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Cuphead (XBox One)
Nov 29 2017, 11:40 AM
@Shellshocker: Interesting . . . I was playing co-op and was really shocked by the difficulty (though we eventually made it through the first through). I'm going to have to try it solo (and encourage my boy to try it solo . . . but he likes when I revive his ghost!).
We had around 800 deaths by the end of the game. Co-op absolutely makes it harder especially in the run and gun levels,its hard to keep track of everything and not screw over the other person. Even by myself i can die tens of times on certain bosses, it just takes patience. Single player wise I think most people would benefit by getting the 2 extra hearts power as soon as possible. It makes your shots weaker but you live longer see long as you are learning of dodge everything. Certainly the Indie success of the year, even though by the end like 50 people helped out on it

Cuphead (XBox One)
I actually have beaten Cuphead 3 times now. My cousin downloaded it on his Xbox one and wanted to play it co-op, which made it way harder, but we persevered, and I had to play some stages by myself because the platform levels can be hectic with 2 people. Then I beat it again on expert mode because he wanted me to get a bunch of the Xbox achievements for him, like going through the entire King Dice gauntlet without getting hit. Then my stepdad who bought the game couldn't beat it so I beat it for him a third time so he could see all the animation and music. Not that I'm complaining because it's a fun game. I believe plenty of "avid gamers" are being exposed by Cuphead. It really is easy to tell what type of person somebody is by seeing how they react to playing Cuphead. Really separates the boys from the men, and the normal men from the other men with too much time on their hands to git good, like me #humblebrag.

Of the 2 games I've played in 2017, Cuphead and Mario Odyssey, I honestly am torn on my game of the year. I know Mario Odyssey will get more votes but Cuphead might get a courtesy vote from me. I hope the guy who started this project is a millionaire now. For $20 it puts most triple A publishers to shame.

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Pimpin Mainer
Nov 24 2017, 12:04 PM
I would like to claim Razor Scooter.... this should be... fun?
I played it for 5 minutes once... Figured I should probably play a Tony Hawk game first so I don't taint my expectations of the genre

Hurt/Heal: Ideal Vacation
Dangit I came in too late to save camping/hiking <_<

Hurt: Visiting friends/family
Heal: All-in resort

All-in Resort - 12
The Beach - 11
Visiting Friends/Family - 11

4th - Camping/Hiking
5th - Sporting Event
6th - Athletic Competition
7th - Hobby Convention
8th - Road Trip/Rally
9th - Theme/Water Park
10th - Music Festival
11th - Fishing Trip
12th - Ski Trip
13th - Sight Seeing
14th - Eco-Tour
15th - Spa/Yoga Retreat
16th - Staycation
17th - Enrichment Classes
18th - Cruise
19th - Cultural Event
20th - Hunting Trip

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
I'll have you beat here in the next week hopefully. I've got a big one coming, Japanese again, I can't bring myself to play madden

That didn't take you long did it :rofl:

I want the beat em all the finish before we all die too. I just really don't like football. We need a savior

December Game of the Month Vote Off
I vote for Super Bowling!

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Nov 17 2017, 09:43 AM
Happy 20th birthday Shellshocker18. :gift:

Did you get anything game related as a gift?
No but i got bunch of money. Some of it may inevitably go toward N64 stuff, but the last time I got anything was Snowboard Kids 2 last year. Thanks everybody for congratulating my existence on the anniversary of when I plopped out of my mom. This facet of human society is most celebratory :birdo:

December Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Yeah, just because I might let you see both of them sometime. N-cyclopedia is still happening and maybe we'll have updates soon. sometimes I like doing games in chunks. Like 1 franchise or genre in a certain timeframe, I flip flop around a lot though. So late October I beat them both and I found at least a few interesting facts. They are both pretty dull reads compared to some of my other recent writing but certain things just won't have much to say. We have improved so much since we first started that a lot of our old writing is having to be updated. People who thought this would be done in a year or 2 were sadly mistaken. I know some people wish they were in my position but at the risk of sounding like a pretentious douche, if people saw how much this book has taken over my life and how far I'm pushing all of us on the project I don't think they would be as enthusiastic about it. I do still welcome any help though and I know everyone has my back in this. Sappy rant done

Goemon's Great Adventure
Yeah it's really good. Along with Mischief Makers it's the only other "hardcore" 2D platformer on N64, by that I mean it's decently challenging and it's definitely the most traditional in that it feels like a Snes game. It was in 1 of my earliest posts on this forum where I was pointing out how detailed it was along with my crappy review I made. I saw a May 2009 clip from Xleague Tv where they called Goemon a hidden gem series and judging from forum posts from the early 2000's it seems it's always been that way. They are 1 of the first games that always come up in N64 or Snes hidden gem videos with good reason, but I've played the game 3 times fully and do frequently get tired of hearing about it especially when it gets called a hidden gem series in this day and age where it occasionally pops up on the front page of Reddit or a popular YouTube channel. It's not that I don't like people discovering the games it's just a weird cycle of seeing the same reactions and simplistic conversations over and over. (I have a high iq and demand more thought provoking conversations about my video games. If it has a Wikipedia article I won't even talk about it because it's too mainstream :coffee: )

December Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Funny I just got done playing both N64 rugrats games earlier this month. Hadn't played Scavenger Hunt since I was a toddler... I'm not nominating anything