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5 rarest Game consoles
It would have been more genuine if instead of "Five of the rarest" they just said "five rare". Are you saying the information in the video is wrong or is it just the title and the ignoring of rarer consoles that bothers you?

Yeah it's click baiting which sucks and really can't be solved, but a typical ign viewer doesn't know or necessarily care about console variations so this video doesn't seem like it's hurting anyone. Unless they are lying about numbers or something in which case they are blantently lying.

Hello Hello Hello
Greetings! There's always room for 1 more :n64: 64 enthusiast around here.
Hope to see you around mate :mario:

Play an N64 game...
Don't be mad but I've never played any of other Earthworm Jim games. They do seem much better for their time than Earthworm Jim 3D but they just aren't my style. It's cool that Dan Castellaneta voiced him though. I guess that's why I heard he voiced someone in ClayFighter 63 1/3.

I have played and beaten many games since my last post, although a lot of them are games I've already beaten in the past. I didn't want to clog the thread up so now here are some of the highlights for me.

First I beat Body Harvest 100% by getting all the alien artifacts. They don't do anything, they just unlock the ability to play the bosses whenever you want. 51 people died this playthrough. On my first playthrough only 19 people died because I kept restarting in fear that I screwed up bad.
Posted Image

Next were both Ready 2 Rumble games. The n64 version of the original is pretty good but Round 2 definatly runs slower. It has better unlockable characters but the slight performance downgrade is super annoying. I'd stick with the ps2 or Dreamcast version but they are still both fun games on n64. A bit button mashey but I probably just suck.
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko. It is far better aesthetically and level design wise to Gex 64. That isn't much of a compliment because the game is kinda mediocre at best. The game does get points for having a beginner mode which lets you not have to collect every coin fly in the level to get a remote which is very nice because the levels aren't fun enough for me to go hunting for things I missed. The game does have a few fmvs too which is neat for a port like this.
Posted Image

Rampage 2 Universal Tour. As a life long fan of Rampage this game is awesome. Many more backrounds than World Tour so cities actually look close to how they should and they are nicer to look at. It has better music and less annoying sound effects too so the repetitiveness doesn't set in as fast. It is a harder game where you have to pay attention to your lives but it has less small annoyances like the flamethrower guys and signs from Universal Tour. I will also point out that the final boss is a piece of wall from the hospital in Silent Hill 3, for anyone who has played that.
Posted Image

Finally I did beat Superman 64. Its way longer than I expected. There are so many ring sections and the action levels can be very slow on your first playthrough. It's hard but once you know how to deal with the games bs it's actually not very hard at all. I like how you can fly indoors and fly into enemies to kill them. That would be cool if the game was any good. I find it odd people think the flying parts are hard. They are extremely easy. They just need to learn to be one with the analog stick. They were certainly a relief after the normal stages.
Posted Image

Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U
I would be down with that. Actually it could turn out to be funner that way since I could effectively play as a wider range of characters. And maybe by sheer dumb luck I could win a few games :P

I'm shellshocker17 on Wii-u for anyone interested. Something weird happened to my old account and I had to abandon it.

Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U
I can't think of a way winning with Bowser is a cheap win, he's pretty hard to use on anyone who isn't a total n00bc@ke. I try not to play for glory because everyone has the same homogenous playstyle of constantly shielding and rolling away while throwing out attacks, and it works. It's the reason I used to play as Donkey Kong so much. Approach with down-a and neutral air, and 1 side-b on a damaged shield usually broke it. So satisfying

I'm still available for matches for the Wii-u version by the way. I might just be the opponent for you.
I'm very... aggressive, and I suck... hard ;)

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Just remember, patience is key. Or electrocute the water but I doubt the game let's you cheat like that. I'm sure if no one has beaten the game in 6 years that no one will mind if you take your time on it. Keep on troopin :yeah:

How is the game? Long? Easy? Hard? Relaxing? Mind numbing? I may play it later this year so I'd like to know what the game entails. Any pro tips you've discovered would be cool to hear as well.

Granted, but it's a one way trip. I'm pretty sure there are no real estate agencies up there yet either. Well I say up but technically direction is metaphysical concept humans use to explain phenomena we can never comprehend because we are apes so the moon could be in any "direction"

I wish I could go on a private cruise around the world.

OMG SRSLY CANT WAIT - (future release pwnage)
Jesus Christmas the Switch is only a week away... hiiiign

If it makes it easier to wait just remember that all major Zelda games get early praise. Then once everyone's beaten and praised it the only people left talking bout it are the people who don't like it. Then everyone calmly decides the games are good but flawed and no one argues or fights at all. Its a beautiful cycle that I can't wait to witness again.

Play an N64 game...
Feb 24 2017, 08:51 AM
Agree on all this. Huge fan of the original games and while I don't think 3D is terrible, it's such a huge letdown in the gameplay, design, and humor departments. I wish they'd kept it 2D and just built on the first/second games' styles. It's the equivalent of taking a fully-completed ship in a bottle, saying you think it could be improved with some modifications, then hurling it against a wall. They also wasted their license to the awesome cartoon that started around the time of the second game. Getting the voice actors and character designs from the show was nice but following that a bit more would have improved the game too. The whole thing got pushed out the door unfinished and I just wish the developers had let someone more competent take charge of it.
I didn't know Earthworm Jim had a show. I think the voice actor for Jim was pretty good in the game, unfortunately the dialogue itself was generic and sparse. I agree that a 2d game maybe with the 2d pre-rendered characters like Mischief Makers with 3D backrounds and bosses would have probably fared better, although I know they had to develop a PC version too so that may have been difficult. Jim was popular so it sucks for the fans that this game was so disappointing it ended the series.

Our New Aquarium
Feb 24 2017, 12:40 PM
We had a saltwater tank at school. I was there for its inception. We had striped bass and a host of other Hudson River creatures. The school apparently made the mistake of including baby crabs because that first night they had a blast feasting on some of the poor unsuspecting fish. It got corrected though and was a really fascinating thing we all really enjoyed.
This reminds me of a thing that happened to me in second grade. The class was raising some monarch butterfly's in a little tent. This class also had a class bird and I guess the teacher forgot to lock the cage one night because one morning The tent was ripped open and all the butterfly's were either gone of half eaten. A few kids cried but I'm pretty sure I was one of the kids who thought it was cool.

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
With the power of the stars I wish for RetroJunkie to have a Happy Birthday 🎉

...and as hard as I tried I could not find a birthday card with that on it even though it makes perfect sense. Lousy Nintendo

The Wii U Topic
Harvest Moon 64 is finally being rereleased for Wii-U tomorrow in North America and on the 24th for Europe. It's great that all these expensive n64 exclusives are being made readily available.

Natsume President Hiro Maekawa originally said that it couldn't come to the Wii-U because of some technical limitations but it seems whatever he was talking about is no longer an issue.

Our New Aquarium
Fish like to hide so if they get lost just flip the tank over and they'll come out! ~~Don't actually do this or you're a crazy person

That's a very nice aquarium Stinger. It seems to be entertaining the younin so I'm sure it's worth a lot to her. Is it in your living room? It probably makes some really nice ambient noise to sleep to

March Game of the Month Vote Off
ItalianBaptist you should get Fighter's Destiny even if it doesn't win. I think it's a great game under appreciated gem and totally worth the price. I am a huge fanboy for that game (the only reason it's not in my sig is because I don't know which game to replace) but I figured I would save some of my favorite games for later down the line, but if it wins I'll have no problem with that.

There have been so many enthusiastic voters for game of the month lately I wish I could help them all out with the games they want but this month I wanna finally see Stinger's choice win. A bit of a late birthday present if you will.

N64 collection discussion
That's a very humble collection Pocket. Small but full of quality absolutely no filler at all. That said I wanna see that collection get bigger because there is so much more the n64 has to offer.

Games You've Finished in 2017
More n64 games beaten for various websites and to add to my database. Blast Corps, Waialae Country Club True Golf Classics, PGA European Tour AKA the Jet Force Gemini of Golf games, and Earthworm Jim 3-d are all new. My plan to play more games on other systems isn't going so great thus far, though I have I have been playing lots of You Don't Know Jack and Resogun. That and my Cousin got Resident Evils 4,5, and 6 on Xbox and I've been coaching him through those.

N64 - 21
Majora's Mask, Golden Nugget,Transformers Beast Wars, Worms Armageddon, Sin&Punishment (easy),
Wonder Project J2 100%, Mario Kart 64 50cc, Mk: Mythologies, Rakuga Kids, Powerpuff Grills,
Mace The Dark Age, Nuclear Strike, Rayman 2, Super Bowling, Brunswick Pro Circut Bowling,
Tetrisphere (Rescue), Lode Runner 3-D, Waialae Country Club, PGA European Tour, Blast Corps, Earthworm Jim 3-d,

NES - 2
Adventures of Lolo, Kabuki Quantum Fighter

Snes - 3
Skyblazer, Gunmans Proof, Super Mario Bros. 3

GameCube - 1
Sonic 3 (Mega Collection)

Xbox One - 1
Resident Evil 7 100%

PS4 - 1

Total = 29
By Month + Extras

Play an N64 game...

I beat Earthworm Jim 3-D just now. I don't think it's as terrible as people say but it still has generic bad game sydrome. It's okay but it's so bland and boring that it honestly feels worse than games like Starshot which are also full of problems but at least feel like unique anomalies. This is one of those games that requires you to beat it 100% to see the ending which I never like in 3D platformers, and the boss fights are some of the least fun ever all because of the pacing and controls of them being so unintuitive. The normal stages aren't much better with a camera that gets caught on walls and rotate so slow that aiming at targets is annoying. I'm also not a fan of the "try to be as wacky as possible" sense of humor. Probably the only parts of this game that I liked was a scene that reminded me of the original Resident Evil and that one of the skyboxes looks like an old Earthworm Jim level. That and the final boss is your transsexual self.

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

I think this game could have been better if the shooting was more Jet force Gemini-esque where you could carry all your weapons with you and they had vastly different properties and uses instead of here where each level has one special weapon and they are all basically the same. Either that or the game could have just stayed 2d. The worst part of the game is just how empty the levels are and how slow you move with no way to control your own pace.

The Nintendo Switch Topic
Wow that's pretty cool for that dude! Sucks he can't do much so he just gets to stare and touch it for 2 weeks (so much closer than it feels) but it's still neat. I find the lack of menu music to be a bit disappointing though. I loved the chill sounds of the Wii and Wii-u home screens.

Wii discussion
I think the Wii had the record for most different controllers you could use until the Wii-u came out. I always though it was cool when Wii games like Mario Kart and Sonic Colors had GameCube controller support but I've never used a classic controller of classic controller pro since I didn't do much Wii gaming during that era.

I don't think the Switch will be supporting any of these controllers though so that will give less options for anyone looking to play virtual console games

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
I'm glad you like my posts! I try to make them useful for anyone reading on the future wondering about how hard a game is or if there are any roadblocks to completion. I'll keep doing that. Really I should go back and fix some of my earlier ones where I wrote less. I'm always down to write more about games i play if someone wants to ask specific questions about them

I think each game in Midway Arcade Classics has a high score screen. You should beat all the high scores, it probably wouldn't be hard since all those scores are probably super low.

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