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N64 Games to Buy UK
Thanks for sharing.

@Heavyxfriends That is a super cheap price on CIB Blues pal nice spot!

Intedall64 Collection
Awesome pickups Intendall as always! Your collection just gets better and better.

Retro Gamer magazine
Any chance of getting that scanned on? Would be nice to read! I am not a big magazine guy really so wouldn't want to be signing up to anything personally.

Nice spot.

Another Goldeneye 007 Challenge?
Managed to shave a second off the current best by going for the zero casualty approach. Plain and vanilla! Got my Darth Vader prize from the forum in the pic to prove authenticity.

Posted Image

Going to be more analogue sticks worn out if that is to be beaten, think I was pretty maxed out on the stick and c button. Now it is about finding the perfect line to perhaps shave another second or two off?

Hey gang
Welcome to the site mate! You've come to the right place. Hope the wedding goes well.

Another Goldeneye 007 Challenge?
Not a bad start! I'm sure we can shave some seconds off that! I can't get to my 64 tonight I have got football but I am ready to start "trying" to turn the heat up on this one.

Hello out there
Aug 29 2016, 02:35 AM
Aug 26 2016, 11:12 AM
Welcome to the forum pal! Where about in the UK are you from?
Coventry :)

And thanks all for the welcome!
Nice! Not too far from me I am from Bromsgrove (South Birmingham).


Another Goldeneye 007 Challenge?
I love the sound of this. Going to be tactical and see what times go up so I know what I am up against.

No cheats as well chaps! So no turbo mode, action replays or anything!!!

Favorite extremely small details in games
What do people make of this one? Another Goldeneye one. Is this DK's face on the mountain face of the Dam level? A little cheeky add in from Rare?


It is uncanny...

Duke Nukem 64
This is a good game. One of the 10 or so I bought new in the N64 life, or my parents bought me, or I from my pocket money. This one was with my mother given the age rating on the game. For those reasons alone it holds a special place in my heart.

I have to add also - I think the soundtrack is really good on this game.

Why the DD?
These are valid questions and some really good responses. I too am disappointed that the 64DD never got the chance to get fully up and running but what it does show is that Nintendo were ahead of the curve, at least with their ideas and what they wanted to provide for their gamers.

Ultimately, there is only one thing consistent, and that is change, and unfortunately the gaming industry moved on before the N64DD could bring out its full potential. Had it been released earlier it could have been more of a success.

Favorite extremely small details in games
Agree about the tape danilochka.

Stinger that is hilarious. No more than what is deserved. Although you could have waited until after he gave it you. It's funny that Doak's face also is used for soldiers, civilians and other scientists. Once I was like ah there's Doak and it wasn't him it was just another scientist haha. :facepalm:

Favorite extremely small details in games
I think worming Dr Doak into Goldeneye for a cameo was a good touch. David Doak being part of the Rare team at the time in the production of the game.

I remember, because I watched the film after I completed the game, when Sean Bean shot the scientist I was like what the hell he just shot Dr Doak. To be fair on the game I used to shoot Doak after he gave you the keypad decoder for unlocking the facility door anyway... >:-] :lol:

This is something I only learned about say 6 years ago I didn't know at the time of release.

Post a picture of your car
Aug 26 2016, 01:46 PM
Vroom vroom! And with those seats holding you in place, I bet the curves are pretty fun!
Yeah the Recaro bucket seats are really comfortable and give a nice feel.


Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy Birthday Xeph. Have a good one.

Hello out there
Welcome to the forum pal! Where about in the UK are you from?

N64 collection discussion
Nice pickups chaps!

Good to see you back in the hood KG you went quiet for a little bit!

Post a picture of your car
My new wheels. Absolutely love it. Such a great drive. Not the best picture in the world so I will have to get some better ones.

Honda Civic Type R EP3 Premier Edition (2005).

Standard these are 200bhp. This has been professionally tuned and with the modifications it has is pushing out 246bhp at the flywheel.

Posted Image

Hello from DeathlyRaccoon!
Welcome to the site both of you! Keep us updated with your progress by setting up a thread in the collecting forum if you wish. Always nice to see collections and collections grow.


Cheers to us!
Have a good one PM! Own it.

I'm picking up my Honda Civic Type R later, the old EP3 2005 hot hatch. I'll post a pic in the picture of my car thread!


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