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Pro Wrestling anyone?
This was the first I've ever watched live with a group of people. I'm glad the result wasn't super disappointing. It was the first Royal Rumble since 2011 when Alberto Del Rio won to have a winner that wasn't already previous world champion and a top guy. The past 5 winner's include John Cena, Batista, Triple H, and Randy Orton who are past their primes, and Roman Reigns who doesn't need the Royal Rumble to have a Wrestlemania main event, he can just get one anyway. Plus the women's rumble was just as okay as the men's match quality wise, so that's good.

Any exclusive N64 gamers?
Jan 31 2018, 08:38 PM
I'm new to N64, still love Sega consoles and own a Saturn with a much bigger library, and I also have a gaming PC and a Ps3. I feel pretty satisfied with this line up for life. The N64 isn't exclusively what I play but its incredibly special - it scratches a specific itch that no other console I have will and I approach it very differently than I do my other consoles.
It's because they don't make games like they did on N64 anymore, because they couldn't get away with it. They are incredibly time period specific which makes a lot of aspects charming, to me anyway. The same goes for PS1 and probably Saturn, but I'm less farmiliar with those.

2017 Awards - Gamer of the Year
Jan 31 2018, 08:17 PM
My vote goes to Shellshocker too. Purely for his dedication to the cause by beating Blues Brothers 2000 (twice) and CyberTiger.
My greatest accomplishments hands down

Thanks for all the votes guys

Hurt/Heal: Classic Hollywood Movies
As a child of the 2000's I don't give a toss about ET, though I've played the Atari game quite extensively

Hurt: Gone with the Wind
Heal: Psycho

2001: A Space Odyssey - 20
Alien (1979) - 20
Casablanca - 21
Citizen Kane - 21
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - 20
ET: The Extraterrestrial -19
Gone With the Wind - 18
Itís A Wonderful Life - 21
Jaws (1975) - 12
James Bond: Goldfinger - 22
King Kong (1933) - 20
Psycho - 21
Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) - 21
Rocky (1976) - 22
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - 22
The Exorcist - 12
The Godfather (1972) - 18
The Sound of Music - 12
The Wizard of Oz - 20
To Kill A Mockingbird - 22

Goldfinger 64 has been released!!!!
I actually do have an everdrive, and unfortunatly on console the game has more fog and lag than i guess it does on PC, because the first level is absolutely horrible on console. It's so foggy it took me a very long time to understand the layout of the first area and it took me like 30 minutes to beat the first mission and I haven't gone back too it. I've never seen the movie or played any mission past the first one, but the first one has this really bad layout at the beginning with enemies at can see through the fog but you can't. I haven't felt like playing it since which sucks

Elmo's Number Journey
Beaten this one twice. Never played Letter Adventure though, I heard it ups the mature themes a bit.

Hi all from Brighton UK
Welcome, hopefully you find some more N64 classics. We just entered generation 2 of game of the month so it's going to be mostly really good games or a while. I've also been pretty much N64 exclusive games for about 2 years so I can be a guide, though your Doom 64 stance makes me wonder what games on N64 you wouldn't consider unplayable. Doom is one of the good ones

February Game of the Month Vote Off
Jan 22 2018, 05:52 PM
Personally I place Wheel of Fortune securely in the 'unplayable' category of games (along with Doom -sorry Doom fans).

Do you have a link to your blog?
Careful, thems fightin words round here. I haven't played Doom 64 but some people will swear it's their favorite, or at least that it's better than Doom 3. Also Wheel is ugly, but it's playable. I usually find humor in how ugly a lot of gameshow games are

February Game of the Month Vote Off
Iíve been lied to all these years???

Sorry if my long post earlier came off as a little defensive. The blog I started doesnít look like itís going anywhere but I wanted to show you all what I was able to write so far :p

No hard feelings at 1985gamer or anything ;)
Yeah, it was one of the earliest games i did on N-Cyclopedia. The box claims to have over 4,000 questions across 31 categories despite the manual saying 34 categories. Danilochka went into the game code and found the game actually has 3,878 puzzles and 30 categories. So just under 4,000, those Gametek snakes in the grass pulled the wool over all our eyes. I hope spoiling that fact doesn't hurt book sales, tcrf hasn't got everything N64 related I assure you. Actually all the N64 game show games have cool stuff hidden in the code, but the others I'll keep secret.

February Game of the Month Vote Off
I like Wheel of Fortune. The only thing about it that's interesting really is that the box lies about the number of puzzles which most people don't know.

Glad S&P is pulling ahead

February Game of the Month Vote Off
I was finally planning on playing Indy again soon and doing a 100% run for N-Cyclopedia 64 purposes. Maybe by March I'll have more to say about it. It's been a long time since I first beat it

February Game of the Month Vote Off
Please God Jesus Sin & Punisment. If it's the only Japanese game I can ever vote for then I want it now

2017 Awards - The Member Appreciation Topic
I appreciate all my book buddies, Italia, No64DD, and Danilochka, as well as people like Kerr Avon and JapaneseRetroGameCenter who have helped a little bit behind the scenes. Also the staff who have been making some major changes to try and keep the forum active

February Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Jan 12 2018, 03:51 PM
If it is playable in the NA region, then I wouldn't have a problem with that.
So just to be clear, are any Japanese games available for nomination? Even ones at haven't been rereleased, aren't translated, and aren't even the slightest bit popular. I know most people won't vote for me but sometimes I might want to nominate some stupid stuff.

January 11th Nintendo Direct Mini
Mario Tennis Aces really seems like the evolution of Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, which was more like a technical beta than a full game. Honestly I've been thinking about that a lot lately and it's sad Nintendo was willing to release something that unfinished and barebones. It proves to me that they aren't against shovelware garbage and makes me fear for their future. This one will be better.

Also Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze coming to Switch now. It's definitely the right move, but it's they are burying the Wii-U's future appeal even more. At least N64 still has exclusives. By the time Switch is done Wii-U seriously might not have anything but slightly worse versions of Switch, 360, and PS3 games. Wonderful 101 and Starfox Zero are still there though.

Exciting new Game of the Month Changes
No more region locking is e most exciting part of this. I can vote for anything. Taz Express, Habu Shogi, Indiana Jones, you name it. Doesn't mean people will vote them but it is still exciting

2017 Awards - Game of the Year (Modern Console)
I think I know where these votes are going with the year Nintendo had (3D World won 2013?), so Cuphead gets my courtesy vote. :coffee:

Wave Race - January Game of the Month
Another game I've only played for about 10 minutes. All I know about it is that the water is supposedly impressive as hell, even though I've forgotten what it looks like, and I remember the voices being surprisingly clear for an early game. It was one of the first 13 games ever revealed for N64 at Shoshinkai 1995 so it is an OG Player, and back then the game didn't use Jet Skis, it used weird transforming hovercrafts kinda like Diddy Kong Racing.

@ 46 seconds

I've never done any research on the game but I think Jet Ski's were a good decision for showing off water physics better. Hovering wouldn't be as cool as bouncing along with all the tiny waves. Maybe I'll have free time this year to play it.

2017 Awards - The Young Blood Award
Mymee64 joined in September last year so she's technically not eligible, though she didn't start posting until Janruary where she posted a lot of peppy posts about her pickups then stopped, The number of new members who have gone past 10 posts is surprisingly low. Last to reach 100 before Mymee was me.

#777 here comes da money post :money: :money: :money: