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New to the Forums
Retro gaming is pretty great right? Glad to have more lifelong n64 fans joining the boards, and trust me, the longer you stick around here the more knowledge you will learn. Hope to see you around!

Hello everyone
Glad you finally decided to join! Hope to see you around :mario:

New member, recently got interested in the 64DD! Hi!
Hi and welcome to the site! I'm not a super sleuthing gaming historian but I wish you luck on your quest. Unfortunately a lot of stuff with the hardware and especially the development history of Japanese games isn't chronicled. There are some very knowledgeable members here that may be able to help you out though, not me unfortunately. Anyway I hope to see you around!

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
Thank you Pimpin Mainer and Kerr Avon! :birdo:

:n64: -cyclopedia 64

A History, Guide, and Celebration of Nintendo's 64 Bit Powerhouse and its Games

That sounds pretty good to me. Just waiting to see if Dan approves...

This title is danilochka approved. I think it's official now :applause:

The Nintendo Switch Topic
Has anyone tried out Snake Pass yet? It's actually making me really want a Switch. It's so cool to see a collectathon platformer that isn't done in the exact Rareware style and I hope to see more of them get released. Also reading boards about all these upcoming platformers really makes me realize that literally no one knows what Rocket Robot on Wheels is...

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
Don't worry Baptist I'm sure you weren't offended. I wasn't saying it's a bad name or anything, just that suggestions are welcome. I'm sure most people care more about the content rather than the name. We are trying to avoid the word anthology but we do need to make it clear what the book actually is within the title

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
I think an electronic version is a great idea Baptist, as long as Dan and Italia agree. I think a slightly cheaper non physical version actually could get a lot of people on board.

Also I think the title isn't necessarily final and that is something we would be glad to take suggestions on. I had suggested that N64Forever be part of the title in some way but it doesn't have to be. I do think calling it a Bible might be a bit much, but I'm not sure if Dan or Italia share the same thought

(I'm also wearing my Nintendo 64 T-shirt right now ^_^ )

Play an N64 game...
I was just checking the credits for PGA European Tour and found it funny that they snuck in a Simpsons reference.

Posted Image

Simpsons refrences have been going on a long time, and it seems they never slowed down. I'm fine with this

Play an N64 game...
I'm imagining that very few people on this board have ever played enough Fighter's Destiny to want to attempt this challenge but anyone who ever has done it can tell you how hard it is. I did this same challenge for Fighter's Destiny 1 and it took me a week straight of doing nothing but playing, eating, and sleeping. Here it only took 4 days which is still crazy. It can feel very unfair, and if I had designed the game I would have given the player 7 stars for the 100 rounds, but you just have to practice until you understand the AI, which moves can be avoided and which moves give you an opening to attack, and which attacks are safe at what times. It really just takes patience and diligence.

So the deal is you have to win at least 100 rounds without dropping a single point to any opponents to unlock a character. I picked D-Dog because he has a stomp kick that can continually stomp opponents on the edge if they try to get up, which is helpful since the AI does not know how to shimmy, and a 3 hit combo that does 40% damage and leaves the opponent in a reel (temporary stun), though by the timed D-dog stands up the opponent has a small window to attack and it doesn't work if you are too close . Fighter Destiny 2 has the Fighter's Arena which buffs your stats for recovering, damage, and health, but these stats are minuscule and shouldn't be relied on. It is best to unlock all a characters moves before attempting this since the combo extending moves are extremely helpful for dealing more damage safely

Certain characters like Kate, Master, Adriana, Abdul, and Ninja have a 1 hit kill counter which they can throw out at any time including as soon as the fight starts, and if you are attacking during this time they will kill you. Low kicks are best since they can't be countered . Thankfully D-Dog has a fast crouching kick where he ducks and it has lots of range. It's best not to do the same move over and over if the enemy starts dodging it. Sometimes they will avoid every move you throw at them. You have to switch moves up to keep the AI from predicting you or else they will move in and start hitting you. Find 4 or 5 useful attacks and use them appropriately. But if spamming one attack is working don't feel pressured to do a mix up. Cheap it out because the AI can and will try to cheap you out. Pausing and unpausing the game is also helpful during high pressure situations so you have time to react.

As you play the arenas become smaller so any screw ups can lead to the opponent knocking you into an awkward position which could lead to you falling out of the ring. If you grab an opponent they will escape the throw and end up behind you. You can use this to get back closer to the center of the ring and get them close to the edge, though they will get a free hit in since you have lag after failing a throw. Also you'll have to learn every characters attack and when to block high and low. Not getting hit is imperative since even a single hit from any character can lead to being pushed towards the edge or getting all your health drained. Remember tapping A and B in Piyori regains your health faster and be prepared to get grabbed if they are dangling on the edge and you get too close. Throws can come out of nowhere and you have to always be prepared to counter.

Really if anyone ever needs tips they can ask me. The only real tip is just to keep trying. You will fail a lot and you will want to smash your cartridge when you fail after 45 minutes of play, 50 times in a row. In the original Fighter's Destiny I failed on stage 100 once. Fighter's Destiny has a gameshark code for those who want Joker but Fighter Destiny 2 does not have one for unlocking Cherry that I could find. Unlocking these characters legit is one of the absolute highest achievements for any game on this console in my opinion.

You got all that?

Play an N64 game...
I am a legend

Posted Image

April Game of the Month Vote Off
Sorry but it's Wrestlemania season BAAABAAAYYY

Our New Aquarium
That picture she drew is awesome. I hope she keeps it forever and it never gets lost because it will be a nice memory. Maybe you should date it just for future sake

The Nintendo Switch Topic
Oh my god Punch Out with the Joycons! An idea I'm sure other have said but it just crossed my mind. Nintendo will probably do it too. That new vibration tech could make you feel like your actually punching.They usually wait until they have a new gimmick to bring back old franchises like with Punch Out Wii. Or maybe Arms is the replacement? I hope not.

I don't know if Punch Out Wii can be improved on but I'd love to see them try. And F-Zero NX. I won't ever forgive them if it doesn't happen

Lol. If only my writing wasn't crap regardless :rollseyes: :lol: :mellow: ;_;

Granted, but before they close their doors they burn all their games. All 999 million of them including the retro games they sell now. So many treasures, gone.

I wish the Nintendo :NX: Switch would get a new Punch Out game :TKO:

Woo I'm in the emoticon mood tonight baby! YEEEEAAAAHHH

Granted, but since your gut is gone all your internal organs fall out and you die X_D :-/ :-X
That's why you gotta be specific with genies. They get you every time

I wish I was a faster writer. Really! 800 words shouldn't take 3 days :read:

Play an N64 game...
You know me Italia. I've been playing so many games that I haven't been posting them on this forum much because I would be posting a ridiculous amount. I really shouldn't care but that's why I stopped posting in the games beaten in 2017 thread as well. I've stopped counting I've played so much :w00t:

Since my last post I've beaten Cornell's campaign in Castlevania Legacy of Darkness, Shadowman, Armorines, all cups in Micro Machines 64 Turbo (one of the hardest games on the system), played some Deadly Arts or G.A.S.P, and Knife Edge Nose Gunner. As I said, lots of stuff, including some stuff I've played in the past like Mario Party and Shadowgate. Lots of good knowledge being accumulated here ;)

Glad to hear you're having fun Mymee. I've actually only played the GameCube Mario Tennis but I have faith that the n64 Mario sport games are good. In fact I haven't played any n64 tennis games. That will change soon I'm sure

Watcha Listenin' To?
I'm sure a few people heard the news of Chuck Berry passing away. I can't measure his influence since I''m not much into music history. The impact of these songs is lost on me but this song is on the voyager so I imagine it's impact is insane.

My favorite song of his was School Days which I originally heard in the Simpsons Sing The Blues album. This is the original version since I wanted to show some respect to the man.

Neat stuff. I bum myself out everytime a famous artist passes then I start looking up their music. Same happened with me and Prince a while back

Hello fellow fans of the N64!!
Hi and welcome to the forum Lain! I imagine you were one of many blown away by Mario Kart :omg: You couldn't find a better collection of :n64: 64 fans if you tried and now you join the ranks. Hope to see you around :birdo:

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Have a nice birthday Milage!

Metal Jesus: Rare/Expensive N64 Games
I saw the video yesterday. I did find it odd that JH wasn't into Snowboard Kids 2 as an n64 fan, but whatever floats his boat. MetalJesus is pretty casual into n64 games but he always seems to look on the positive side which is nice. I always like to see his reactions to anything n64.

I'm no expert but Daikatana seems in the same boat as Indiana Jones in terms of rarity. It has a reputation but if you really want it it's not too hard to find.

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