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Oh Photobucket
Jun 30 2017, 01:15 PM
Finally, it's probably worth mentioning that the URLs for the site N64forever.com / N64forever.net haven't been working since March. Not sure if there's anything that can be done about that.
Hmm...both of those urls are working for me.

Oh Photobucket
Yea I'm starting to think Flickr would be the optimal choice for the hosting exodus. It's less popular than Imgur (which is a good thing) and it's stable/well supported. It's what I used for the N64 Cartridge Scan Repository.

Hurt/Heal: MK8D Racers
Hurt: Cat Peach
Heal: Bowser

Bowser - 23
Cat Peach - 8
Donkey Kong - 30
Inkling Boy - 3
Koopa Troopa - 23
Lakitu - 30
Lemmy - 25
Link - 25
Luigi - 6
Mario - 19
Metal Mario - 21
Morton - 24
Peach - 30
Rosalina - 20
Shy Guy - 28
Tanooki Mario - 3

17th - Wario
18th - Larry
19th - Toadette
20th - Baby Luigi
21st - Baby Mario
22nd - Baby Peach
23rd - Dry Bones
24th - Ludwig
25th - Bowser Jr.
26th - King Boo
27th - Waluigi
28th - Daisy
29th - Inkling Girl
30th - Toad
31st - Villager
32nd - Iggy
33rd - Yoshi
34th - Dry Bowser
35th - Isabelle
36th - Gold Mario
37th - Mii
38th - Baby Rosalina
39th - Wendy
40th - Baby Daisy
41st - Rose Gold Peach
42nd - Roy

Southeast Asian (SEA) N64 Games
I've never seen those variants of Golden Nugget and SuperStar Soccer before. Very cool and thanks for sharing. :)

Oh Photobucket
Oh the irony.... :-8

Posted Image

$400 to upgrade for 3rd party hosting. Time to switch to Imgur/Flickr ;)

July Game of the Month Vote Off
Scooby Doo....where are you!?!

Hello Follow N64 Enthusiasts
Welcome Kevin! Look forward to seeing you around. :n64:

July Game of the Month Nomination Topic
I'll nominate Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers! It was a pretty unique game for the N64 in that it was a point and click-esque 3D adventure! It was hindered by bad controls but if you look past that it had fun puzzles and really good art to back it up. It was also very faithful to the classic show. Admittedly it was a game I had as a kid so I have that nostalgia bonus. 8)

N64 collection discussion
May 26 2017, 01:33 PM
I haven't showcased much of my collections, but i did however just pick this up!
Spoiler: click to toggle
Such a quirky item! It's quite creepy too! :P

@Strider That's the big box Choro Q that comes with the race car. Japan had a ton of big box variants! http://s9.zetaboards.com/Nintendo_64_Forever/topic/7452082/1/

E3 1997 Official N64 Controller
Jun 9 2017, 06:52 PM
Jun 9 2017, 03:17 PM
Being able to buy exact gold foil leaf stickers on ebay now is just impossible to combat the fakes.

This isn't true. They are not exact.
It's unfair to dismiss every e3 controller that comes by, nor is it fair to the current confirmed owners.
You are right the current sticker from one seller is not exact. but a quick msg to any of these sellers directly (few worldwide that i have found) with a custom sizing of the "N" logo would see differently. Once the stickers are a perfect match it will be impossible to distinguish between real & fake. its unfortunate but only a matter of time. even the GT fakes still have a market so its not all bad.
There could have been good fakes back then for all we know, maybe even better. I would only feel comfortable with an E3 controller if I had some sort of paper work from the event or trackable history to connect it to the Star Fox competition.

Pokemon Direct !!
The announcement of a 3D Pokemon Adventure on the Switch will make me go buy a Switch in an instant. The Wii and Wii U were sorely lacking in that. :(

Comprehensive N64 Big Box Guide/List
Sorry for the delay! Added the new double play box to the guide. Thanks so much whitelite. :n64:

The Nintendo Switch Topic
I wouldn't call it reasonable just because it's cheaper than the competition. You're essentially paying $20 a year for Nintendo's ancient online services and a 'free' virtual console game that goes away once you stop subscribing. The Wii U's online was more tolerable since it was free, and it's online components weren't shoehorned into a console smartphone app. Whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.