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January Game of the Month Vote Off
It's January now your vote means nothing!! But really, thanks for voting Smash because that's the only other one I've played extensively.

Games You've Finished in 2016
Is it possible to truly complete a tiger game? It would be like completing Tetris. But for real, that's a very good list for the year Envyfox, and everyone else above. For some reason it skipped my mind that counting my total would be a good idea. Thanks Envyfox. 57 new ones. Yikes. That's a ridiculous number, but also since I wasn't keeping track since the beginning of the year it was kinda hard to remember what I have beaten. With the new year I can keep track of everything more easily. All that said I probably will slow down this year, and by slow down this year I mean I beat two games already and will beat a third tomorrow. >_< I guess I technically played them mostly in 2015 but technicalities and all that.

The positive topic!
I like D.J Cat for his ( still technically ) season appropriate avatar and being a great casual conversation starter :)

Got an Idea?

Play an N64 game...
Good news on my end. I actually didn't have to wait to order my everdrive and it has surprisingly already shipped. So I should have in in less than a week hopefully. Maybe now I can help Italia more in that beat em all. You said you weren't going to do Worms Armageddon so I can maybe do that one. I'm unaware if that game has any sort of single player?

Well anyway, while I await it's arrival I've been playing Adventure of Lolo on NES and more relevantly Majora's Mask. I actually had a save file from months ago that was outside of Ikana Castle ( because the empty well before was so stupid and boring I gave the game up for a while ) and I picked it back up again today. I did the very long Anju side quest so I could get the last few masks in the game ( Fierce deity here I come ) and did all of Stone Tower Temple including the fairies so I got the Great Fairy Sword. It was very difficult to remember how everything worked, like Darmani Link being able to walk in lava, so i had to use a guide a guide for the most part to remember everything ( also Stone tower temple is confusing as all hell ). I'm hoping to ring in the new year by finishing the game after midnight and getting a big game done early for my 2017 gaming year ;)

Ayyy Happy New Year! 🎉
Posted Image

Blast Corps N64
Yes I saw. To be fair half my posts were in the play an n64 game thread with Italia and D.J Cat. I beat all my Rareware games back in November including Blast Corps but it was the only one I didn't completely finish.


Congratulations! All platinum medals sounds very impressive because I'm sure the time limits are very tight. It's probably not something I would want to do but I do want to at least beat the final level. Oyster Harbor was difficult because it's one of the levels where you see how finicky the physics are and the time limit is pretty short.

Blast Corps N64
The game does have extremely good music. The stage select music is one of the most serious cases of N64 ear worm I've ever had. Diamond Sands was a level that is insanely difficult until you learn how to slide without turning your truck. I will probably go back and finish the game here soon. I tried to play it when I had a lot of other games I was playing so I got frustrated and abandoned it.

2016 Awards - The Member Appreciation Topic
I almost didn't vote in this thread because I'm a newish member and there are so many great people here that I'm too afraid of leaving out someone important but I suppose I owe it to this community who has provided me with tons of friendly banter, interesting insight, and endless amounts of useful information over the past 5 months.

First i just wanted to make mention of some great members that I just haven't had much interaction with, whether it's because they haven't been active since I joined or they just post in different threads than me, but they are still friendly and have made contributions that have helped me and others around here. Members like Cabanon, Floorcat, Grizzmeister, Red Shadow, Kartmaster, Bamboozled, Vinyl, Sanni, KnightlyGaming, White Falcon, Sublime, Rocky, Envyfox, and Danilochka. Plus some of the senior members like Kerr Avon, Matt, and StYoung for being active after all these years and being some of forerunners that helped this community continue growing.

My personal votes though are for D.J Cat and italia64 for our recent n64 "Bromance" as cat put it, and generally just being pleasent members that I interact with quite alot. No64DD and Milage for contributing everywhere on the board on a regular basis and also being friendly to everyone. And of course all the staff even if I didn't mention you by name. Seeing as how very few catastrophes are occurring that means you're all doing great. I'll specifically mention Bluedog and Stinger because I've had nothing but positive interactions with them since I've joined. I hope the next year is as enjoyable as this one.

God I hope I'm not forgetting anyone :unsure:

did your 2016 gaming resolution came true?
Well I didn't have a resolution last year but this year I would like to allocate my time more evenly across my consoles. I focused on Nintendo 64 to an obsessive degree this year and beat, to my best recollection, 31 new games this year not counting any that I replayed in which case it's closer to 40 which is insane. I only beat 2 Snes games and 1 single Dreamcast game the entire year which is sad considering the backlog I have. I'm not saying I'll beat dozens but hopefully I can get closer to 6 or 7 per console.

Also a side note I'd like to beat Hybrid Heaven this year at some point which is difficult when the game literally eats your soul the longer you play it, but I'm three years into it and I'm not deleting the data until that game is done.

N64 Cartridge Board Scan/Picture Repository Complete! (NTSC)
@jonafish75 It's all no problem. I would like someone to help out on these last few because I'm having a hard time tracking lots of them down.

@sanni Good idea. Can't be too safe. I really wouldn't want all this work to go to waste.

Deadly Arts
Spoiler: click to toggle

Play an N64 game...

00 Agent: D.J Cat
Mission 10: ???
Part i: Some neighborhood

Primary Objectives:

a. Locate sweetpea residence
b. Destroy mainframe data
c. Kill sweetpea
d. Get snacks

BACKROUND: User sweetpea claimed the coveted #69 spot nearly 10 years ago but has since gone rogue. The lack of an active user #69 is making 69 jokes impossibly difficult.

M BRIEFING: sweetpea's location is currently unknown. We need to make this quick D.J Cat. Locate sweetpea and take them and their account out of commission. You will need to gain access their main computer system which could be anywhere. Check under tables and beds incase it's a laptop you're dealing with. You won't be sent in with any big guns this time Cat, so don't waste your knives.

Q BRANCH: Take this information disk to sweetpea's main computer system to erase their account from history, making you user #69. Simple plan, just don't get stabbed in the back. Though this isn't a high security area, stealth is still the best option. Once you deal with sweet pea make sure to swipe anything of value from the kitchen, they sure won't be needing it anymore.

MONEYPENNY: Check and see if they have any Chex Mix in the cabinet for me James. Err. . . D.J Cat

God you can tell how bored I am right now.

Play an N64 game...
I just leave Natalya in the cell until I can kill everyone with throwing knives. :-/

It's hard to hint at some without directly giving them away because the only way you would ever find them is by randomly spraying everywhere or talking to every npc. It's like 1 npc in 1 mission will give you a vague hint of where the secrets lie. Most seceret stars are earned from blue coins and I'm warning you now that you will never find all of them without a walkthrough even though you have half of them already. Some of them are in places I would describe as flabbergastingly specific. And yes cashing them all in at once is very satisfying.

First thing I'll say is that if you can hear acapella that means there are 2 stars. Second is that the gold birds are the last of their kind.

Also congrats on over-1000 posts. It's cool to see such early members still being active and adding to the chill, friendly vibes of the site.

Edit: You got me playing Sunshine now. Thanks a bundle 8) . And I have to say this because I'm afraid you'll miss it. Spray the ground and dive into it. It's one of the best things in any 3D platformer ever and so many people never think of it.

I don't know anymore
Well technically it's not emulation but I get what you're saying. Nothing beats the feeling of owning the real, authentic pieces of history. Hopefully you can get back into it someday. And don't worry about giving it to a better home, someday you might make a good home for it, and besides there are so many N64's out there that no one will notice if you keep one for yourself :yeah:

I don't know anymore
Sounds good if that's what you want to do! I'm not sure if you know this or not but if you're finding it hard or expensive to buy n64 games, you could invest in an everdrive.


You can put every n64 game ever made and play them all from one cartridge. Much cheaper than buying them all seperatly, and it takes up much less space. It's an option if you ever decide to play more games but don't want to buy all of them.

I don't know anymore
Well, my N64 collected dust for nearly 8 years in my garage. 1 day back in 2013 I pulled it out with the 3 games I had, and now 3 years later I have nearly 100 games! Just because you don't play it now doesn't mean you won't want to in the future.

Should you sell it all? That depends on if you want money for something else right now or if you think the games are worth it. Are there any games you just couldn't live without? Of course if you did sell it all you could always re-buy them in the future if you got the N64 itch back, but they may be more expensive.

Play an N64 game...
Good morning everyone!!. I just had a bowl of delicious crispy rice and beat the final level of Goldeneye on 00 Agent for the first time. I forgot to get a picture of the results screen but look at the tick, it says more than real stats ever could. Took me forever to draw out the floor pattern and to figure out the golden gun is how you're supposed to end the level, but overall the level was surprisingly easy. I still find Bunker 2 to be quite a bit harder execution-wise than Aztec.

Posted Image

Due to unfortunate irl events I won't have money for my everdrive until halfway through January which means I won't even get it until at least February. I suppose I have a quadrillion other games to pass the time but I wanted to play Sin and Punishment :angry:

Also Milage I found out that unlocking invincibility is harder than any of the cheats in Perfect Dark were. Still nowhere near D.J cats time though. I suppose I haven't played the game since launch though :lol: Goldeneye and Turok were 2 games my parents wouldn't let me play I suppose because they were violent. GTA San Andreas was just peachy keen though <_<
Posted Image

Might as well get these out of the way because when I get my everdrive this list will get a whole lot bigger. I feel bad posting so many times in a row but I had to play catch up.

35. Mario Party 2 - Played a 20 turn game on mystery land with my cousin. A cpu luigi won due to the bonus stars.
36. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon - Climbed Mt. Fuji and got a pipe... A chain pipe. Then did Oedo Castle, the first dungeon.
37. Jet Force Gemini - Played Goldwood Outset again.
38. Body Harvest - Beat Java Stage 1 in 5 minutes thanks to the little-known motorcycle trick. ;)
39. Space Station Silicon Valley - Played the whole game, first stage included.
40. Rocket Robot on Wheels - 100% Clowney Island
41. Banjo-Kazooie - 100% Mumbo's Mountain
42. Super Smash Brothers - Beat classic on very hard with Jigglypuff. Only lost 3 lives. One on giant dk, one on the 30 polygon team, and one when I accidently used sing over a pit in saffron city >_< I like the AI in this game. It doesn't have the frame perfect reactions that the Smash 4 cpu's have.
43. Pilotwings 64 - Got gold on the 3 beginner class missions.
44. Pokemon Snap - played the beach level again.
45. 1080 - Did 2 races on normal difficulty. It took an embarrassing number of tries and I couldn't beat the 3rd race.
46. Nfl Blitz 2000 - Minnesota Vikings(me) vs the Miami Dolphins(cousin). First game ended 14-58 so he dominated me. Second game it was 33-20 and I pretty sure he let me win.
47. Mario Party 3 - Played 20 turns on Chilly Waters with my cousin. I won by 1 space making it technically the closest Mario Party we've ever had.
48. Resident Evil 2 - played up to the police station. I unlocked the infinite rocket launcher on my previous playthrough by beating the game in less than 2 1/2 hours without saving, so I went through the whole police station exploding zombies for fun >:-]
49. Extreme-G 2 - I did. . . something. It wasn't a race I just shot lots of things.
50. Starfox 64 - Played through Corneria and took the alternate path.

January Game of the Month Vote Off
Any reason that the poll won't let me vote for 2? I voted for Diddy Kong Racing but I'd also like to vote for Smash Brothers since they are the only 2 games that I have beaten out of all these choices.

N64 Cartridge Board Scan/Picture Repository Complete! (NTSC)
I'm not sure if you got my PM or not but just in case you didn't I'll post it here. I noticed 2 errors on the list for the carts not yet pictured.

First is Nightmare Creatures should be removed because you already posted the picture for that one.

Second is that you accidently listed the Vigilante 8 Second Offense board pic I took as the original Vigilante 8, and put Second Offense on the to do list. The original should be the one on the to do list.


Thankfully these are both quick easy edits. Thanks again for the hard work keeping this all organized. Have a nice Holiday :yeah:

Goldeneye X version 5e has been released
Neato! I'm playing Goldeneye right now ( first 00 Agent run, I'm in love with the game ) and I've pretty much decided to order an Everdrive in the next few days so this will be something else to look forward to! Crazy the amount of dedication people have for this game but I admire the passion. Hopefully the single player will be fleshed out eventually as well because I'd like to see how Goldeneye plays without all of its unique Ai quirks.

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