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Favorite extremely small details in games
Aug 30 2016, 01:02 PM

I am helping Mario
**** *** press AorB
standing still.

Oh my god. It's so low res that it's almost impossible to tell but it actually does look like that's what it says. If this was intentional from Nintendo then that really is a small detail. Funny how I can play Mario 64 for 20 years and still find out things like this. Are the signs different in the Japanese version?

Favorite extremely small details in games
Aug 29 2016, 01:16 PM
What do people make of this one? Another Goldeneye one. Is this DK's face on the mountain face of the Dam level? A little cheeky add in from Rare
That seems like one of those " I see Jesus in my coffee table" kinda things. But yeah that is very suspicious.

Favorite extremely small details in games
This can be anything really. A minuscule story detail, some Easter egg dialogue, or something that is just hard to spot. I'll start with an example of one I found out just today.

In the 3rd world of Goemon's Great Adventure, Mafu Island, the characters have diffrent idle animations where they pull out Japanese folding fans to cool themselves off, since the world is filled with lava.

Sorry for the awful quality but you can tell they are fanning themselves right?

Posted Image

That's actually not even the small detail I'm talking about though. What surprised me is that Sasuke, the robot character, is unaffected by the heat and does not pull out a fan. I love that the game developers actually imployed such a simple piece of logic into a game where logic is mostly nonexistent anyway.

I hope I got across the kind of thing I'm looking for. Like how in Mario 64, Mario has a left hand door opening animation and a right hand door opening animation which are completely diffrent. That's the kind of thing I am wanting to hear about.

September Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Chameleon Twist 2

Makes a good afternoon of simple fun. Reminds me a bit on Super Mario 3d Land/ World with how linear it is. It makes a fun speedrun as well.

Creepy or dark N64 moments
In Rocket Robot on Wheels, the room with the troll has 4 severed hands chained to the wall behind him, for seemingly no reason. It's funny how games used to just have things like that and no one batted an eye. Probably because of the low res graphics making it seem less :cussfit: up than it actually is.

Also Space Station Silicon Valley has some dead bodies and severed heads of scientists seemingly murdered by robot animals. These 2 examples are pretty tame but I figured no one would mention them.

Underrated N64 music
Jul 22 2016, 01:41 AM

Also, Edo Castle from the second Goemon game always pumped me up. Very grooving!

Goemon's Great Adventure is just underrated in general. The theme I always get stuck in my head is Favor, which is the one that plays when you do some of the finding things mini games.

But the entire soundtrack for the game is fantastic.

The Rocket Robot on Wheels website still exists
Aug 3 2016, 10:02 PM

If intentional, it's a pretty awesome thing for Sucker Punch to keep up, as a fun little artifact from their humble beginnings.
It seems intentional considering the Playstation in the url, although there is no way to reach this page on their website. You have to type this specific url to reach it. I do think it is awesome that it still exists. I tried to find some other n64 sites but it seems like this is the only one that is still viewable. It's not like every game got one back then.

Like a child, I printed out the coloring pages and I'm going to color them in crayon when I get the time, so they look real childlike.

The Rocket Robot on Wheels website still exists
Hello everyone. This is the first thing I've posted on this website, so I hope this is in the right place and it hasn't been posted before.

Here is the website for Sucker Punch studios first game, and only n64 game, Rocket Robot on Wheels in all it's mid nineties glory.


I think it's cool that they still have this old site integrated into their new one. There are lots of diffrent tabs and cool little story bits. They even tease about the next game they are making, which turned out to be the first sly cooper game.

I posted this on reddit and actually had a chat with someone who made the Rocket Robot on wheels fansite which sucker punch still hosts so that's awesome too. It didn't get much attention on reddit, not as much as I thought it would anyway. I'm not the only one who thinks this is cool right?

Ahh my very first post. How time flies. I was so starry eyed back then. And sure enough less than 4 months later Suckerpunch seemed to remove the site forever. Such a shame. For anyone viewing this in the future here is an Internet way back machine archive of the site.


Unfortunately over half the site is lost forever and of what's left, a lot of images don't load. I never got around to printing off those coloring pages :(