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Okay. Okay.


My first playthrough of Perfect Dark was last month but I've started playing the Perfect Agent difficulty the past few days. I'm on the 2nd Area 51 mission which is one of my least favorite because of how brutal it is. Soon I'll try the same with Goldeneye and maybe, just maybe, try and compete with Milage and D.J. Cat.

I also started playing Harvest Moon 64 finally after owning it for so long. I named my character Ninten after the main character from mother and my farm Threed after the town in Earthbound. I know it technically doesn't have stages but I did enough stuff that I feel I've cleared stage one of becoming a farmer. I played up to the the first festival, caught some fish, gave a cave gnome some grass and a girl some berries, grew some cabbages, cleared out lots of land, and talked to a bunch of people. My Dogs name is bludog. My horses name is Italia. Needless to say all my animals will be named after other members, even if the 6 character limit makes that hard.

So yeah I'm starting my list. I wish I had started like 2 months ago before I beat like 20 games in a row but better late then never. I'll be updating this frequently!

1. Perfect Dark
2. Harvest Moon 64


That makes sense right?
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