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Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself here and possibly gain some collecting insight. My tag is Enneielle,I play smash 64 competitively and recently decided to start collecting nintendo 64 products. I'm mostly into controllers but eventually I would also like to collect the 20-30 CIB games that I actually like for the n64. I'll post my small collection once my ebay pick ups arrive :)

I was wondering what people who live in Canada think about buying off ebay because of how low the Canadian dollar has become. Are you waiting to make purchases in the hopes that it will rise? I know for myself calculating the extra 10-15 dollars on boxed controllers just for conversion fees really pushes me to wait for a great deal before I buy.

Also what is considered to be a 'good price' on boxed 64 controllers these days? Mostly looking to complete an original 8 NA collection, while picking up any Japanese boxed controller that I think is a decent price (so far I've got one green for 30 CAD and a red for 40 CAD).
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