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N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
Oct 24 2017, 02:10 PM
Does the thought of including a picture of each board from the repository in something you've considered ?
I do think showing what actual boards look like would be fine since I see more people getting fakes this year. Since so many N64 games use the exact same boards, it's probably more space efficient to just show what each of the like 5 board types looks like and list games known to use that board. Some games like Mario Kart are also known to have at least 2 different shaped boards which did confuse somebody on Reddit earlier this year who thought their game was fake. Also nobody has offered to do Japanese games yet so it would be an incomplete list as it is now. Really I'd love it if somebody actually contributed some of those. My biggest fear is having people put boards of cheap games into fake shells to make them look more real in pictures. Can't really be avoided though

The N64 Light Gun That Never Was
I think the bottom part sounds like I'm calling you out when I wasn't so I'm sorry. Don't take it as condescending because that wasn't how it was supposed to be.

Evidence of the lunar gun being planned for N64. I went to go find some because you didn't link any and it involved Knife Edge which I was researching itself. I realized the box picture was photoshopped to be N64 and I don't think it will really do any harm but for a few minutes it irked me because I imagined it could fool someone into thinking it exists in some prototype form with a box, especially if they just saw the image and never read the post. I ended up with a bunch of sources by the end and thought I would post them to make researching the gun easier

November Game of the Month Vote Off
I like Goemon. I can find forum posts and footage from g4tv that confirms it's been a hidden gem series for like 20 years now. It's so hidden that it's not hidden at all. Its such an obvious good game I find it slightly boring to talk about.

The N64 Light Gun That Never Was
So just for the record, we found where Rocky got his research regarding the N64 version of the Naki Lunar gun. It came from these 2 articles

(Fun fact the ign report released on my birthday, so at least something notable happened that day. Actually the ign article says another unnamed company was also working on a lightgun(haven't figured out who yet), and that there was 1 game coming to support the existence of both guns, which was presumably Knife Edge)

The reason I bring this up is because Naki doesn't mention this product at all on their official website, archived here, so this gun was certainly never produced. It also mentions a second model released in 1997, but the pictures aren't archived so we are unsure of what it looks like

Both the first and second model weren't released or made for N64, because there were no games to support even producing it. And Knife Edge honestly wasn't worth the trouble of producing the guns. Totally screwed that game, but it was 1 game that was below mediocre.

Also the gun is known as the Predator in Europe, and came from a company called Logic 3.
First model:http://www.blood-is-red.de/mw/index.php?title=Logic_3_Predator

2nd model made to be compatible with some Namco GunCon games: http://www.blood-is-red.de/mw/index.php?title=Logic_3_Predator_2

I don't doubt the gun was being made for N64. It was at least a plan. I agree that it didn't come out due to a lack of software and the fading popularity of bubble screen CRT tv. The ps1 at least had games like Time Crisis and Point Blank by then. There is also this ad which says the optional Laser Sight was compatible with N64

Spoiler: click to toggle

And for the record in case it wasn't made clear enough, Rocky's image IS a mockup, made using an image of the PlayStation box, the first image result on alibaba.com. I just wanted to make this clear because it confused the hell out of me at first as to whether this N64 box was real or not.

Posted Image

This is about an hours worth of N-cyclopedia 64 research people, thanks to Danilochka. Not to put the Rocky of the past down because he alerted me to the existence of this gun in the first place. Just wanted to post some evidence.

N64 mini Predictions
Oct 18 2017, 01:06 AM
You're right. I must be confusing it with another game (as it somehow feels more like a DMA game than a Rare game to me with all the destruction). Must have confused it with Body Harvest..
The vehicles do handle in a similar "they turn fast but rigidly and can never flip over"" kinda way, and It's definatly not as gigantic as most other Rare games from then. DMA always made smaller scale stuff and had a fair few puzzly games, more puzzle games than Rare.

Actually now that I think of it, the thing on the cover of Blast Corps and Adam from Body Harvest look insanely similar, both blocky with an orange color scheme.

N64 mini Predictions
Oct 17 2017, 10:46 PM
I'd say Blast Corps is a stretch. As far as I remember that game was made by DMA (now known as Rockstar) and not so much Rare.
It's a fun game, but I don't see it happening.

Other than that, I wish they put Kirby in there. Would be the biggest reason to buy it. Same goes for Mario Party 3 insted of 2, as 3 is more expensive.
Blast Corps is fully developed by Rare, as a quick google search or look at the credits will tell you. Even dev interviews with Rare staff have never once mention DMA, who honestly had their hands full at that time anyway. I don't know why anyone debates the Rare games outside DK64. How is Jet Force Gemini supposed to be anymore of a stretch than Banjo-Kazooie?

I thought my Shiren 2 suggestion was neat, as amongst all the internet rumors for a thing that doesn't exist yet, I never saw anyone suggest that real possibility. Out of the rest of the N64 Japanese Exclusives the only ones with real possibility come from Noise and Treasure.

Noise made Custom Robo & V2 but V2 is more likely. Custom Robo Ray appeared in Smash Brawl as an assist trophy, but Custom Robo is absent from Smash 4. I believe Noise is no longer paid to be a second party company to Nintendo, since their website shows mobile phone games from companies like Square. They expressed interest years ago about a new Custom Robo so Nintendo could pay a licensing fee with probably few issues. Nintendo also personally funded the original 2 games and had staff help out with them though the last entry was in 2006

Treasure made Sin & Punishment & Mischief Makers - S&P is more likely but Treasure now exists mostly as a company who licenses out there franchises to anyone who wants to pay, so Nintendo could pay to license their N64 exclusives. Bangai-O is both the most obscure game, and also had versions on other consoles so It won't ever have a chance at inclusion

Now Banpresto properties are now owned by Namco, so I can just barely imagine Super Robot Wars 64. It did okay in Japan but I don't think it's classic enough like Shiren.

Unfortunatly most the N64 best games are in limbo since most the companies are gone, and even many of the N64's best games don't feel triple A. Like DMA with Body Harvrest and Silicon Valley. Both great, and technically they are owned by Take 2 Interactive who is right now porting LA Noire to Switch, but Nintendo just can't advertise them as Classics. The companies weren't on good terms back then and they have only done sporadic business since. Even though I think Body Harvest is just as big a part of the N64's Legacy as Nintendo's biggest games. It was reveled the same day as the system, 1 of the original 13. I wish it would happen, though I'd probably get sick of all the forum posts talking about it then

November Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Oct 16 2017, 11:39 AM
We havenít done Fighterís Destiny yet??? Where have you been Shellshocker? Iím nominating it!

Edit: I just realized shell has been nominating this game and iíve Just been oblivious :p so why havenít we voted for it yet??? Iím starting the campaign right now.
I've been playing games in such a high quantity and such a vigorous rate for the N-Cyclopedia that it's hard to get involved in these game threads because my mental energy is running on low. Though I do love me some Fighters Destiny. For the record I think that it's not a replacement for the $60 triple A fighter the N64 desperately needed, but it's part of that really cool era where there were literally hundreds of fighting games and some of them turned into one of a kind things that are just really fun to play now, while now I feel fighting games are so homogenised despite their differences. I got it for free and couldn't have been happier, I think it's still $5 at my local game store which is crazy good, usually fighting games are one of those "high class" genres like RPG's that go up to ludicrous prices.

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy Birthday ItalianBaptist! You do whatever Italian Baptists do.

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy late birthday Luke. I don't even remember turning 18 and it was only 2 years ago. School feels like such a drag until it's over then you notice 2 whole school years have passed in your absence.

Also Birthday wishes the Pimpin Mainer. I need a gift as good as the N-Cyclopedia name he gifted us.

N64 mini Predictions
There is an N64 mini thread somewhere around here because I remember posting in it. Although I personally wouldn't buy one no matter what.

I bet Japan gets Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon and America doesn't just like the Super Famicom mini. Heck Japan got Tetris Attack too and America didn't, so actually Pokemon Puzzle League seems more likely for Japan, probably both regions. And I promise Hybrid Heaven has no chance in hell, it's no classic and Konami hasn't ever acknowledged it since.

You know what game the Japanese version might get and would be really cool to see? Mysterious Dungeon Shiren the Wanderer 2. That game was originally going to be released on Wii virtual console I believe, but they remade the first game on Nintendo DS instead. And I believe the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games are still a thing between Nintendo and Spike Chunsoft. Nintendo helped with Shiren 2 with several programmers and art assistants working on it to help Chunsoft, and even Creatures and HAL Labrotory are thanked in the credits, so Nintendo definitely did their fare share in the game too despite it being 3rd party.

The game was popular as hell too. It was one of the highest rated games in Famitsu that year and highest selling game it's launch week for any console, and give or take sold around 283,991 copies, which is the 24th best selling Japanese game, and 2nd best selling Japanese exclusive (just behind Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 6). It's Japans most classic RPG behind Paper Mario, so I can see it finally coming back to give the thing 1 more RPG because the Snes mini had like 6.

Why no light gun games?
In an Iwata asks interview for the Sin & Punishment Star Successor, producer Masato Maegawa said this about the N64 version

"Whatís more, a Controller Pak could be plugged into the Nintendo 64 controller, and there was talk of adding a sensor to it. But we had already begun development for the left position(Controller position) Adapting it to a sensor at that point would have only lengthened a development process that was already dragging on. We abandoned it, but after some time had passed, the Wii arrivedÖ"

Considering the amount of things the tranfer slot could do, a sensor that just made the controller the gun could have been cool instead of selling a separate gun. Then again S&P came out in 2000 so it would have been the only game to use the sensor if it did exist, like how the bio sensor is only used for Tetris 64.

Here's that interview


N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Here I beat all 16 stages in the story mode for Puyo Puyo~n Party/Puyo Puyo 4. Pain in the :donkey:. I prefer Puyo 3 immensely
Posted Image

Speaking of Puyo Puyo Sun 64, I beat the normal and hard stories. That game has 3, I didn't bother doing the easy tutorial story. But if you go through the entire hard story without using any continues you get one chance at the secret fight against Carbuncle, which I promptly lost because the speed is too fast for my aging mind. Count if if you want or let someone else do it. Puyo Puyo Sun is a really fun game.

South Park
In the commentary for Starvin Marvin both Matt and Trey said the game was $hity, and only pushed out before Christmas because Viacom was making bank with all the crappy South Park merchandise. The way they worded it makes it sound like they only ever played the first level, but to be honest that's probably enough for anyone to tell it's not great. The composer Darren Mitchell was the same guy who did the Turok soundtrack said it sucked too.

It was announced in March of 1998 and finished in only 6-7 months, developed alongside Turok 2 by the same people and was clearly the one they gave less attention. Acclaim had a major renaissance during the N64 era but their tendency to produce cash grab licensed games was on full display here. Still it sold out its during first retail run during the 1998 holiday season and was the most rented game of December and January, beating WCW/NWO revenge and even Zelda: Ocarina of Time. No64DD swore to me it came out in January but he remembered it wrong, all because the game was so scare when it came out. Acclaim contributed 79% of its $135.7 million dollar revenue during the sales quarter to Turok 2 and South Park so it was a clear success for them.

5 multiplayer modes including Capture the Flag, Grudge Match, and Kick the Baby, but only regular deathmatches were included in the final game, and for the record the multiplayer runs like garbage despite the graphics already sucking. At least it has my chap Pip, lost but never forgotten.

With all those dumb facts out of the way I can say the game is neat as a fan of South Park. It came out when the second season was underway, there were only 29 episodes so far and the early South Park era is really different starting in season 4. The game froze on me before entering the final mall and I hadn't been saving on a controller pak so that annoyed me off. The whole thing was horrible really and I am not looking to replay it because outside it's crudeness it has nothing for me. It's too hard to even be simple brain dead fun once the visitors show up.