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Nothing for the squeamish
Nice one. Glad you managed to get it off OK. Good work!

I'm back in the game
May 30 2014, 06:18 PM
May 28 2014, 10:41 AM
Welcome! I am having the same experience albeit I didn't sell everything just most my games including the rarer more expensive titles which have doubled in price since!

Where abouts are you from? Good luck with the search. :n64:
I'm afraid to say that I did it to fund my Uni lifestyle....

I'm from London, UK. How about yourself? ;)
I''m from the Birmingham area. I too sold a lot of my collection around 2010 to fund uni. I'm enjoying rebuilding my collection. It's just annoying I had a mint CIB Conkers Bad Fur Day etc sold for about 50 now looking at over 100. Money is not an issue now so it's not a problem really I'll shed out when the right ones come along for the right sort of price... :n64:

Would You Rather . . .
Hawking because I'm really into astronomy but not really into reading.

Would you rather be a door handle or a toilet seat?


Welcome dude from England! Yeah great avatar - great film.

Waiter: "Would you like to hear the specials sir?"

Bateman: "Not if you want to keep your spleen..."

Man I digress. Good luck with the collection! :n64: :yeah:

No longer a lurker
Welcome dude. Love the fire orange too. :n64: :yeah:

Nintendo 64 collecting in Japan + Bonus
Very good find indeed there! What a story to go with it too :w00t: :n64:

I'm back in the game
Welcome! I am having the same experience albeit I didn't sell everything just most my games including the rarer more expensive titles which have doubled in price since!

Where abouts are you from? Good luck with the search. :n64:

Would You Rather . . .
Pee a golf ball I don't think I'd ever be able to sit down again otherwise.

Would you rather have your eardrums popped with a screwdriver or all your teeth pulled one at a time?

Another Nintendo Fan Just Saying Hi
Welcome! Good luck with the Snes restoration, always a bonus not having a yellow one!

Our First Ambassador!
Congrats and if not already mentioned - great channel and very nice collection. We are privileged to have you on here. :yeah:

Would You Rather . . .
Dogs, preferably blue ones, because I figure dogs are more likely to fight off any alien invasion...

Would you rather have a wife that looked like ET gone wrong or a hangover feeling every time you play an N64 game?

Would You Rather . . .
Sounds like I lose my teeth either way but I'd go with the sweet juicy fruits to get the vitamins!

Would you rather have your N64 collection burnt in front of you, or have to do a skydive from the edge of the atmosphere (red bull guy style) with no help or prior experience (you do get a working parachute).

Would You Rather . . .
Crappy graphics, because storyline > graphics in terms of rating a game IMO although graphics are always nice to have with it.

Would you rather have all your toes bitten off one at a time by Bowser or have your tongue cut out by Lickatongue?


Worst N64 Game Ever?
I realise this thread has already been exhausted and I'm hardly being original but it's the darn truth it HAS to be Superman 64. There's a funny video on youtube somewhere of some guy ripping it and it just about sums the game up in a few minutes. That said I do own it but I have not completed it although I will get around to it one day!


2,000 Members !!!
Happy days, onwards and upwards! :n64: :yoshirider:

This is fake right?!?
The guy is a joker, this was the response I got:


You can report me to Ebay, although there is no reason for it. I am not doing anything morally wrong or against the rules. These games are real. The pictures are of the actual item being auctioned off. They have been properly cleaned and tested to work on the 1st try. They have been properly described. I will be making a video of these games in hand and being tested/shipped prior to sending them. I'm not in the business of ripping anyone off. My feedback speaks for itself.

Bid or don't bid. I don't care. I have already had hefty offers on these and some of my other rare Nintendo items. Please do not message me again or I will report you to Ebay for harassment. I think I'm being quite fair giving you a heads up. :-) Have a great day!

- imissclinton

I've reported them anyway but I doubt it'll change anything... :nope:

This is fake right?!?
I just sent the guy a message:


Just thought I'd let you know I have reported you to eBay for selling counterfeit items solely to make a quick profit. As eBay takes this sort of thing very seriously may I suggest you reconsider the errors of your ways if you wish to stay out of trouble.

Before you try and attempt to say this is legitimate, or to tell me that I should keep my comments to myself, I am actually being quite fair in giving you the heads up so there is no need to get wound up.



This is fake right?!?
I'd agree fake - lots of this crazy stuff on ebay trying to rip people off...

Hello from another new guy
Welcome to the forum dude, good luck with the hunt for sealed games! :wario:

Nothing for the squeamish
I think it would devalue the system more having that box with it Scooter, that guy didn't half butcher it didn't he...

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