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What games are you playing?
I'm in the middle of my annual blast of Goldeneye. Completed every level and unlocked all cheats up until the Caverns level. Always takes me a few go's to own this level and in such a way to unlock the 2x RCP-90 cheat on 00 Agent.

Did Control on 00 first time Buddy - owned. :)

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy Birthday Boomdiers have a great day!

What Grinds Our Gears?
Gutted BDR! No way you can be compensated for that! How dare they.

Have to say though yeah smelling someone else's fart is definitely one of the worst things to experience as far as what comes out of another human can go.


Just started the first Turok again.
I think Turok 2 is better personally but I played that a lot and I haven't played the original Turok enough to fully justify that statement. I should give Turok some more time myself before giving a concrete answer.

Great that you're getting back into it though! I might try do Turok after I've finished the game I'm working on.

What's your favorite philosophical movie?
The Beach is a good film. Set in such a beautiful location as well it's difficult to deny that being paradise. I haven't been, but it is a massive tourist attraction now (Maya Bay) and I have heard that despite being beautiful it is kind of ruined by the sheer amount of people there (or litter), ironically, what caused things to go downhill in the film I.e more people going there. They do their best to preserve the place though using some of the charge to visit to invest in the preservation of the place.

I wouldn't mind visiting one day (as well as James Bond island) not too far away where they filmed The Man With The Golden Gun. I digress...

BDR yeah well worth a watch especially Inception! Keeps you concentrating...you have to!

Granted but everything is more expensive in an equal proportion, so you are no better off...

I wish that I could click my fingers and things would tidy up... (a bit like in Mary Poppins).

What's your favorite philosophical movie?
Some great shouts Gattaca, Lord of the Flies and Terminator films... I agree for sure.

Two DiCaprio films immediately spring to mind both of which I saw at the cinema in 2010. Both have crazy endings which can be interpreted in different ways. Inception and Shutter Island.

May Game of the Month Vote Off
Yeah exactly. But by saying you can't vote for a previous winner it will inevitably happen. Anyway, like you say, it's a while off yet with still some good titles in there deserved of a shout out for GOTM.

Imagine any of the Madden games winning GOTM. NASCAR is awesome by comparison!! :w00t: >:-]

Granted, but as the title says, you will now have to play this forever, nothing else happens in your life.

I wish that I could freeze time.

May Game of the Month Vote Off
Apr 23 2017, 10:04 AM
Cold fact: If Ridge Racer's been nominated so many time and STILL hasn't been voted as GOTM, maybe it doesn't deserve to be GOTM.
I disagree. The reality is it has come up against some good titles. As time goes on the pool from games to choose from will get smaller and it will have a better chance. In all fairness to RR64 I think it is more than people haven't played that title rather than it's not very good. When people talk about the best racers on the system it doesn't often get mentioned largely because people don't know about it or know about it back in the day, rather than it's not good. That applies to me, and I was pleasantly surprised when I had a blast on it.

Just saying.

Granted. But all you do all day in life is farm fairly pixilated crops. That's it.

I wish that I could experience space on earth I.e in one of those gravity free chambers when you're falling in a jumbo jet or whatever. Looks fun!

Our New Aquarium
Very nice Stinger! Good little setup you have there.

May Game of the Month Vote Off
RR64 for me! So there's one vote Shellshocker! Some really good titles in there so this could go a few ways. Quake was one of the good ports I agree.

Seeking assistance in identifying Sculptor's Cut
It's all repro as Dan says. Box and manual is understandable but you may as well get a legit cart for that price. I'd steer clear of it. But if you can get more pics of the manual if it's decent enough you could always try get a quote on one to "complete" a copy.

Not to hi-jack but I wouldn't mind a CIB SC myself. Wouldn't mind a fake manual but legit box and cart would be nice!!

Hardest N64 levels
Apr 20 2017, 06:33 AM
Don't forget the Silo on 00. Timer, many many enemies, easily killed scientists, easily missed objectives.

Hell, I did a runthrough a few months ago and was pleased as punch I got it, until the animation didnt show. I'd forgotten to photograph the bloody satellite. :cussfit:
That is unfortunate! I actually don't think Silo is too difficult either, especially as there is some body armour to locate even on 00 Agent. Agreed the Scientists are quite easy to kill and this is something I noticed quite a lot when trying to speed run the level last year with DJ Cat. But going at normal pace it is not so much of an issue.

Post a Video Better than the last.
Some pretty funny and pretty cringey parkour fails here...


Good documentary on the late RK Pimpin. Didn't watch all of it but certainly enough there to increase my already fond opinion of him.

Love that quote from Moonraker at the start:

"His name's Jaws...he kills people"

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Few cheeky additions. Less than 50 to a full set now. Rat Attack and Rakugakids are two harder ones out the way!!

Flickr playing up so linky

Posted Image


Posted Image

Hardest N64 levels
I actually think those levels are alright on Goldeneye. Control is OK as long as you have full health plus the body armour come to defending Natalia. You just have to be quick at finishing the guards off as they pour out.

Caverns is actually a taxing level in under 9 min to get the 2x RCP-90s cheat.

Wrestlemania 2000
Awesome news! I played this game a lot too! Best wrestling game on the system for sure in my opinion.

I don't think much of War Zone Buddy this is a big improvement on that you should give it some time if you own it. Royal Rumble!

N64 Console/Controller Prototypes Newly Discovered!!
It is brilliant!

I just want to reiterate as well not only do we need to show our eternal gratitude to Dave / Intendall / retro_hoarder for acquiring these / showing them to us all. But also some real respect and kudos are due towards the chap who saved these and kept them safe all this time making this revealing possible. To think if he didn't have the balls or the care to risk his neck and basically swipe these from the bin and save them, all this history could have been destroyed and never known about to those that care most.

So as I say, many thanks go to Dave for uncovering all of this (and having the decency to share this all with us), but also, the chap who saved these back in the day who would have had us continuously wondering had these not been saved.

Awesome stuff!


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