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@D.J Cat Your name is pretty short so I'll find someway to get you on my farm, possibly as a chicken.

Last night after like 2 hours I finally beat the second Perfect Dark Area 51 mission on Perfect Agent. I really suck at the three Area 51 missions. So last night and the better part of this morning I took a break with a couple games that I don't intend to play any time soon, or ever again in some cases, just so I could get some stuff on my list. So here they are.

Knife Edge Nose Gunner - Beat the first stage, Amethyst Ravine. I had played up to like the 5th level but I guess this game doesn't save and I'm just supposed to play the whole thing in one sitting. Probably not gonna happen any time soon. Does anyone out there like this game? I'm genuinely curious.

Goldeneye - Played the first 3 stages on 00 Agent. I realize taking a break from Perfect Dark to Play Goldeneye is like taking a break from cigarettes to smoke some crack, but I figured I'd try the first mission since it would be quite easy. I ended doing an extra two because it was so much fun.

Shadowgate 64 - Escaped imprisonment and emerged from the first tower. I consider this the first stage because it's the point where the game becomes much more open ended. Not a bad game but it really isn't the kind of thing you can play twice.

Castlevania - Did the Forest of silence with Reinhardt. Another okay game I just can't see myself playing again. At least I have the sweet Trever Belmont costume unlocked in case I ever decide to.

Army Men Sarges Heroes 2- Completed first level on the kitchen table. I thought I had save data that was on the freezer level but I guess I deleted it. Ah well, I'll probably never beat it anyway

Indiana Jones - Completed the first canyon level. Of course I only play for like 15 minutes and I get an infinitely falling glitch when I accidently jumped over a cutscene trigger. Gotta love Infernal machine

So now my list is
1. Perfect Dark
2. Harvest Moon 64
3. Knife Edge Nose Gunner
4. Goldeneye 007
5. ShadowGate 64
6. Castlevania
7. Army Men Sarges Heroes 2
8. Indiana Jones & the Infernal Machine

I may do another round of games to boost my count but then I'll slow down and play some games I actually enjoy, or maybe try some I've never really played.
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