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May Game of the Month Vote Off
C'mon guys, it Ridge Racer! Riiiiidge Racer! Remember that one?

Would You Rather . . .
That's a hard one. I think having a best friend bald eagle would be best though. You could carry it around in a backpack and go on adventures. Plus it would cost less to take out for food as well.

Okay, would you rather try to explain to an elderly person the difference between a Nintendo DS, ds lite, Dsi, DsiXL, 3ds, 3dsXL, 2ds, New Nintendo 3ds, New Nintendo 3dsXL, and the newly announced New Nintendo 2dsXL...

Or bang your head on a dry wall for 5 minutes

N64 Cartridge Board Scan/Picture Repository Complete! (NTSC)
Hey man a hammer is a tool if you wanna go that route

Mymee64's collection!
Awesome stuff Mymee! Your collection grows at an insane rate and I am 100% jealous of that fact. Morita Shogi is certainly unique but everytime I see it I just get disappointed at all the other games that could have had that slot.

Also is it possible for you to get a good picture of that glow in the dark controller or is it too dim? That's such an odd feature. They don't really make glow in the dark stuff anymore but I remember growing up seeing glow in the dark everything.

Underrated gaming series
Glad you are enjoying your ps4! I played the second Ape Escape on ps2 last year. I think they are well known amoung PlayStation fans but they aren't as popular nowadays as stuff like Jak & Daxter and Ratchet and Clank which is unfortuante. I like the dual analog controls and the unique setup of having to chase monkeys. I hate having to get literally every monkey just to reach the monkey though.

As for other series, sometimes it's hard to tell what is truly underrated. People always bring up Goemon, Klonoa, Bonk, etc. but they all have large vocal fan bases amoung retro gamers, just not the general public. I also only qualify games with at least 3 games to be a series. There are tons of great 1 off games or games with only 2 entries that never became a series

GAME: Post a Picture Better Than the Last
Not sure if this is an old joke and I'm late to the party but

Posted Image
this :cussfit: ed my :pottymouth: up

Granted but your fingers get a millimeter shorter each time you do it.

I wish I could turn my hearing on and off so I could avoid noise when I wanted to and focus better, on important matters

Sneaky bluedog gots me again

Granted, the sun can come out when it's not raining, that is to say at night so we can have endless sunlight. A blessing or a curse depending on your perspective. A nightmare for scientists

My original wish still stands

MacBat 64 - anyone heard of it?
I've heard of it but I wasn't really interested in it. I don't have a strong opinion of it either way. Certain parts of the visuals don't look very N64-esque and the parts that do go for the lower quality look of games like Glover of Gex 64. That and I don't agree with any notion that n64 style games should go for the low resolution and bad draw distance look of many n64 games. Low poly could possibly be used in a more styalized art style I guess. As for the gameplay it doesn't interest me either. I hope the person making it got some good experience and had fun making it though

May Game of the Month Vote Off
Lol when the best racers on the system come up Mickey Speedway is usually brought up specifically to talk about how much worse it is in comparison :lol: be thankful Ridge Racer fans. Besides there are so many racing games on this system it doesn't have to be the best or even in the top ten to still be a good game. The game of the month usually has less than 10 people voting per month so votes aren't indicative of much besides what mood the voters are in. I usually never vote for which one is my actual favorite.

Also about the pool of good games getting smaller, I would say it is still pretty big. Maybe in 6 years we will have to start changing things up. Like adding Japanese games for example. Or doing multiple sports games at once. No one wants NASCAR 99 and NASCAR 2000 to have separate months right?

Hardest N64 levels
Apr 24 2017, 02:29 AM
Jet Force Gemini
Final boss and Floyd missions Expert medals.

lol I forgot abou the those freaking things. They are harder than Fire Electric Pen I assure you :lol:

May Game of the Month Vote Off
Waiting to see if anyone actually votes Ridge Racer, it's been nominated so many times. Mickey is definitely my favorite of those 6 choices though...

Hardest N64 levels
Speed running Goldeneye I'd say Silo can be a very tough level, as is Train or any level where you have to run past tons of guys that can make the game lag like crazy. I found War quite easy in Perfect Dark. I remember there being some easy methods like peeking through the door in the penultimate room instead of actually going in. It's been a while since I played though.

I found Goldeneye a lot tougher then Perfect Dark personally. I can't think of any levels that I found tough once I knew where I was going.

What Grinds Our Gears?
No mention of how burps are far worse then farts? Seriously the worst burps are far worse than any fart. How is yawning disgusting? Unless you mean people who loudly groan as they do it, which is a bit of a gear grinder. I mean moan in private all you want but I'm trying to enjoy my Mcdonald's stop making deep throat noises (I don't eat mcdonalds btw, just wanted a world wide restaurant as example)

What Grinds Our Gears?
I hate when I get sat down and ready to write, really get the words flowing, and someone asks me to do something that takes up my whole day. This time it was moving furniture. Not even their furniture, its for this :cussfit: of an old women. Be thankful I helped you at all considering I barely know you.

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
I assume you can figure how to dodge the girls hands and breasts. The hard part, aside from not letting the analog stick slip, is those pieces of wall that are moving up and down at the top. The way I did it was to move into them as they are moving upward and exit them as the move downward. Once they go down the pieces of track actually get closer together so you want to exit almost as soon as they start moving down. I found that to be the easiest way past those. Otherwise it's just lots and lots of trial and error. The second room is quite hard to get used to since you have to do the first room first, plus how fast you get through the first room effects the gear in the second room. Thankfully there is a checkpoint at the start of the second room but it's hard to time your start so that you make it to the gear when it's open. Otherwise it just eats your time up bad, and there is a thin stretch at the end where you need time to be careful. I think I finished with less then 20 seconds left.

It's hard to explain through text but really perseverance is key to these things because you'll find yourself getting better and better. I hope you can win if you decide to try again. It's a good game to say "yeah I beat that"

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Wow I bet that would be very interesting. Fire Electric Pen is a great game to test the difference since you have to be so light with the stick. I'm lucky I have a perfectly tight Grape Purple controller. Playing with anything less than a perfect analog stick would be impossible.

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
I'm not surprised my times are good considering I was apparently using the speedy gold pen though you rarely have opportunities to go full speed on the final stage, That video you posted of level 6, I got a way better time than that person for a couple reasons. The person playing takes the long way around the wheel at the beginning. If you just go forward you can get through that Wheel in like 2 seconds.

Also the final room with the gears and pillars, the rotation of the gear depends on how fast you cleared the other room. If you don't do it very fast and make it to the gear on time you will get stuck having to wait for the gear opening for like 30 seconds, since the bouncing pillars will usually block you. Those little timing are so hard and require to play so fast that you would need a computer to be able to get perfect times. The first 4 levels really only took me a couple tries since there are no moving obstacles. I'd go as far as saying the last level is the only hard one in the game, but boy it is hard.

D.J Cat
Apr 19 2017, 12:05 PM
I guess I might give this a go, I'm a hugely giant Rare fan but don't feel excited for whatever reason.
However, now that it's out, I'm sure I will enjoy it.

Don't worry I'm not too excited for it either. That is to say I think many people's disapointment with the game is based on being too hyped for it. Of course it has real flaws that could bother people but I think it will be a fun game when I play it because I've been getting into old 3D platformers a lot the past few years. If only I had a next gen console I would pick it and Snake Pass up immediately.

I am a bit sick of hearing people talk down at 3D platformers since it came out though. I should probably just avoid the sites where I know it's gonna happen.

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
I saw your old posts when you were playing the game and figured this would surprise you. Interesting that there was a contest for this game. If only I was born a bit earlier I could have gotten some free pizza :lol:

I'm not even saying this to brag but really, is may be one of the least beaten n64 games of them all. I've played plenty of hard games but his one is particularly infamous for it. This is gonna be something I mention every time Fire Electric Pen comes up, just like my MISCHIEF MAKERS S RANKS. Maybe I should change my username to I Beat Fire Electric Pen now that I've made a name for myself...

Also that silver crown is gonna kill me forever, but for now I must rest

Shellshocker18: Gaming Achievements
Added quite bit since last time. Most notably Fire Electric Pen which is an accomplishment only someone with as much free time as me could endure.

A few others games added: Glover, Bomberman Second Attack, and the Japanese Bomberman 64 where I 100% both single player modes.

And now Duck Dodgers

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