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Displaying & Protecting Cartridges
Good job there mate looking good (and unique). :yeah:

Welcome aboard dude. Looking forward to seeing your collection! :dance:

Fresh start...
Another great pickup dude nice work! :yeah:

hello n64 forever
Welcome to the forum dude and good luck with the hunt to acquire your collection. :n64:

Best looking console
For me it's Watermelon Red/ Fire Orange. But I do think the funtastic series as a whole was a great addition.

I also think the standard console looks good when used with a nice coloured controller e.g. Yellow or Red.

Great topic btw looking forward to hearing everybody else's opinions. :n64:

Conker's BFD Heavier than other carts?
Jun 24 2014, 05:37 AM
My PAL copy of Conker's BFD is on its way in the mail, so I will check my self when it arrives :D
How much you pick this up for btw?

So as not to hijack the thread - I also agree games with more content generally are heavier. 8)

Hello from Australia
Welcome to the forum dude. Looking forward to seeing your colourful collection :n64:

Milage007's Collection
Jun 20 2014, 10:58 AM
Nice collection man;-)
Congratulations for the adds too.
If that Toy Story 2 is near mint and you want to sell let me know ;-)
Thanks Italia it is in pretty good shape and complete but It's one I never had growing up and I actually really like it so won't be selling that anytime soon.


Sealed n64 games
Jun 21 2014, 12:29 PM
Today is a big day in collecting for me I just achieved my goal of 100 sealed n64 games in 2014 now that that goal is complete it's time for me to save for school in September. I would like to thank everyone that helped me in my journey to 100 this year jonebone thanks for the trade man hope to trade again anyway here we have my 100 sealed game it's quake 2

100. Quake 2

Posted Image

Once I'm done school I will be getting everything gradded and hope to do one giant group shot. Here's to another great year of collecting in 2015 let's see if I can reach 200 next year.
Congratulations good work! :link:

What games are you playing?
This is quite a random one but I'm playing Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb on the original Xbox. :lol: love it. Got Toy Story 2 on the go on the N64 too :dance:

My Collection
Sounds interesting, good luck with the hunt :yeah:

My Collection
Nice collection dude and welcome. Is there anything you are looking to add to this at all? :n64:

Milage007's Collection
Few more additions:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Donkey Kong 64 was a bargain (I think) 40 mint with absolutely everything it came with. The one end of the box is still sealed and I think I'll leave it that way. Even though I can't stand any sort of labels or stickers on the boxes usually...

More to come in the hopefully not too distant future. There are only a handful more of games I'd like to add to this collection but they are generally the more sought after and or more pricey e.g. Conkers Bad Fur Day. Makes me want to weep every time I say that knowing I sold a mint one around 2011 for 40ish.... :nope:


Back in the game! My recent pick-ups :>
Nice pick ups there mate on the cheap is good. :dance:

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
Currently watching Belgium trail Algeria 0-1 in the World Cup: love it. Brasssssil... :w00t:

Fresh start...
Looking good. I don't think many people could pass up a bargain on something they like whether it be to keep or to sell on for a profit. I've done both before and it's good. :P

Is This Fake?
Jun 14 2014, 12:01 AM
Just looks a little sun faded to me.
Ditto. :phear:

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
Watching Holland Vs Spain in the World Cup. Love it. X_D

your N64 games list!
There's still 10 or so games I'd be looking to add to my collection but I'm in no hurry I have a fair few to keep me busy. All CIB:

1) Donkey Kong 64
2) Diddy Kong Racing
3) Lylat Wars
4) Army Men Sarge's Heroes
5) Toy Story 2
6) Duke Nukem 64
7) South Park
8) Superman
9) Xena Warrior Princess
10) Kobe Bryant NBA Courtside
11) Yoshi's Story
12) Super Mario 64
13) Mario Kart 64
14) Mario Party
15) Mario Party 2
16) Mario Golf
17) Mario Tennis
18) Paper Mario
19) Super Smash Brothers
20) Pokemon Stadium
21) Pokemon Snap
22) 1080 Snowboarding
23) Waverace 64
24) Zelda OOT
25) WWF Wrestlemania 2000
26) WWF No Mercy
27) F1 World Grand Prix
28) F1 World Grand Prix II
29) Star Wars Shadows of the Empire
30) F-Zero X
31) Bomberman 64
32) Perfect Dark
33) Topgear Overdrive
34) Glover
35) Goldeneye
36) Banjo Kazooie
37) Excitebike 64
38) Jetforce Gemini
39) V-Rally 99
40) Resident Evil 2
41) Snowboard Kids
42) 007 The World is not Enouh
43) Body Harvest
44) Turok 2
45) Mission Impossible
46) Shadowman
47) Tigger's Honey Hunt

Games I'd like to get which I've saved to last are more expensive particularly as a UK resident, and more frustrating because I used to own mint copies of about four of them:

-Banjo Tooie
-Zelda MM
-Mario Party 3
-Conkers Bad Fur Day
-Tony Hawks 1 & 2


My collecting story so far..
Good story. Fair play to keep on grafting some people would just give up, and in the UK, live off our benefit system. It would be nice to see some pictures of your collection if you get chance to upload some.


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