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Shellshocker18's Patented Rocket Robot on Wheels Super Speed Speedrun
Hello Everyone!

This is a challenge I've wanted to exist for a while now. Unfortunately this game only has like 8 people in the world who speedrun it and a cheat category doesn't exist yet. It's really fun so I thought I could incentivize people to try it out with my new challenge.

The Rocket Robot on Wheels Super Speed Speedrun Challengetm!!

I'd like to see everyones quickest times beating Rocket Robot on Wheels, with the catch that everyone uses this cheat code

Pause the game and use the d-pad and buttons to enter

Super Speed: Z, Right, Down, Up, Down, R, Up, Down, Left, Up

This increases Rocket's max roll speed and really cuts down on travel time. If you know where all the collectibles are it makes for some very quick worlds.

So post your best times and I'll start a leaderboard. I realize that most people aren't as familiar with Rocket as they may be with other 3D platformers so I don't expect many submissions. I'd suggest playing the game casually before trying this so you don't stress yourself out thinking about the time.

You can do this in multiple sittings of course. Playing one world at a time is a good way to pace yourself. Once you find everything in a world, saving and exiting from the menu then reselecting your file stops the clock, which means it's faster than manually walking to the worlds exit.

Other than that it all comes down to skill and knowing where all the collectibles are. Feel free to take your time submitting. Good luck and have fun! :yeah:

(ultra mega hint, if you pause the game the clock stops counting. you can use this time to strategize and take pee breaks or whatever)

If someone decides to play the game with the super speed, tell me what you think. I personally think it makes the game a lot funner to play.

A 100% Save File should have 84# Tickets and 1400 Tokens.

Posted Image

This is the time to beat. 3 hours and 16 minutes.

I made a lot of mistakes but I did pretty good. I mean I do know this game inside and out. I'd be impressed if anyone could beat it.
( that's supposed to make you wanna beat me. don't let my smug :donkey: win)

Also serious tip: The game auto saves everytime you pick something up. So if you screw up or die and want to reset, DON'T DO IT. It just wastes more time.

Oh yeah I should include individual world times as well shouldn't I?

Whoopie World: 47 minutes
Clowney Island: 21 minutes
Paint Misbehavin: 27 minutes
Mine Blowing: 30 minutes
Arabian Flights: 19 minutes
Pyramid Scheme: 26 minutes
Food Fright: 22 minutes

Most of my time was lost on the final level which counts as part of Woopie World. I've been thinking about trying again to get a sub-3 hour time but I'll wait until I have someone to compete with. I wonder if I should start a moon jump-low gravity any% catagory. That way you don't have to get every single collectible in the game to compete, only the minimum 65 tickets.

Favorite extremely small details in games
So in the troll room in Food Fright of Rocket Robot on Wheels I always thought this glove was a reference to the Wizards Glove from Glover.

Posted Image

It has the 4 fingers and the black eyes on a white glove. Also Rocket came out a year after Glover so this could be a legit reference. I wonder if Hasbro Interactive felt bad seeing Glover with blood gushing out of his wrist.

Play an N64 game...
Sep 20 2016, 05:31 AM
For some reason no one has ever documented what the difference is between easy and hard. I'm writing a review currently so I've been playing through again on easy and hard ( with cheat codes so it doesn't take forever) and the only difference is that you take less damage from the bugs. Literally everything else is the same. Ammo pickups are the same, harvesters are just as aggressive, water still kills you quickly, the amount of enemies is the same, the amount of damage weapons do is the same.
So to add on to what I said about Body Harvest's hard and easy mode last week, I actually found another difference between easy and hard. On easy, either certain weapons do more damage, or the aliens do not get stronger as the game goes on.

This is most noticable in America with the shotgun, as aliens are usually killed in one shot on easy while on hard it takes 2-3 shots at the same distance. Still, I'm not sure if it's the aliens health or the weapons damage that's different. The pistol and machine gun seem to do the same amount of damage, if there is a difference it is miniscule compared to the shotgun.

It seems like on easy Body Harvest stays the same difficulty throughout while on hard the aliens get stronger as the game goes on. I wish I could see the games programming files to confirm it, but that's what it seems like.

What Grinds Our Gears?
Yeah I swear people either don't know what mint means or they just use those words to get people to click on their online listings.


This eBay listing hits every pet peeve of mine.

First of all, it isn't mint if the box has worn corners and a sticker on the back. The Label has tear at the top. This isn't mint, It's good condition, but not mint. Not to mention Banjo Tooie complete is not Rare in any sense of the word ( don't make the Rareware joke ). Kinda expensive does not mean Rare. I am so peeved

And the listing ends six seconds after I post... I'm still peeved about it though.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Space Station Silicon Valley is THE biggest reason I'm glad I got back into n64 about 3 years ago, along with this board of course ^_^ . So sad I didn't play it when I was younger but at least I have it now. Same with Banjo-Kazooie, Goemon, and a bunch of other games.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
I'm not sure if this counts as something that should be in this thread since it isn't a game or a console, but I found this today in a thrift store and it brought a lot of memories rushing back. Please tell me someone here remembers this TV.

Posted Image

Posted Image

This is a Samsung GX TV from the late 90's. It has 4 surround sound speakers and a subwoofer on top. When I was a youngin, every target and k-mart in my area used these tvs to display and demo new and upcoming Nintendo 64 and GameCube games. I remember playing Donkey Kong 64 and Mario Party 5 on these things.

I always wanted one because when I was a kid I didn't have a tv in my room. We had one tv in the living room sat on top a milk crate with the n64 on the floor, which is where I played Mario 64 for the first time, which was also my first video game ever. I begged for this thing but it was too expensive when it came out because it was made specifically for playing video games.

Nowadays it is more of a collectors item. It's made mostly for kids because of the small screen
( see n64 game for scale, and yes that's me holding a lamp in the reflection to get a decent picture) and the doors to protect the screen, but I got it real cheap. It is missing the remote, and I'm pretty sure there was a rotating stand that came with it that I didn't get, but I'm still happy I got to see this thing again and use it for myself.

The audio quality is definatly awesome. The small screen would be a problem for most people but I actually like to sit on the floor and pretty close to the tv when I play any Nintendo system pre GameCube. It's just a weird habit I've always had, but it helps me stay invested in the gameplay. It works really well at eye level, like on my desk. It actually works really well for NES Genesis And SNES games. N64 seems a little weird for most games since the screen is so small, it's a little harder to see far ahead.

If there is a better thread for something like this someone please let me know.

What Grinds Our Gears?
So his last activity was on August 22nd, the same day he joined. So he made 53 posts in one day. Jeez. What was he selling that he couldn't just throw up on EBay?

Play an N64 game...
Thats great that you can enjoy it. It seems alot of people had similar experiences with Pilotwings 64, but is one of the very few n64 games I just can't get into. Mostly because the whole point seems to be maximising score which isn't very relaxing too me. I can tell it was impressive when the system first came out but something about it seems more antiquated than most games to me. I have more fun just flying around in Grand Theft Auto 5. So many games now have flying thats more complex than all of Pilotwings and huge detailed worlds and they usually have other things to do on top of that. It's just not for me.

October Game of the Month Vote Off
Toy Story 2 was one of my favorite games as a kid. I hope it wins so I can tell you how much I don't like it anymore. It's certainly better than South Park though

Goemon's Great Adventure
Review Written September 23rd, 2016

*Requires Controller Pak. 7 pages for 1 block, one block holds 3 save files.

Expansion Pak support: none

Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka
Publisher: Konami

Posted Image
The cool but kinda generic North American Box Art

Posted Image
The super awesome European Box Art that much better represents the game and is more eye catching.
I would buy a poster of this in an instant.

Goemon's Great Adventure

Goemon's Great Adventure, also known as Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon in Europe, is a 2.5D platformer/adventure game. It was the second Goemon game on the Nintendo 64 and the final game in the Goemon series to be released outside of Japan. This game and the original Mystical Ninja remain Nintendo 64 exclusives.


Platforming Basics

This game is a 2d platformer. It has 21 stages and 6 villages across its 5 worlds.

I know it doesn't sound like alot and admittedly it isn't the longest 2d platformer ever, but many levels have multiple exits or can be re-visited for sidequests.

Most stages also have multiple paths which often intersect with other paths, meaning that a second or even third trip though a stage can feel completely different. Not every stage is like this though as some stages only have one path.

The 4 playable characters at first seem mostly the same. However, the longer you play the more you discover the characters intricacies and you will quickly find a favorite.

Goemon: Best character for first time players. He can clear any level with relative ease. He has a double jump which is the main reason most players will use him. He also gets a chain pipe which is a ranged attack that doesn't require ammo.

Ebisumaru: Can get a megaphone which can create platforms, even partially in gaps. These combined with his ground bounce give him the highest jump in the game, though it takes time to set up. His ground bounce is also invincible for 80% of the animation time. This means you can bounce on spikes and through flames and not take damage, use it to avoid damage from projectiles, and attack enemies below you without danger. The megaphone platforms can even be launched to destroy enemies below you to either side, making it one of the only diagonal attacks.

Sasuke: Runs slightly faster than Goemon and Ebisumaru and has no landing lag after attacking in the air. His hair can attack slightly farther if you attack straight up or when you're crouching. Plus when you have full upgrades you can throw infinite kunai's until the next time you take damage, which Is also the fastest attack method in the game. He can throw bombs which can be used to attack diagonally and kill multiple enemies at once. All this makes him the most versatile character for combat in the game. He is also one of the two characters who can swim underwater, but you'll learn quickly not to use him because

Yae: Is the best swimmer. Can use a dash under water which makes her fast and practically invincible 90% of the time. Seriously you can swim right through jellyfish and spikes without getting hurt and she is fast as hell. She also has no landing lag after air attacks and runs at the same speed as Sasuke, although her attack speed doesn't get faster as her weapon upgrades. Her projectile is a bazooka and if you charge it all the way, it can lock on to enemies. Also you can do amazing glitches with her in a speedrun.

The platforming in this game is very twitchy. Once you jump you have complete control of yourself in the air. Jumps typically last between 1/2 a second and 3/4 of a second from the time you jump until the time you land.

Since jumping is so fast, platforms are very close together, which means you shouldn't have much trouble clearing gaps once you learn the distance of your jumps.

The bulk of challenge comes from avoiding getting hit by enemies and avoiding moving obstacles while you are traversing.

Often times enemies can attack from the backround or enemies are placed in areas with lots of moving platforms or bottomless pits.

When you get hit your character gets knocked back slightly and hops up and down backwards, which can lead to you falling down said pits.

In this game you have 3 units on your health bar which means you can only get hit 3 times in a row before you die. Enemies can drop dumplings which refill 1 unit of health, and you can purchase armor that gives you up to three additional hits.

Sometimes the difference between dying and living is whether or not enemies drop health, which is completely random. In some of the harder stages you'll be praying for enemies to drop health which may or may not happen.

The levels are filled with many enemies. Most are defeated in one hit and pose little threat. Some enemies are stronger or move very fast, but they are still easy to kill. Stronger enemies come out at night, and drop twice as much Ryo, but are still not very threatening. The hardest enemies are ones placed on small platforms and ones with projectiles.

You are equipped with projectiles to make this easier, and you can crouch to avoid many attacks. You can also crawl with the Goemon series' signature worm crawl, and attack enemies below the belt.

Certain levels are better suited towards certain characters, which can be annoying if you just want to play as your favorite the whole time.

The worst example is when there is a bed of insta kill spikes that Yae and Sasuke can't jump over. You have to take damage to get after hit Invincibility, then run across while you are flashing. Damage boosts are not always a bad thing, but when only two characters are handicapped by them, it can be very annoying for many players.

Each character has a melee weapon. This weapon can be upgraded up to three times by picking up fortune dolls ( lucky white cat statues ) which randomly drop from enemies you defeat and can be found hidden in the environment.

Upgrading the weapon increases it's range and ups the amount of damage it deals to enemies. If you get hit, your weapon will lose 1 upgrade.

If you defeat an enemy with a melee attack they will drop Ryo coins, which act both as your currency and your projectile ammo.

Projectiles cost money to throw and enemies do not drop money if a projectile is used to defeat them. This gives attacking every enemy a small risk reward element.

You will defeat thousands of easy enemies throughout the game with melee attacks, which means you will always have money to use for projectiles if you need to.

The levels are built and rendered in full 3d, but the game is played in 2d. This is because the camera in the game is on rails and as it wraps around the level, your character moves with it as well. This gives the game some unique level designs by taking advantage of the n64's capabilities while still keeping the playability of a classic 2d sidescroller.

My only issue is that when moving up or down, the camera takes to long too follow your character which means you can get hit by things you didn't see

You can play the game with either the control stick or the D-Pad. Both work perfectly well, and I often switch between the two during play, although the analog stick is more comfortable in my experience.

When using the d-pad you always run at full speed, which in this game is quite fast.

Using the analog stick means you can slow down and use more precise movements on small platforms to position yourself to deal with certain enemies. This is never a requirement nor does it really ever help since the game is pretty face paced even when you take it slow, but it does feel different than using a d-pad.

Structure and Progression

The goal of the game is to collect Entry Passes. You receive one at the end of every stage and for completing sidequests. You need a certain number of entry passes in each world to open the gate to the final stage in each world which is a castle.

There are 44 Entry Passes in the game, but 30 is the minimum needed for completion.

Most entry passes come simply from reaching the exits of the normal platforming stages, but there is a big issue with this.

This game uses a world map to view and select the levels. The game marks which levels you have found all the exits in with a flag that says CLEAR on the world map.

This helps you know if a stage still has an exit you didn't find which is good, but here is the catch.

A couple levels have entry passes hidden in them that aren't found at the exit. This means if you find all the stages exits the flag will come up that says CLEAR, even though there may still be an entry pass hidden in the level.

This could slightly confuse players trying to find all the entry passes after they have beaten the game. It should have been that the flag only goes up once you truly have every entry pass in a level.

Some Entry Passes can only be obtained after beating the final stage so you can't get them all during the main game if you are going for 100%.

The rest of the entry passes come from completing side quests that you find in the towns.

Towns and Sidequests

Each world has a village. In between levels you can visit them so you can speak to villagers, enter shops, and hunt for sidequests.

These sections are slightly 3d but the camera is still in a fixed position so getting lost is no issue.

There are no enemies here so you are free to explore and take your time. The game adds a run button to let you tornado through these areas if you want to get back in the action as soon as possible which is especially convenient on repeat playthroughs.

The towns start really simple, but the layouts of the later towns are more convoluted and take a long time to learn, which can be annoying if all you want is to find a certain building.

Each town has several key locations

You can save your game and rest at the inn to restore health.

You can switch characters at the teahouse.

The stores sell useful items like armor to give you a few extra hits and rice balls to revive you if you die.

Restaurants sell food which can restore your health and give you extra lives.

The fortune teller will give you hints to the location of entry passes in the world, free of charge!

And you can go in houses and roam the streets talking to villagers. All villagers can be talked to and they tell you secrets, have weird and pointless dialogue, or most importantly, give you sidequests to earn more entry passes.

These sidequests are usually very easy. Most involve a fetch quest, talking to someone specific, or revisiting levels to collect things or kill monsters.

Most of the sidequests aren't great but a few are especially tedious.

One entry pass in particular requires you to farm Ryo for around 30 minutes, and if you want to 100% the game and unlock the alternate costumes or play the 3-4 player mode, this is required.

Not all of these are completly un-fun though. The Obisumaru races and hide and seek in particular were highlights for me. They aren't necessary to beat the game of course as the entry pass requirements are quite low, but if you want the 100% you will have to grin and bear some of these.

Castle Stages, Bosses, and Impact

The final level in each world is a castle. These areas are the longest and hardest stages in the game. The difficulty spike is especially noticeable in the first world as you have 3 easy stages followed by one of the hardest levels in the game.

Remember when I said you'll be praying for health drops? This is where most of that praying will take place and I don't think God will hear you.

They each have a regular boss at the end, and an Impact fight afterwards.

The bosses are all uniquely designed from an aesthetic point of view, but the fights are mostly the same. Just dodge and get a couple hits in when you can.

Most of them use the backround and 3d nature of the game in a unique way which is nice.

I won't spoil them but they are all pretty easy as long as you have health when you go to fight them. If you do lose all your lives at a boss, the whole castle level must be replayed again.

Once you beat a boss you then must do battle with a giant robot in an Impact battle. If you game over in an Impact fight you only restart at the impact fight, which is nice since the first time you fight will be a trial and error process.

Impact fights are simple affairs of punching projectiles to avoid damage and attacking the enemy robot when it gets close. You can also spam projectiles to chip away at its health if it is far away from you.

There are more impacts fights here than the first game, and they are more scripted and less free-form than in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon.

The repeated punch is now a cutscene so you can't follow it up with anything you want. There is no chain pipe to grapple the enemy either.

Thankfully the game does show the controls for the combos on the pause screen, so you don't need a guide to learn the moves. Huge improvement.

The only new thing is that Impact got married and his wife joins him in the fights. You must pass the rod to her to switch which you can right before getting hit to avoid damage, and both robots have separate health bars.

A small note is that the frame rate is less smooth during these sections. Not choppy but the gameplay here is definitely slow compared to the rest of the game.

Multiplayer and 100% Completion

This game is the only n64 platformer to boast co-operative play. There is a cheat code for a third or fourth player, but you must have a 100% completed file on the memory card first.

You also gain access to 3 alternate costumes for each character which must be bought in all the games shops. Unfortunately you will have to grind more money if you want to buy them all.

You must hold down right-c and Start on the third and fourth controllers to add a third and fourth player. They will have infinite lives and have to re-enter this code everytime there is a screen transition. Thankfully the code is short.

The reason for this is that 2 of the characters can't swim underwater. Some levels have parts where this is required and if they didn't disappear after going underwater, then you wouldn't be able to beat the level. Character switching panals are always placed before underwater sections for this reason.

It is a thoughtful design choice but I wonder if only allowing 2 characters to swim underwater was worth this, especially since the underwater sections aren't as good as the regular parts of levels. I know they wanted Sasuke and Yae to have a unique ability but it's an odd design quirk that is neither good or bad

In the 2 player multiplayer, if one player runs out of lives, they can borrow a life from the other player, meaning that the players can share lives.

As long as both players don't die at the same time, you don't have to return to the beginning of the stage or the mid-level checkpoints when you die. This can make the game easier as long as both players co-operate.

In multiplayer you can go what is called a piggyback, where one character carries the other. The carrier walks and jumps while the rider attacks. This ability makes certain platforming sections more bearable in multiplayer since one player won't fall behind, again as long as the players are cooperating.

Of course the camera is a small issue as it follows the leading player, but as long as players use cooperation this should be of much hindrance.

And during the Impact Battles each player takes control of one robot. The tag team dynamic of the fights makes them much more fun than in single player.

Graphics and Aesthetics

Graphically the game is very good. The textures are varied between every level and are mostly crisp, by Nintendo 64 standards of course. The frame rate rarely dips when playing the normal stages even with multiple players. The Impact battles tend to chug along, but they aren't horrid or unplayable by any means.

One issue graphically is that while the game worlds are rendered in full 3d, which normally looks great, there are many noticeable instances of polygon seams, especially on hills or cliff rocks in the backround. They are pretty easy to ignore playing on a crt tv, but if you play on emulators or a modded n64 on a HD TV they are much more noticeable.

Another is that pop in occurs in the backround of some stages on the edges of screen. It's not a big deal, I'm sure this was unavoidable.

Aesthetically the game is one of the most detailed of any n64 game, partly due to the 2d nature giving the artists less space to render at once. The game has tons of little details like falling leaves which are rare for n64 games.

Small details like enemies being cut in half by blade weapons, certain situations having special idle animations, the enemies even become ghosts when you kill them.

One of my favorites is that when attacking with Ebisumaru's paddle, it swats enemies into the backround and if they hit something they will flatten against it. This detail was present in some of the Snes Goemon games, but the amount of programming that had to go into this considering this game is built entirely with polygons astounds me.

The enemies, structures, and items are all based on things from Japanese culture and Folklore. If you play a lot of Japanese games, or actually know things about Japanese culture from things other than video games, you may recognize many of the things you see. All these designs help give the Goemon games their distinct flavor within the platform genre.

The first 3 worlds use a flat image as the skybox. They are okay looking, It's certainly better than nothing, but they could have had more detail. Given the amount of work that went into the foreground of most levels, I can't really say I'm disappointed.

The 4th world has no skybox and uses fog instead. It takes place in a misty jungle with tombstones and ancient ruins and at night it gets a creepy green glow. The use of fog is okay in this case.

The 5th world is the only one that looks poor. It takes place in the sky, so it is covered in boring white fog. This is because the levels have huge structures with moving parts, and since the n64 can only have so much on screen at once, they needed a way to mask the structure to keep the frame rate stable. Still doesn't look good compared to the first 4 worlds though.

The game has a persistent day night cycle, which I absolutely love. The music changes as the day turns to night and vice-versa. Sounds of crickets and low key music is extremely relaxing.

Music and Sound

One if the very best soundtracks on the system. Not only are the tracks great, but there are a lot of tracks as well.

The songs all use traditional Japanese instruments combined with a few modern instruments and synthesizers. The music changes as the day transitions into the night, and progressively gets more intense in the Castle Stages as you get closer to the end. It's all polished and professional.

The sound effects are all great to. The footsteps aren't louder than the music and are different depending on what surface you walk on (take that Chameleon Twist), the moving obstacles in the stage all have appropriate sounds, and the environments have tons of atmospheric sounds of you listen for them.

The small amount of spoken words also sound good, although I'm not sure if it is actual Japanese or just gibberish. . . Don't look at me! I don't know what Japanese people sound like.

Wackiness and Atmosphere

In the previous game, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, the story was about some alien dancers who, in their peach shaped spaceship, ripped a piece of Japan and lifted it into the air planning to turn all of Japan into a stage for their opera. The script was full of surrealist humor with many things that don't fit the games time period, innuendos, and fourth wall breaking nonsense.

This style of humor is one of the defining features of the Goemon games, and while I'm not the biggest fan of this humor, I much prefer it to boring and generic dialogue that most games have.

This game still has alot of this charm but it is missing it in two key areas, the story and the cutscenes.

The story in this game is that Ebisumaru's ancestor Bismaru wants to use a machine to revive the dead to create an army of undead creatures. It's a little cliche and I promise that nothing else interesting happens.

This wouldn't be terrible as long as all the character interactions were still wacky and offbeat, but they usually aren't.

The first cutscene is good, and the final cutscene is particularly phenomenal. And every other cutscene is extremely boring.

The main characters almost never say anything even remotely funny. They are mostly focused on spouting exposition for the story which isn't nowhere near as of the wall as it should have been.

Also Goemon actually uses the word :cussfit: a few times. It feels like the game was trying to be less wacky so it wouldn't turn people off, but it thankfully only half-assed that.

During cutscenes in the first game, the player could skip through the dialogue boxes as quickly as they wanted. Here though you have to wait for dialogue to advance on its own, and it thinks I read like a 4 year old with text speed that is abysmally slow.

There are 2 cutscenes that were in the Japanese version, which are missing for seemingly no reason.

The intro song

And a missing impact intro

Yes these cutscenes are long, but if they are skippable then what's the point of removing them? Is it because they are too weird?

The game over screen is still a dancing male model in a thong with devil horns. The fortune teller is still a guy in a gimp mask and boxers who is swinging on the male gender symbol while two giants who are made of what appears to be wheat dance next to him. But good lord the singing is just too weird.

Closing Thoughts

It's interesting Konami decided to turn the sequel to a 3d adventure game into a sidescrolling platformer on the same system. As a result, the war between which N64 Goemon game is better is entirely subjective and also never ending since they both hold a special place in the N64 library.

The choice to make a 2d game was great since the N64 was very short on 2d platformers, and the ones we did get were either very experimental like Mischief Makers and Yoshi's Story, or incredibly easy like Kirby 64. Or made for 4 year olds like Tarzan and Tigger's Honey Hunt.

This game was made for experienced platformer fans who just wanted a quality game. It shows that the quality of 2d platformers from the snes era could have been continued onto the N64 if only the console has been more successful.

I believe more N64 owners deserve the opportunity to play this game, but it is unfortunately becoming quite expensive for a loose cart and I've never seen a cartridge in the wild. If you can get ahold of it though, go for if the price is right. You're paying for quality.

Traditional Platforming Action with a hint of 3d to make it unique
Excellent Presentation and Sound
Unique Playable Characters
Co-op play

Slow cutscenes with less humor than other Goemon games
Boring and tedious sidequests making 100% completion a chore
The camera moves too slow when moving vertically meaning you can get hit by things you couldn't see

Play an N64 game...
So I've started playing Lode Runner 3-d after a long hiatus (like a week at max) of not really playing any n64 games for fun. It's not bad at all. I actually quite like it for how cheap it was.

Why does every infogrames game have a terrible frame rate? This game is a few blocks, a couple blocky character models, and a flat backround. It should be like 60 fps but instead it looks about like 15. I don't know if this is because of a stuttering camera or if the game actually is running that bad, but whatever the reason this game is kinda hurting my eyes.

Easter Eggs Super Mario 64
Sep 23 2016, 05:25 AM

It says A Secret star lie here ~

People have been reading it wrong for 20 years. :yawn:
Thanks for crushing my childhood sense of wonder Mr. "I'm the master of reading illegible Mario 64 text." :/sarcasm

I'm actually kinda glad there is a real answer out there and that's it's not just gibberish. Thanks for putting in the time to figure that all out.

October Game of the Month Vote Off
My votes for South Park. The 20th season just started and I "beat" the game recently too.

Play an N64 game...
Sep 20 2016, 06:02 PM
Thanks Shellshocker18, always wondered what was the differences between Hero and the easier difficulty.
You're welcome. I'm surprised that in 20 years no reviewer took the time to figure that out, at least none that I can find.

I hope Tigger's Honey Hunt was good therapy after Body Harvest. You say it was fun, but something tells me I wouldn't like it if I played it. I do remember that the graphics were pretty unique though. Lots of Oranges and Purples in the backround.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
So a about a week ago I found some Nintendo 64 games and manuals in a Goodwill
Posted Image

Nothing special, all games that I already had, but some cheap manuals are nice, especially the Banjo-Kazooie one because it's one of my favorite games on the console and the manual has some cute dialogue inside. Best part is that they were 97 cents each.
Posted Image

You may notice that I didn't take pictures of the games. That's because they were all doubles, so I traded them into my local game store for $20 in credit. I used that money to get these.
Posted Image

The Nintendo 64 versions of Rayman 2 and Resident Evil 2. I haven't owned or Played Resident Evil 2 in nearly 10 years so I'm excited to play it. It is version 1.1, and I normally try to only get original versions, but it was free so I can't complain. These small victories are always nice. My N64 collection has now hit 80 games.

N64 Cartridge Board Scan/Picture Repository Complete! (NTSC)
Small update 3 new games

Kobe Bryant in Nba Courtside
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Top Gear Overdrive
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Wayne Gretsky's 3D Hockey
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And 2 confirmations

F1 World Grand Prix
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Donkey Kong 64
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Play an N64 game...
If you are going to play Body Harvest I would highly recommend having a walkthrough on standby. It makes parts of the game much less tedious if you get stuck, the game wants things done in a very specific way most of the time.

Also remember if you are playing the PAL version you have to play on Hero difficulty or else you can't beat the whole game. If it is a North American copy you can just play on easy.

For some reason no one has ever documented what the difference is between easy and hard. I'm writing a review currently so I've been playing through again on easy and hard ( with cheat codes so it doesn't take forever) and the only difference is that you take less damage from the bugs. Literally everything else is the same. Ammo pickups are the same, harvesters are just as aggressive, water still kills you quickly, the amount of enemies is the same, the amount of damage weapons do is the same.

To be honest, playing on easy might make the game a whole lot less frustrating, although not being able to survive long actually is one of the cool things about the game. You are the underpowered one and you just have to deal with the consequences if you die, which is having to play the level for 30 more minutes. It gives you a lot of incentive not to die, but the trade off is the huge amount of frustration dying can cause. It's up to your preference though.

N64 Cartridge Board Scan/Picture Repository Complete! (NTSC)
More new submissions. Mostly cheap games.

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All Star Baseball 2001
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Army Men Air Combat
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Automobili Lamborghini
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Brunswick Circut Pro Bowling
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California Speed
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Dark Rift
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Destruction Derby 64
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Duke Nukem 64
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Extreme G
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F1 Pole Position 64
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FIFA Soccer 64
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Forsaken 64
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Fox Sports College Hoops 99
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Hercules The Legendary Journeys
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Ken Griffy Jr's Slugfest
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Knockout Kings 2000
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Madden Football 64
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Madden 2001
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Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffy Jr.
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Mario Party
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Mega Man 64
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Micro Machines 64 Turbo
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Mission Impossible
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Monaco Grand Prix
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Multi-Racing Championship
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Nba Courtside 2
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Nba Hangtime
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Nba Jam 99
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Nba 99 Live
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Nba Showtime
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Nfl Quarterback Club 2000
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Nfl Quarterback Club 99
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Nhl Breakaway 99
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Off Road Challenge
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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2
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Road Rash 64
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San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing
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Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
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South Park
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South Park Rally
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Supercross 2000
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Tony Hawks Pro Skater
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Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2
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Top Gear Rally
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Turok Dinosaur Hunter
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Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding
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Virtual Pool 64
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Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey 98
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WcW Nitro
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WWF War Zone
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Wrestlemania 2000
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And some verifications.

007 The World is Not Enough
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Army Men Sarges Heroes
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Cruis'n USA
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Cruis'n World
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Earthworm Jim 3D
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Excitebike 64
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Hardcore Ecw Revolution
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Chameleon Twist 2
Eh… It's not getting any better

*Requires Controller Pak: 5 pages for 1 block, 1 block holds 4 save files.

Expansion pak support: none

Developer: Japan System Supply
Publisher: Sunsoft

Posted Image

Chameleon Twist 2 is a linear 3d platformer. Both this game and the original Chameleon Twist are still Nintendo 64 exclusives.

An interesting fact about this game is that the chibi Chameleons, which were present in all versions of the original Chameleon Twist and the Japanese version of Chameleon Twist 2, were changed to be more humanoid outside of Japan.

Posted ImagePosted Image

I presume this was to blend in with other popular mascot platformers. I am in the minority but I actually like the North American models. Although I will concede that the humanoid Chameleons don't fit with the games bubbly vibe like the old models did. But. . . look at poor Fred.

Posted Image
Don't you just wanna give him a big ol' hug?


This game is a 3d platformer but unlike most Nintendo 64 platformers it isn't a collect-athon. It plays more like a 2d platformer since you have to play the levels in order, there is no hub world, and the levels are basically straight lines. The only comparison I can make is that it is similar to Super Mario 3d Land and 3d World in terms of level design.

The game contains 6, count em, 6 levels each with a boss fight at the end. Each level also has 20 coins and 1 carrot to collect. You play as 1 of 4 colored chameleons, all of which control and play exactly the same. This gives the context for this games main mechanic. The tongue.

Pressing and holding the B button begins to roll out your long tongue. From there the analog stick determines it's direction until it can't stretch any farther. Letting go of B will instantly pull it back into your mouth. You can use this to pull enemies into your mouth and then spit them back out into other enemies or targets, which is your method of attack. Once your tongue hits a solid surface you can grapple to it by waiting for a second. If your tongue grabs a pole, you can press A to swing 360 degrees to launch yourself over gaps, sweep over an area to grab collectables, gobble enemies, or just move quickly around obstacles in what the game calls "High Voltage Screaming Action". You can also use your tongue to pole vault straight up into the air with the Z button, then use that height to grapple your tongue onto other things.

The tongue mechanic is the games most redeeming quality. It controls perfectly, offers some unique traversal and platforming challenges, and prevents the gameplay from feeling completely average. But it does take a bit of time to get used to at first. I think I explained it pretty well above, but the game has training rooms where you can practice if you need to.

You can also press Z in the air to use an umbrella which allows you to glide forward slowly and slow the speed of your fall. This along with a tongue that can grab stage edges means you can always save yourself from bad jumps, making the games platforming monumentally easy once you learn to use the tongue.

Even if you fall, you only take 1 unit of damage out of 10 total units and health pickups are everywhere within the levels. You also lose no progress when you die. You keep all collectables and are put back right where you died. You don't even have to restart the level. This further exemplifies how easy and forgiving this game is.

The levels are all slow until you get to grips with the tongue mechanic but once you do the levels are only about 10-15 minutes long. The levels also have many long stretches of just walking, followed buy some basic obstacles with short bursts of "High Voltage Screaming Action". In the first Chameleon Twist levels took place indoors and you usually couldn't continue until completing the rooms challenge to unlock the door to the next challenge. Chameleon Twist 2 however takes place outdoors and since you can stick your tongue to walls and glide with the umbrella, you can actually skip many of the games obstacles very easily. This actually makes the game a bit more fun than the original Chameleon Twist if you enjoy playing games quickly.

Scattered in the level are star coins. These will give you a random power up or power down for exactly 20 seconds. I timed it. Here is a list of these and their functions.

2x: When swallowing an enemy, it becomes two enemies when you spit it out

3x: Same as 2x, but three enemies come out for each one you swallow

Invincibility: Take no damage from enemies

Big: Gives you a big head, which increases the size of enemies you spit out

Short: Cuts your tongue in half

Speed up: Increases run speed

Speed down: Disables running

Since these are random, they can occasionally be helpful and make the game funner, or conversely, make the game less fun for 30 seconds. If you fall off the stage, you lose the power when you respawn. This makes getting power downs fixable, but it is still annoying. This concept of random power ups doesn't make much sense. A simple Super Mario style system where you pick and choose which power ups you want to pick up would have been better.

The final thing to touch on for the levels is the collectables. Each level has twenty coins. Many are placed in plain sight but a select few are very deviously hidden. Collecting all 20 coins in a level unlocks an alternate costume and umbrella for your Chameleon. Each Of the 4 Chameleons has 6 costumes for a total of 24 costumes. This reward is nice, but I predict most players will not see this as adequate incentive to find those real devious coins.

The actual searching of the coins slows the games pace down the first time you play since you need to explore every inch of a level, or else you'll have to play it again once you reach the end and realize you missed a coin or two. A perfect example of this is that 1 level must be played twice if you intend to 100% the game. You won't know this until halfway through the first time you play, so you'll waste time collecting coins only to find out that once you find the carrot, you're too far into the level to go back and play the minigame to get the last coin.

A few coins must be earned by playing a minigame. In order to play the minigames you need the appropriate number of carrots, then talk to the white Rabbit on each level. These minigames are not super fun.

The Bowling Mini game long since you have to bowl for all ten frames. The pins have almost no animation and indecipherable physics. Math Chess is just as fun as it sounds but at least it's easy. The tongue gymnastics can be done without even looking at the screen by pressing B then A in rhythm. Billiards can be either be easiest or most frustrating thing ever, and has no real depth since you can't change the power of your shot.

As I mentioned earlier, each of the 6 levels ends with a boss fight. All but 1 of these boss fights are the same routine of grabbing enemies, running to avoid attacks, and spitting them at the boss. Overall the bosses aren't as creative as the ones from the first game. None of the fights utilize the tongue swing which is the games signature mechanic. The game also has no difficulty curve. The last level feels just the same as the first level in execution. The final boss is no more imposing or challenging as the first boss.

Unfortunately the game has little replay value as well. For beating the game you get 6 new title screens, one for each level you beat… yay. I mean they are drawn okay at least. Don't play this game for post game content or for the rewards, because there is none.

The game also removes the multiplayer mode from the original. The multiplayer in the original Chameleon Twist was a simple battle mode where up to 4 players could swing around while trying spit popcorn at each other to knock each other out of an arena. It was simple , but fun. It helped the games replay value and many people find it funner than the main game. With Chameleon Twist 2's improved tongue mechanics, the lack of this simple multiplayer is really lame.

Graphics and Aesthetics

Well, if there is one nice thing I can say about this games visuals it's that they are very minimalistic.

The games story is the same as the original game. A white rabbit clumsily transports you to a magical land. Thats pretty much it. It's meant to be an Alice in Wonderland type journey, meaning everything is supposed to be abstract. Abstract is used as an excuse to put the whole level up in a floating sky.

There is so little on screen in this game so it at least has a solid framerate, but the textures are REALLY basic and nearly all the enemies are 2d sprites. You spend so much of this game basically staring at the sky, which at least the sky boxes are okay.

Something to note is that this game actually hurt my eyes at first. The first level is one of the brightest, and halfway through the backround fades away and you are left with a 90% white screen. It's like the game was trying to blind me.

Even though the worlds each have a unique theme, the weirdest part of the game is that the last level takes place in a generic desert. A very unepic setting for a level that's supposed to be the climax of the game. This kinda makes the game feel almost like a weird unreleased beta.

The models are all low-poly and have very stiff animation. With the chibi models in the Japanese version this would make some sense but the more humanoid Chameleons look like they are robots. You know how in most 3d platformers, if you just barely tilt the stick you get a sneak animation? Here you just get a slower version if the robotic walk animation. You can actually see each individual frame of animation. There are 11 frames in each arm swing. The only idle animation is that the chameleons close their eyes, almost like they are shutting down to conserve energy. It's kinda humorous actually, I especially like the flailing animation when you use your umbrella.

The only upside to this games characters is Fred. His tired, disinterested look contrasts with how happy the game is. It is one of the only things in this game that I would describe as a detail and it is a quite cute one at that, as most platformer heroes are always smiling or at least invested in their mission.

Music and Sound

The music is probably the one part of the game that I think most people will enjoy. The tracks are typical super upbeat happy music. This games soundtrack was heavily criticised when the game was new but I completly disagree. The soundtrack is actually fantastic and i feel like the music would fit right in with a Bomberman game like Bomberman 64. Here, take a listen to a couple of my favorite tracks.

Unfortunately since the this game only has 6 levels, there really aren't that many tracks. But the few that are here are quite nice.

The sound design is split. The basic effects are all good and help with the overly cheerful atmosphere. Enemies and objects in the level sound how they should.

I love the changing pitch sounds the chameleon tongues make when they stretch.

None of the running water in this game makes any sound. The moving platforms don't make sound either. No matter what surface you walk on, whether it is stone, grass, or ice, the footsteps are all the same and they are quite loud as well.

I know that sounds nitpicky, but when the only 2 things I hear are the footsteps and the music it makes me wish the footsteps had been removed entirely.

Closing Thoughts

The original Chameleon Twist was a flawed game with a unique concept. It's the kind of thing that could only exist during this era of early 3d and animal mascot platformers. Chameleon Twist 2 is more of the same. Not much is improved which is unfortunate since the mechanics have more potential than the series provides.

This game is very difficult to recommend for many reasons. It is short, easy, and not polished in any significant way. It reminds me a lot of the Super Nintendo game Plok or a less polished Kirby game. It's a game you might mellow out to and beat in one quick afternoon. Just ignore the coins and minigames your first time if they are annoying to you, they could hamper the small amount of time the game can provide to you.

Unique tongue mechanic that makes traversing fun and interesting
Great Music
Quick, easy, relaxing game

Too easy for some to enjoy
Extremely short
Lack of battle mode from the original
Boring and sometimes frustrating minigames
Underdeveloped visuals
Boss Battles are all the same

OMG SRSLY CANT WAIT - (future release pwnage)
Yeah I don't understand that at all. I mean it's called a collectors edition. Collectors want physical copies not digital copies. Your record collection isn't nearly as impressive if you just download the songs on your computer now is it? But I'm sure they realize collectors will buy it regardless, then buy the game again when it becomes physical. I understand it buisiness-wise but I still don't like it.

I'm sure if Mighty Number 9 can get physical copies that Sonic Mania will at some point down the line.

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