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N64Forever Beats 'Em All!

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
More Japanese card games? Why yes? With an excellent randomly generated thumbnail I present me finishing up mission 7 of the single player in Goemon Mononoke Sugoroku, the last mission before the credits play, meaning I beat it.

Despite being called Sugoroku, this game isn't actually based on what the Japanese refer to as Sugoroku. It a version of Culdcept, a game invented on Sega Saturn in 1997 by Omiyasoft. Konami straight up ripped them off, which is okay because the game is good. Although I've heard it's aimed at children, it still took me forever to win.

Culdcept can get pretty complicated, but It's mostly about territory control and good management of resources, as well as not getting terribly unlucky dice rolls. You have monster cards, battle cards for enhancing their stats before the start of a battle, and spells which are used before you roll your dice to do a number of wacky things.

Players can place monsters on the board. Battles start if the player lands on the same space as a monster summoned by another player or if two separate monsters collide on the board. Each monster gets 1 attack and their stats are health, power, and speed which determines who attacks first, a vital stat of someone doesn't have enough health to withstand an attack. If the monster dies from the damage, the sum of the rest of the damage goes straight to the player. Everyone starts with 1,000 money, 2,000 health, and then it's a battle to the death. Everything costs money, and let's just say because I'm tired, running out of money is a :pottymouth: situation.

There are 15 characters total, 8 boards, and 340 cards total which take a bajilion years to unlock without gameshark. Amazingly, the entire cast of Konami's fighting game Rakuga Kids appear in various forms as cards. Most are monsters you can summon. An amazing cameo that's not in this vid because they are some of the final card I think can be unlocked.

In the story mode you either face 1 opponent or 2 opponents. Culdcept games, especially with 3 or 4 players, can take hours to complete if everyone has an even deck. How do you get a better deck? By winning cards! How to you win cards? By winning games! So yeah it's pretty slow. Chop it up to 20 hours or something I don't know.

Am I E3 Gold tier yet papi?

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
Aug 25 2017, 04:32 PM
One photo that would be really helpful would be the english menu screen of Sin & Punishment (wii U VC version has one).
So I got your message about that. With Japanese games, I'm doing my best to ensure the reader can use my writing to understand the game, but it still takes initiative on the part of players to figure out things like menu's or what the words on the options screens do.

With Sin & Punishment specifically, it has menu translations online, actually it even has a full N64 translation, and honestly its a very easy menu to figure out anyway. So let's say I do include a translated screenshot of the menu, should I do all the sub menus as well? Sure the game is easy to play without a translation, but what about all the other Japanese games with insanely complicated menus? This would be like if I translated every menu option in Nushi Tsuri or Sugoroku. I don't see the point of translating all those screens because it takes up too much space and even if I translate menus, players will still have to translate the rest of the game themselves, so in the end I barely helped them at all. I trust that anyone who both has interest in Japanese games and is willing to pay for an N-Cyclopedia 64 is smart enough to navigate Japanese menus.

I'm not coming off like a jerkass right? I really just don't see it as being worth the page space.

Wii discussion
I thought backwards compatible Wii's sold like hot cakes for like 5 straight years or something. They are certainly something most gamers should probably have but collectors items, that makes it seem like they are uncommon. I still have mine though. My mom got it in 5th grade. Jesus Christ I'm 20 now and I'm sad. My first 3 games on it were Twilight Princess, Resident Evil 4, and Mario Galaxy. Talk about a welcome party. I still remember kids from my childhood playing Wii Sports and Super Paper Mario at my church. I fear I'll never be enthusiastic about any consoles ever again at this rate.

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
Aug 20 2017, 02:03 PM
Very nice project guys. As you're going for a database-like book, is it an idea to include board-scans as well? Mostly because of the rise of repro games for N64. It might be a pain in the :donkey: since you're dealing with 3 regions as well and boards probably will vary between regios and maybe even with print runs. But, I do believe this forum has a pretty big (US) database as well. I might be able to provide some PAL scans as well.
Sorry for anyone in the thread if it ever seems we aren't answering questions. I don't because this project is still pretty early. Though work is being done I still think it's still in a stage where things are always changing.

So, including board pictures of every game. I took most the U.S board pictures and in general, most N64 games use the same shaped boards. It think that at the very least, we can include pictures of all the typical boards, and any games that have unique board shapes like Ogre Battle or Waialae, with a list of what games use that board type, as well as explain what the inside of a board consists of. I think that's enough to help people understand and avoid bad fakes. Realistically, getting pics of every board requires a ton of cooperation and takes up lots of page space. There's also a high chance we miss one then I feel like crap we missed something nobody would notice was missing. It may not be worth including that in the book, but of course that could all change.

Also I'm sure a small home brew will be included as it seems to me here is very little going on in that scene. I'd have to do some research. A section dedicated to what the N64 has been doing since it became antiquated would include lots of things. Rom hacks, translations, N64 programming, fan projects and custom hardware. Lots of stuff. It's the fans that keep any console alive with these sorts of things.

Again, glad to see the enthusiasm from everyone. Even if work is slow, i hope by the end we have something that's unmatchable in quality. The day we have enough done to really start sharing with everybody will be exciting. Questions are always welcome in here, this is everyone's book.

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Rock on Rocky! You have been blessed with a visit from the Rocky-fire explosion!

:wub: Thinking of you

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
This is the end of the story

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
But man what a story

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
I like monkeys

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Don't forget to bring a towel

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
I've always thought flying cars would be impractical but then again what do I know. It sounds like it would give angry drivers more angles to completely screw someone up with and make police chases 10 times more dangerous since they can't block the driver off easily.

Also this was probably a week and a half ago but my first year anniversary for this forum happened. Hooraaay. So much has changed. I've learned a lot and made at most 5 or 6 aqquatinces. That's pretty much it... hooraaay

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Hey bluedogrulez! Can you update the post? I've beaten 10 games since the last update this is getting out of hand, 11 if you count Midway Arcade Classics which I don't have any proof of. If any of you want to know how dedicated I am to the N-Cyclopedia 64 reviews know that I learned Hanafuda in order to review a game nobody cares about to ensure the game gets the best English coverage possible.

In my ongoing Japanese efforts, I have completed the story mode of 64 Hanafuda Tenshi no Yakusoku, the most obscure and pointless game I've ever completed by a long shot.

Here is footage of the very end of my last game against this old guy, which was the 9th stage which only took 2 tries, stage 8 was actually way harder and took like 5 hours. The whole game took maybe 8 hours but probably a lot more than that since I had to learn how the game is actually played.

Yes there is no sound I forgot to turn it on because usually I'm only recording for screenshots. The music isn't great

The game has 3 different Hanafuda games, Koi-Koi, Hachi-Hachi (88), and another I haven't figured out the exact name of yet. Hanafuda gameplay and rulesets are insanely obscure to find online for most of the different games. Point is in story mode you play all of them with the settings becoming harder on later chapters.

He story is ridiculous. An 18 year old named Ryuji comes to town looking for and old girl friend of his from 13 years ago who wanted to meet up, in a field. Thing is he doesn't know where the field is and in the process of trying to find it he runs into the zombie population of this town who solves all their problems with Hanafuda. Seriously there is a police officer who won't give him a map unless he beats him at Hanafuda, then he ends up not even giving Ryuji a map anyway, what a jackass.

Afterwards beating it once you can do the whole story again with the girl, and from what I can tell it's all the same opponents with the same settings just with slightly different dialogue, I consider it beaten as most people never make it past the first stage as proven by the N64 Anthlogy and all other English coverage of the game.

What Grinds Our Gears?
Good to hear! Except the part about youtubes stupid spam folder. It had me annoyed for a good 20 minutes that day. You also at least interact with many of your commenters. A lot of youtubers are above their own audiences and never talk with them so that is nice to see. Good luck with the rest of the games you've got

Hurt/Heal: Ideal Vacation
Sigh, I'm going to have to play Bass Hunter 64 in the future. I'm really not looking forward to that

Hurt: Fishing
Heal: Cultural Event

All-in Resort - 25
Athletic Competition - 20
Camping/Hiking - 26
Cruise - 8
Cultural Event - 3
Eco-Tour - 18
Enrichment Classes - 18
Fishing Trip - 9
Hobby Convention - 17
Music Festival - 25
Road Trip/Rally - 23
Sight Seeing - 19
Ski Trip - 19
Spa/Yoga Retreat - 21
Sporting Event - 21
Staycation - 14
The Beach - 29
Theme/Water Park - 20
Visiting Friends/Family - 18

20th - Hunting Trip