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N64 Cartridge Board Scan/Picture Repository Complete! (NTSC)
Apr 29 2017, 12:32 PM
If I had a tool I could send pictures of all the ones remaining :(
This would do the trick if you're interested. :yeah:


N64 Cartridge Board Scan/Picture Repository Complete! (NTSC)
Thank you so much jerome and bauer for reviving this repo, we're so close now! Guide updated. Only 13 more boards to go. :phear:

Disney's Tarzan
Duke Nukem Zero Hour
International Superstar Soccer 64
International Track & Field 2000
Mike Piazza's Strike Zone
Milo's Astro Lanes
NBA In The Zone 2000
Top Gear Rally 2
Triple Play 2000
Vigilante 8
WCW Backstage Assault
Wheel of Fortune
World Cup '98

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Scored one of the coolest N64 posters I've ever seen. Majora's Mask poster circulated a year before 9/11. Really ominous with the moon hovering over the twin towers.

Posted Image

Competitive Smash 64 Discussion
Smash 64 has a special place in my heart with all the hours I put into it. I remember playing it with my friends after school then with my cousins over the weekend. I played Samus back then and the same today, just because I always loved the Metroid games and that landing a charge shot felt so amazing. I didn't really find out about the competitive scene until I watched the Smash Bros Documentary by Samox in 2014. That inspired me to play Melee and go to tournaments and I've been keeping an eye on the 64 scene ever since then too. I prefer Melee because I feel like I have more freedom with movement options/Samus is more fleshed out, but the more flashy combo/hitstun oriented stuff in 64 is so entertaining to watch as a spectator.


So bad it's good, I hope they have it for the intro in the game.