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October Game of the Month Vote Off
Sep 23 2017, 05:27 AM
hopelessly voting for SP
Hey I vote Voted South Park the month of its season 20 premiere but nobody thought that was a good enough time. Now season 21 has started but I'm feeling this times the charm

October Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Lode Runner is the best puzzle game on N64 I think. Out of the ones that aren't falling block or color matching

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Good update, but you forgot I beat Brunswick Pro Circuit Bowling on page 25. I placed first in a tournament and did a bunch of research in bowling physics in the process. I'm coming to surpass your score bluedog, though unfortunatly Italia is far beyond my reach at this point.

Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS)
The game is out and it looks awesome. I have only beaten Super Metroid and I haven't bought a 3DS game since Smash but I might seriously drop the $40 and play it when I'm bored of playing N64 games.

Also I know this is the dumbest complaint in the galaxy, but Rocky I don't like the idea of Samus doing a badass "shoot without looking" thing. I always thought of Samus being badass because she was brave and proficient with her skills. I would have had her turn her head slightly before shooting that thing, the way it is now makes me think she is too cool for this mission which is supposed to be dangerous. Plus if she did miss that shot because she wasn't looking she would look like a complete geek. I guess she needed some badass points after the last game burned them all for most people.

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
I'm really surprised to see that all 3 Doraemon games are done but neither of the Custom Robo games. I finished the first game today since the English translation from like 5 months ago dropped for free last week

Posted Image

Unfortunatly mine keeps freezing during the credits so I don't know what's up with that

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
I've got a doozy here. Yakouchuu 2 Satsujin Kouro, the N64's only sound novel/text adventure. I've beaten it twice now and this footage was a long play i made for youtube making me the first person on YouTube to do so. Spoiler warning it kinda ruins the fun of the game if you ever plan on playing it.

I'm not quite done with it yet because there are some bonus scenarios. But ask any of the N-Cyyclopedia 64 guys they know how much effort I put into this. Their help is appreciated too.

1st bonus scenario done

The 2nd bonus scenario just has a bunch of different joke endings so there is no serious ending to it. So I'm done.

What if the N64 was disk based?
I'm not one for getting into 20 year old console war arguments. Not that this question is always about that, but when people bring up cartridges being the N64's downfall it bores me because it's such a dead horse, and it annoys me because it doesn't matter anymore. I get that at the time the decision cost Nintendo a lot of good 3rd party support leading to bad game droughts and some games used smaller cartridges even if they would have benefited from more storage, but it's 2017 so I think it's a pointless argument now.

While discs may have been more profitable for Nintendo to try, cartridges kept the N64 unique that generation which is good for historical value and the few unique experiences N64 could only offer in those first 2-3 years. Even something simple like Mischief Makers, a game with a speedrun based ranking system, benefited from the instant load times for replaying levels. That's not including all the big game worlds with little to no loading and the advanced platform physics in Mario 64 and dozens of other examples. I'm not saying it was a perfect console but cartridges are part of it's identity and that's all that really matters now.

Underrated N64 music
Glover has some very Zen music. It's what I like best about that game. Oddly I only really remember the earlier level music and not the later ones.

My I was a naive child posting in this thread at first. I actually did figure out how to play Goemon Sugoroku. So many good soundtracks. Let me tell you, people will have you believe Rakuga Kids best aspect is it's art, but I argue it's actually the music. Yakouchuu 2 has incredible music, and I forever have the Saikyo Habu Shogi theme stuck in my head.

best games of the 99 - 01 era?
Bomberman 2001 was the penultimate game if you are counting Japan, in America it was NFL Blitz Special Edition, Razor Scooter, then Powerpuff. At least according to Wikipedia which is a free website mate.

Nobody has mentioned Starcraft in this thread yet oddly depite how crazy good it is when it had no reason to be. Goemon 2 just barely missed the 1999 date in Japanese but it feel like it's from that era. I mean 1999-2001 is like half the lifespan so tons of good games there, most the best ones have already been mentioned. Japan got some great exclusives like Bangaio, Custom Robo V2, and Shiren 2 late in the game. Any others aren't exactly in contention for "the best" at least for English sensibilities but there were lots of other good ones in there.