB will increase in value but that a new PC will be outdated within a year or two and only decrease in value
Have to say I agree with this almost completely. For me I sold a lot of games a few years ago and for the ones I don't miss I'd say it was the right decision. If you are unsure about any I'd hold off and as Mark 2 says find other ways of making a few bucks. The ones I sold that I want back though is costing me more so you don't really want to be in that boat. The only reason it's not putting me off is I know the value increase is linear X_D

Good luck with the PC :n64:

Fresh start...
Looks good, I'm very fond of the fire orange. Keep it coming dude.

Fresh start...
Yeah good luck with the hunting. Fair play for stripping everything down and giving it a good clean!

Once a collector always a collector?
Apr 4 2014, 02:05 AM
My advice is take your time with it too, when I first started I was buying loads of games every week and for high money most of the time. Now i take things slower and get a better price for it.

As BDR says its a great hobby and a well kept collection can be a great show piece, just check the galleries section for proof of that
I don't want to hijack this thread so I will just begin by echoing what has been said here and say yeah if you want to get good value be patient, which is what I do anyway but for some games that come up a little less often then sometimes I get carried away a bit. E.g:

I went to buy PAL Rez 2 Boxed complete but missing Baggie and Nintendo info booklet. I put a max bid of 70 which I thought was way too much but because I wanted it. I got sniped in the last second on ebay and it went for 71 plus post.

Two days later I'm surfing the bay at 11pm find Rez 2 boxed mint everything 45 BIN. The listing had been on for about a minute and I was straight in there. Still quite pricey for what it is but man I love that game. I have it on GC but N64 is my pride and joy and it was a big regret selling a lot of my 64 stuff (not least because Rez 2 was fully complete on my cart) ;_;

Good luck with the collection and enjoy :yeah: :n64:

Once a collector always a collector?
Do what feels right dude. I sold a lot of my collection to raise some money a few years ago. Now I'm gradually just buying the stuff I miss (mostly 64) of the stuff I didn't retain albeit at a much higher price X_D but looks as though they'll keep going that way... :n64:

Milage007's Collection
Mar 29 2014, 09:25 PM
I really like that n64 carrying case! Pretty sweet!
Cheers dude. I got that years ago back in the day. Don't know why really never used it that much but did keep the 64 in there which saved the box wear. Now I just keep the spare lose controllers I have in there.


The New Guy
Welcome dude :yeah: