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CRACK-POT THEORY #5: Samurai Goroh Appeared in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure Before F-Zero

One of the legendary and readily recognizable F-Zero characters is Samurai Goroh. He's been with the franchise since the beginning, and even graced the back of the SNES box for its North American release in 1991.

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But he was around before then. In fact, five (5) years before joining the F-Zero circuit, Samurai Goroh was apparently in a motorcycle gang called, "Satan's Helpers". It was this gang of rough and tumble bikers that Pee-Wee Herman won over with his bar-top dance to "Tequila" during his big adventure, which was captured on film and released in 1985 as "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure". Here's the proof:

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So there you go, hard evidence and dare I say conclusive proof that we have Pee-Wee Herman to thank for the F-Zero character of Samurai Goroh.
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