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Welcome to the forum aquaman! Enjoy your stay.

Passport Plus III Issue...Help
Thanks both. Yeah I had some guy email me the details about sending it back. Might go for this - I've tried negotiating getting another one cheaper if they'll offer one reasonable I'll just buy a new one (mine was second hand to be fair). If not I'll try sending it back to the other side of the world.

Thanks for the tip No64DD I will try to remember that for when I get the chance again as it could prove costly as it has this time... :lol:

Passport Plus III Issue...Help
Jul 29 2015, 06:49 PM
Is this where you got stuck??

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Haha yes! How did you guess? I've done some reading around I've used a dodgey code by the sounds of it and it literally kills the PP. What a joke. I'll sell it for spares recoup what I can and try get hold of another. :angry:

What were your first N64 games?
Nice old thread to have been dug up. Christmas 1998 I had the Goldeneye package N64. I had played the multiplayer many times round a friends who had it with 4 pads. In fact we spent days playing she crap out of it during he summer. I also got Mission Impossible. Two great games to begin my collection. I still have my originals. :)

Rainbow Six
I've just picked this up actually pretty cheaply. I'll give it a proper whirl soon and report back on my opinion. I like how you can shoot your team mates. Left me going through the level on my own on my first attempt... :unsure:

Passport Plus III Issue...Help
Jul 29 2015, 01:34 PM
I'm speechless :blink: the exactly same thing is happened to me with Passport Plus (not III) one or two months ago and it's happened when I was trying to play Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine! Such a coincidence.
(the PAL game was ISS2000)
Does it still not work? What have you done about it? Or have you just left it? Do any other U.S. Games work or do you think your passport is dead as well? This is not sounding good. :-/

Passport Plus III Issue...Help
Thanks BDR I have tried that and I did also try another N64 system just to check without much luck.

I have given up for now, I need to finish Resdient Evil Revelations 2 on the PS4 anyway but I'd hope to have it working for after. Such a shame.

If anybody has any other suggestions fire away. Perhaps the passport has had it. I know it was working I didn't dream I was playing it though... ;_;

Passport Plus III Issue...Help
Good Evening N64 Forever friends, I find myself in a bit of a mess and cannot for the life of me find a way out of it (at present). The situation is this:

I own a PAL N64 and just bought a Passport Plus III to play Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. Set everything up used Turok 2 as my boot cart and the Passport fired up. I entered a code I found online and low and behold the game started (so awesome).

On the first level I got myself stuck in a canyon and I couldn't for the love of God get out of it. So I hit the reset button thinking I'll just start again (I wasn't far into the game). The screen just went black. Since then when I turn the N64 on the screen just goes black. My N64 plays games fine so it's not this. I've tried other known games to boot the passport (Bomberman 64, Mario 64) but nothing is happening...

I have tried all the usual stuff blowing and cleaning out the contact parts and I am still having no joy. I even left for a few hours and tried it again. Has anybody had this experience / have any ideas what is happening? Have I just broken my Passport the day I received it? :-8 ;_;

Thanks for any help / advice in advance.

I have been waiting ages to play and complete this game and it is such a kick in the teeth to get knocked back when I got so close... <_<

Long Time Nintendo 64 Fan
Welcome to the site mate. I hope you're not a forced Nintedo fan. Enjoy your stay. :lol:

Hello! My Name is Baum!
Welcome to the forum dude. :n64:

Shenmue III
The Red Shadow
Jul 20 2015, 03:50 PM
Very true! Heck, I haven't even played the second game as I didn't own it until the last few years. I have plenty of time to run through both games. By the way, there may not be a physical retail release of Shenmue III for PS4. I've been hearing way too many times that the only guaranteed physical release is for backers. I'm so glad I made sure I funded this one if that is the case.
Yeah we will have to see. I backed also to get a copy. I hope it is official case rather than just a disk in a sleeve which would be equally annoying. Time will tell. Not going to be too negative or demanding just glad it has finally been announced.

I haven't played through them both for a good 9 years or so. I only know this as it was he latest save date on my Shenmue II. It was surprising how much I could remember like where to go to get information etc given they were not games I overly exhausted. Really good games for me. :yeah:

What games are you playing?
I have just completed Shenmue II on the Xbox. I am gutted I have to wait a while longer for the anticipated third installment. I will be moving on to Resident Evil: Code Veronica X on the GameCube next. :dance:

Shenmue III
The Red Shadow
Jul 3 2015, 06:14 PM
A physical version for the PS4 has been announced!
I'm so glad this is the case. It is saddening in a way after all this wait we still have to wait until Dec 2017 for the release. That said, after the wait we have had, what is another two and a half years... <_<

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
Playing through Shenmue II on the Xbox. No picture to post but currently getting the attention of the scout. Street fights. :dance:

Olá from Brazil!
Welcome to the site mate enjoy your stay. :yeah:

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
No pics at this stage but I've been buying a few games to add to my gaming collection:

-Lego Indiana Jones 1 & 2 for the Wii
-Resident Evil Code Veronica X for GameCube (sold my Dreamcast version years ago)

Also bought a few games I used to own on the PS2 before I sold it:

-Medal of Honour Frontline & Rising Sun for the GameCube
-007 Agent Under Fire & Nightfire for Xbox

It is weird how over the years anything I have ever sold I have always ended up buying back (more or less...)


N64 gamer from Scotland
Welcome to the site mate. :n64:

Ciao ! My name is Rob ! New italian collector !
Welcome to the forum dude. Nice collection!

New UK collector
Welcome to the site mate. Where in the UK are you from? I'm from the Birmingham area personally. :n64:

Collector here!
Welcome to the site mate :n64: